Saturday, 2 July 2016

America will have Trump as it's next president

Shocking statement I know.
Americans, like us brits are so sick of weak leaders. Leaders who profess to be liberals but are not. Leaders who are so obsesed with multiculturalism and pandering to ethnic sensitivities that they cannot see that they are making our countries worse.
They are so ridden with white guilt that they bend over backwards for backward ideologies and belief systems.
So when people have had enough, as here in Britain, and we have no choice, we vote for the option that will give us at least some self control back.

Trump is an idiot. But he is listening to a major concern of many Americans.  Okay the so called liberal elite can look down their noses and sneer at people for voting a certain way but people are individuals and make their own minds up.
America as in Britian, the arrogant left can shout racist or islamophobe and hit the streets spitting their dummies because we are not all brainwashed like them but this won't change anything. When the masses have no one who appears to be listening they will vote for the guy or party who at least appears to be.

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