Thursday, 22 May 2014

The last post-what now for the BNP

I was writing this article with the intent of waiting until the European election results came out on Sunday. However’ it seems pretty damned obvious that the BNP will be wiped out. So I've decided to alter it slightly and post now.
To be honest I cant be bothered to give them another thought or write about them any longer !!!So' this will be the last post on this blog. I will never know if it made a difference or if I was just putting my thoughts down for them to disappear into the ravenous beast that is the World Wide Web. 
I sincerely hope there is never a need to be concerned about the rise of regressive ad backwards nationalism again. The jury is still out on UKIP???

What now for the BNP?
To paraphrase the great Monty Python “This party is no more! It has ceased to be! 'It’s expired and gone to meet 'its maker! It’s a stiff! Bereft of life, 'it rests in peace! 'It’s metabolic processes are now 'history! It's kicked the bucket, 'It’s shuffled off 'its mortal coil, 

Readers of this blog will know that I had a very small part in getting Nick Griffin elected. I console myself that because of where I live [we are a big county but few people compared to other areas of the UK] I think my efforts were minimal.
As I've stated many times Nick Griffin got elected because of the joint efforts of New Labour. Tony Blair and Gordon Browne were the real architects of Griffins success. Their complete incompetence and the way they alienated voters was a huge gain for the BNP.

The British media also played its part.
If anyone questioned immigration they were obviously a racist!
This double standard that the media has, were they so often over inflate and sensationalise stories, but then if this gets you to question immigration they will be the first to brand you as racist.

You then have organisations like the UAF. These people positively recruited for the party. I have openly said that if it weren't for the UAF I would have seen through the BNPs lies quicker.
But when someone is in your face screaming 'Nazi', you don’t walk away; you get pushed further in, you get more ingrained.
I actually got so angry with them that I seeked the confrontation!
I became even more active because I knew the more street activism I did the more it would rile these people to come after me.
The BNP never got me more committed-the UAF did.
It’s so familiar to see what’s happening with UKIP. Respectable elderly people being abused by these so called anti-fascists of the UAF. The media mostly joining in as well; and surprise surprise, UKIP is riding high in the polls!
UKIP as bad as they are for Britain, are not the BNP. The BNP is racist; it’s there for anyone with eyes to see.

No doubt after Sunday we will be represented by even more UKIP MEPs; People who are basically not going to participate in the parliamentary process.
We need people in Europe who want to be there because they wish to make it work. Not a load of overpaid petulant adults refusing to engage for the betterment of Europe.

So what now for the far right? If anyone thinks they are gone for good they are being delusional.
There are still fringe parties trying to corner this very small mind-set. At the moment one of Griffins acolytes is desperately trying get a street movement of the ground-British resistance.

He’s wasting his time. The EDL grew so big and so quick because it was new. It then went onto achieve nothing and now it has all but disappeared.
People won’t be so quick to follow yet another bunch of thugs.
I believe now that Griffin will give up the political route and he too will try to re-brand himself as a street activist. He too will fail. He has had his day he’s finished.

I think when it comes to any right wing growth we are safe for now.  BUT’ if we get another perfect storm like we did a few years ago. A mixture of out of touch politicians, a huge influx of cheap labour and the staggering greed of bankers and MPs we may get a resurgence.
And lets be honest here, apart from another huge influx of cheap labour things are pretty much the same.

If we want to prevent right wing lunatics getting main stream we need a change in politics.
We need MPs who live among us. Who know what real life is like for real people.
We need politicians who haven’t done a degree in politics and who actually know something about real life.
We need to stop the name calling. Yes idiots like Griffin are racist, and yes Farage may well be [I’ve never took much notice of UKIP, I did consider them briefly after I left the BNP but I was already too far along the road from Nationalism to rationalism]

Also' when Mr or Mrs Average complains about immigration or Islam don’t just shake your head and fist and shout racist or Islamophobe. Maybe these people aren’t?
Maybe they are just overwhelmed or even scared by the change. Engage them in debate, listen to their arguments and fears and at least try to understand before condemning them as bigots.

That’s how to stop the resurgence of a successor to the BNP.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

SNP versus BNP

As we all know Scotland is holding a referendum on Scottish independence. This blog has been mostly dedicated to slagging nationalism of. So why hasn’t it touched on the Scottish National Party and their desire for an independent state.
Quite simple really-I don’t see Scottish nationalism as the same as the twisted BNPs nationalism. In fact let’s be honest it’s as far away from the identity politics of the BNP as you can get.

I'm no expert on the SNP but I can see no concerns about their quest for independence.
They are not obsessed with race. A Scot is a Scot no matter what colour you are or where you or your parents hail from.
They don’t want to get an independent Scotland and close the doors to the world.
They have no desire to stop immigration.
No desire to be a Christian nation, pluralism is very much in their mind-set.
They want to remain in Europe as a fully active member.
They are very much into renewable energy.

In fact I'm hard pushed to find anything I don’t like about them or their vision for an independent nation. Shame I live ten miles over the border I would be voting for independence. Christ' I would be actively campaigning for it!

Of course there are dangers with independence. They will attract the racist element. The xenophobic, racist small minded Scots [and there will be some] who will get carried away with this nationalistic mind-set.
I read that there had been a slight increase in racist attacks over the border. Even a member of the Scottish parliament who happens to be a Muslim has been attacked.

Is this the SNPs fault for raising the question of independence and in the process triggering some small minded racist bigots to show their true self’s?
No of course it’s not the SNP s fault.
Whereas, if the BNP got power racist attacks would become the norm and ignored by government. 
Ignored, I meant to say positively endorsed!

I have to admit as well that I have a vested interest in the outcome of the vote. I spend as much time in Scotland as I can. I have had a lifelong love affair with the Highlands and Islands.
Who knows its maybe in my blood? I am after all first generation English. My family line is steeped in Scotland’s folklore.
Don’t worry I'm not going down the road as some teary eyed nationalist who puts irrational emphasis on my lineage and think it makes me who I am.

I think part of the reason I have a love affair with Scotland [apart form the stunning beauty of the land and the warmth of the people] is because I was born and raised in the Borders. We are as much Scottish [probably more] than we are English. The historical and fluid movement of the Border has ensured that we are very much diluted; English and Scottish in equal measure.

Just as importantly as well, just like the Scots we have been trampled on, ignored and put down by successive British governments. After all London is 300 plus miles from Carlisle. Edinburgh and Glasgow a mere hundred!
The Scottish parliament is our neighbour. Whitehall and Westminster is foreign to us!
As far as I can tell Scotland is a far better country to live. Its run better, is more democratic and takes care of its people better than our elected idiots this side of the border.

In fact as far as I can tell the only problem I have with Scottish independent is this.

Mr Salmonds take us with you we belong to Scotland more than England. 

Friday, 9 May 2014

All of a sudden they all want to talk about immigration.

I very rarely get junk mail. I discovered that if you gather up all your junk mail and return it to sender i.e. double glazing flyer goes to solar panel Company; or car advert goes to supermarket etc. It’s not long before you are taken of mailing lists.

Predictably though, its election time and as usual all the political parties have crawled out from under their respective stones. These ego filled and less than average intelligence androids think [well sadly they are kind of correct] that to win elections you just send out some glossy flier with some inane sound bite on it and; job done. 
All they are interested in is getting their own voters mobilised. All the parties rely on low turnout. Well that’s to say a low turnout for the opposition parties!
As long as they can mobilise their loyalists, that’s all that matters.

So’ as it has been for the last few years, the big topic is of course ‘immigration. The almost extinct BNP are whipping themselves up into a frenzy of jealousy. “Immigrations our policy” exclaims the feckless Nick Griffin “how dare anyone else talk about it”
Perhaps if Griffins party didn't exist and they hadn't cornered the debate for so long maybe other political parties would have dealt with it. Perhaps, but who knows.
After all do any of us know what goes through our illustrious leaders [and their opponents] minds? And let’s be honest the British political system hinges on one thing.
Labour and Tories taking it in turns to screw us over and blame the other whilst they do it!
Neither wonder people are sick of politics.

I used to have hopes for the Lib Dems. After all they have been the outsider for years [no matter in what name they were calling themselves at the time]. But sadly no.
They have shown themselves to be just as power hungry as their two main rivals.
As Clegg and Co have shown, they will bend over for anyone just to stay in power.

This lack of choice has destroyed any fighting spirit that the voter may have in this country.
“What’s the point in voting, you just get the same crap”
As the old saying goes -we have the government we deserve.
Sadly though there are many people who don’t deserve this shambles of a political system. But’ we are a minority. Of course everyone will complain and whine, but will they do anything. Will they hell!

Sadly most people care more about some god awful talent show ran by some preening and shallow megalomaniac who is making millions of their celebrity worshiping.
Also, in a few months we will have millions of people watching the world cup.
Pubs and clubs will be full of people worshipping a bunch of grossly overpaid, and I mean disgustingly overpaid posers.
Most of the adoring fans will be lower earners. Yet they will waste their time and cash watching and supporting brain-dead men kick a ball about –basically a kid’s game.
Yet when it comes to politics no one gives a toss. Infuriating isn’t it?

I hear it all the time from teens and twenty-something’s who can’t see the point in voting. I’m trying in vain to get them to vote but it’s an uphill struggle and all I hear ”Why should we. Their all wankers and they do nothing for us”

Well the first point is true, but maybe I would have used a slightly different word. The second is also true because people don’t vote because they feel unrepresented.
You can bet your life savings that if all 18+ year olds voted there wouldn’t be as much youth unemployment.
If all school leavers voted the minimum wage would be better than it is. But most young ones don’t vote so the political establishment doesn’t give a toss about them.
As long as Messrs Cameron, Milliband and Clegg can keep the elderly happy with better pensions, free TV licences and bus passes- job done.
There is a very comfortable segment of British society who grew up after the Second World War and had it very good.
God they have it so good have you ever seen so many elderly people driving 4 wheel drives. They have such good life styles they don’t know what to spend their money on.
These are the golden voters for the three main parties, and stuff the kids.

Any ways, apologies I got side tracked! Back to immigration.
I hope this blog has been consistent in its view. Immigration is not the problem. Mass uncontrolled immigration is. The BNP think the answer is to shut the doors for good.
Their idiots and it isn’t and shouldn’t happen.

UKIP have taken much of the thunder from the BNP and yes you could level the accusation that they are BNP light. But it’s only on immigration and Europe that they share any common ground with the BNP. Apart from that they are unabashed Tories. And it will only be on membership of Europe and immigration that will define the voter outcome of these elections. Most UKIP votes will not be anything to do with anything else but these two questions.

Yes, UKIP has attracted a lot of racists and assorted other nutjobs.
Yes they are putting out much inflammatory material blaming immigration and only immigration for Britain’s woes.
And yes they can be accused of using the politics of division and distrust.
But again, the people mostly to blame the mainstream political parties for not listening to people’s concerns earlier.
Not everyone who voted BNP was racist. The same can be said for UKIP. Not all UKIP votes will be from racists.

Don’t think for one moment here that I’m endorsing UKIP. Far from it. I think UKIP would be bad for Britain as a country and bad representatives for us in Europe.
But people are sick of being ignored. People are sick of being called racist if they question mass immigration. People are just fed up and parties like UKIP seek to use this feeling to garner more power.

As I’ve stated in previous posts we need to stay in Europe. We need to be full members. We need closer integration to make it work. But we need to concentrate on restructuring it and making it more d democratic. We don’t want Euro sceptics representing us. We need people who want Europe to work. People who want Europe to work based on democracy and fairness. Not people who will sit arms crossed refusing to participate in the process.

Mass immigration does affect some more than others. I can’t see how mass immigration could affect the middle to higher classes [I hate using the class system to describe what I mean but it will have to suit for now] but it sure as hell effects the working classes. That’s why the BNP grew so much. They took the working class vote of Labour.

UKIP has always attracted the ex tory euro sceptic, and got a decent share of the vote.
They now have the disenfranchised working class voter as well.
We need free movement of people. We need a more integrated Europe. In fact we need a more integrated world, but don’t confuse this with globalisation. 
Globalisation benefits only the rich. A closer more united Europe should benefit us all.
We need to vote en masse for people who will represent us in a modern and shrinking world. We need people who see the bad but also can focus on the positive and strive for improvement.

I know who I’m voting for and its none of the mainstream parties. 
Labour, Tory, LibDems, UKIP don’t represent us. They represent themselves