Friday, 8 July 2016

insult the insulted

When I started doing this blog it was predominantly to cast light on the far right.
I stumbled into joining the BNP as did many others so I thought it would write about it.

But as time has went on I began to see that the far right was being fed by far left politics and politcal islam.
These two ideologies are so polarising that they throw up an antithema which drives people to the opposing sides, in my case the bnp and in many others the edl.

My dislike of the far left started within the bnp. There arrogance only pushes people further into fringe groups such as the BNP. There hypocrisy pushes you even further in. The far right are indeed backward and retarded in their views but it's the far left that feeds the narrative of the far right.

Since I've left I've tried to see all sides. I've been to a labour  party meeting,  and was amazed how decent and nice everyone was. I've been to several green party meetings and 'again' saw how decent and nice everyone was.
This may be hard to  believe, but most of the BNP meetings I was amazed how decent and nice everyone was(Okay not everyone but the majority out weighted the odd nutter)

Since I've left and been doing this blog I've had plaudits for 'my bravery' and disdain'for 'slagging of the left and politcal islam'.

Firstly , I'm not brave. Sitting behind a key board typing my thoughts about the extreme of politics is not brave.
Working in Pakistan to combat  extremism or speaking out against islam whilst professing  your apostasy is brave.
As for the disdain. Yep there's been a lot of that.
Initially it was from the far right, but they soon got bored. The disdain from the far left has been much more consistent.

Ive been called racist, islamophobic,  xenophobic ,,,,,and worse.
I don't hate anyone, I genuinly don't.
But I critise and so I should.  So should we all. If you think I'm wrong call me out on it. Christ knows I call people out for being wrong.
The differnce is if you say I'm wrong I will take it. I may disagree with you but it's your right, and I'm not arrogant enough to think I'm right about everything. I may be wrong about most things. But at least I'm speaking up.

One of the main criticisms  I get is that I'm anti islam or religion in general. Yep I take that , I am.
But  I don't mean to offend. If you believe in god or Allah and  it gets you through life I understand. I will be honest and say I wish I had that comfort blanket to wrap myself in. But I don't.
I consider myself well read and quite knowlegable on the physical world ( Okay I'm no Neil Degrass Tyson or Richard Dawkins,  but I get by)
The point 'I'm labouring  to make is and my apologies for doing so is that I do mean to insult. Christ I go out of my to insult.  But only the ones who look to be insulted. The policitcians, ideolgiststs and the religous fundamentalists.

If your secure in your faith or your beliefs I shouldnt be able to insult you. Your the ones who should be able to debate and not throw insults or even worse ,bombs. So again I'm only here to insult the ones who wish to be insulted.

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