Monday, 30 September 2013

From Nationalism to rationalism.

In this blog I've tried to show at length how and why someone would join the likes of the BNP.
When you get angry and despondent enough with the political system your ears begin to open to anyone’s message, no matter how bigoted it may be.

But what about the journey back. The one that takes you back to the real world. The world of human beings rather than flags and culture.

When I realised the BNP was not for me. That their message was full of intolerance and bigotry. I didn't just think “phew that was a lucky escape” and walk away with a completely different mind-set.
It’s not that easy.

When I got angry and joined the party, with membership came the propaganda .The flag, St George, over infatuation with historical events etc.
I have to admit I never really bought into any of it, but it was expected so I kind of went along with the flow. And yes up to a point I did fall for some of the crap.

So what do you do when you walk away? Just go back to normal life.
No you feel like ‘okay I got that wrong but I still feel strongly about many things that they feel about’. So after a time of readjustment I decided to get active again. I saw a video for the English Democrats. With the slogan ‘were not right not left just English’. Hmm they seem more up my street; maybe I shall give them a go.

So I joined them. After all they were still nationalists but without the racism?[or so I thought] This brief alliance lasted only a few months. Luckily for me the BNP started to implode and many of the hierarchy jumped ship to this party. The way that they were so easily accepted proved to me that British Nationalism or English Nationalism, it didn't matter, both were backward and regressive. So I was politically homeless again.

A few months go by then there was a UKIP meeting in my city. Off I went to this. 
‘Could these be the ones? Definitely not racist. Just wanting away from the European Union and all the rubbish that comes with it!
This relationship was even shorter. I quickly came to the conclusion that it was just a club for Euro skeptics who didn't really do anything. No local politics no campaigning etc.It was anti-Europe but really didn't have any plan for after Europe.

Now many people will call me for all this jumping ship. But to me it was learning curve and in a way ‘deprogramming’ I was venting all the anger I still felt against the political elite but in a more positive way. After all I had gone from the openly racist BNP to the covertly racist English Democrats, then to the Europhobic UKIP. Even if there were somewhere else to go- I had had enough!

When I left the BNP in disgust I had to re-evaluate myself. I had to find what my politics were. I can imagine it’s what someone who has just turned their back on religion must do. You won’t just wake up one day and think well that’s all a crock of shit isn't it. Smile and get on with your life.
I should imagine many people have to go on a journey until they find something they are comfortable with. Thought processes are not that easy to get rid off. No matter how short a time you've nurtured them.

The reason I started this blog was to try and show that nationalism in any form no matter how watered down, is bad. It’s divisive regressive and holds us as people back.

Flags are just pieces of coloured cloth. Culture is just something that our parents and grandparents have instilled into us. More often than not this too is divisive and regressive as well.
Religion; well that is just the most evil control structure that mankind has ever come up with.
All of these do one thing and one thing only. They separate us from our neighbors. From our cousins in other countries. And most of all from peace, both within ourselves and in the wider world.

One final thing does this mean I’m a sell out and that I've changed my political ground from right to left. No not at all.
I’m neither. I was never right or left to start with. We want to put people in boxes. Left or right. Why?
I want open borders, free movement of people an EU that is not corrupt and is democratic. But unlike the post-modern left and cultural apologists I’m a realist.I take into account human nature, and don't think every single immigrant that comes here wants to live in a free society.Or that we have to bend over backwards to accommodate stupid archaic belief systems.
These idealistic fools have created most of the problems we face in the west, mass immigration ,Islamism to name but two.And the most most divisive issue of them all; multiculturalism. I would rather Britain was a nation of people, just people. Not a nation of White communities,Black Communities or Muslim communities.

Wouldn't it be good if rather than people taking extreme sides of the argument? We could actually put our efforts into finding solutions that work?
To paraphrase the so called civic nationalists of the ‘English Democrats’.
I’m not left not right just human.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The cancer started in the west and went home to the east.

A few years ago I cruised down the Nile River. Doing the usual tourist things. Temples, ruins and running the gauntlet of sellers that set up stalls between every tourist attraction and the boat. Anyone who has done this trip will know exactly what I mean. Walking past all the sellers and trying not to catch ones eye or you’ve had it. Within seconds you will have headscarves, incense burners and leather camels hanging of you.
I Loved every minute of it and never spent a Gineih.

I perfected very quickly the air of arrogance and strength that you need to give off for them to leave you alone. My wife however was not that lucky. It took her ages to realise that if you even said ‘no thank you’ they would see that as a positive sign and follow you home.
It’s the equivalent of a double glazing salesman over here putting his foot in the door.

On the boat we had a resident Egyptologist who was also quite a devout Muslim. One night whilst slowly cruising down the Nile with all the mosques starting to echo the call to prayer we got into conversation about Islam.
I asked him about what he thought of women wearing the full face veils. He just laughed and said “they are lazy” How so I asked.
Still laughing he said they can’t be bothered to do their hair or makeup before they face the world.
I took this as a positive sign that we could have an open and honest debate about Islam; and we did.

He asked me is it right that your country is full of Imams preaching hatred.
“Not full but definitely more than we know or should have” I replied.
“Do you know why Britain is full of backward looking Imams” he said
He followed on with.
“Because we kick them all out of Egypt and you fools take them in”
Before anyone starts saying that Egypt has them also he was just trying to emphasise a point.

He then went onto explain that his Islam is not their Islam. By them he meant the bearded fire
brands that are taking Islam back a thousand years.
Most significantly he told me’ that their Islam is a cancer that is being grown in the west and spreading home’, and that government in the west need to treat the cancer now.
This trip was in 2008 and sadly Britain is exporting even more terrorists all over the world. The White widow [Samantha Lewthawite] has reportedly been killed in Kenya. After her and her bunch of murdering religious retards murdered 69 innocent people!
All in the name of one of the many fantasy's [religions] that has tarnished mankind for over two millennia.

Twice I've now had the pleasure of going to Egypt. I did Cairo in 98 and loved it. I hope I get to go a third time but until the world comes together and treats Islamism for the disease that it is and stamps it out .Sadly’ I honestly can’t see me going anywhere near the place.

Monday, 23 September 2013

The post-modern left and their continual attempt to link criticism of Islam as bordering on the Jewish annihilation in Europe

We hear it all the time from them and many Muslim commentators. BBC live’ on Sunday morning had an Imam on saying the very same thing.
They constantly say that the rising wave of criticism against Islam is the same as the vile hatred that the Nazi regime used to build up fear and hatred of the Jews before they murdered 6 million of them.
In other words. We have to stop criticising Islam or we could end up doing to the Muslims what Hitler did to the Jews.
Absolute rubbish.

This is just another weapon in the vernacular of the post-modern left that appeasers of political Islam use to try and quiet dissent. Along with racist, bigot and Islamophobe.

How the hell does criticism of some aspects of Islam equate to the atrocities committed against the Jews.
The holocaust was  one of the darkest stains in modern human history and the victims should be treat with the dignity that they deserve. For someone to constantly equate other minor events with it, is frankly an insult to the people put to death in part because of their religion.
Remind me again who is committing acts of murder all over the world because of religion?

Many on the left are so convinced that if we openly criticise anyone of race or religion that it’s only a matter of time before we start rounding people who are different to us and shipping them of to be killed. Just like is happening right now in Kenya.
Again’ Sorry, remind me who is doing this atrocity. Oh yeah, radical Islam,,,again!
The only time people would be killed for their religious beliefs in this country would be if cretins like Bakri, and Choudary and political Islam got its way and got to fly their black flag above parliament.

The left wing did the very same with the gypsies camped illegally at dale farm. They tried to make everyone else the villain. Left wing fire breathing dragon Vanessa Redgrave attempted to make exactly the same nightmare scenario about the travelers.
With tears in her eyes she pleaded with the authorities to stop the eviction. "Look what Hitler did to the gypsies in WW2 .we cannot allow this to happen again"

So because of that crazy mentality and what one regime did we are supposed to just allow gypsies to pull up anywhere and do as they wish.
No of course we shouldn't. We have to stop this defence of people just because they belong to a minority.

Sometimes that minority can be wrong and we should be allowed to say so without psychotic members of the left accusing us of wanting another holocaust.

Why can I not criticise Islam?

Is it because I am white?

One of the reasons I even gravitated to the far right [briefly] was because of the anger this kind of moronic thinking sets in you.
Just last Thursday on question time, Laura Penny from the new statesman came out with usual left wing claptrap.
‘If your white and not a Muslim and if you criticise the Niqab you’re a racist’.
Moronic overtly PC clap trap like this are one of the reasons people get so angry.
Should we use that argument with the Catholic Church pedophile scandal? After all I’m not a catholic so what right do I have to an opinion on the matter? Oh hold on’ I will now be told that Catholicism is not a race.
Well guess what neither is Islam.

The reason we have a problem in this country with Islam is not necessarily with Islam itself. But because of all the left wing appeasers who label any voices of descent as racist or bigoted.
These very same people would no doubt cheer when the late George Carling would rip the holy water out of Catholicism. Or Dave Allen would parody the pope.
So why the double standard’s when it comes to Islam.

To me, these left wingers are racist. They act like an over bearing parent who is critical of anyone that chastises their child. They think they are better and more superior to the people that they pretend to protect. They are showing an astounding sanctimonious arrogance.

A few years ago whilst out canvassing I met one lady. She was very nice and engaged me in debate. She asked me 'why I hated black people so much’.
I was taken aback and said ‘I don’t hate black people, in fact I don’t hate any people’.  
She then went on to tell me that she used to work in Africa [she did say the country, but it escapes me now]. She told me that she used to work there as a teacher and ended up adopting one of her students and brought them to live in Britain to at least give one of them a better life. A most honorable and human thing to do. And I told her so.

She then went on telling me that when she lived in Africa. She would be quite often shouted at in the street by the locals. They would call her whitey and sometimes worse.
I asked her how it made her feel.  
She said that for white people to shout abusive words at black people was wrong and there was never an excuse. Complete agreement from me there.

She then came out with one of the most racist remarks I've ever heard.  
She said that for white people to abuse someone because of their colour was wrong, but for black people to abuse a white person in the same way is still wrong but we have to understand ‘that they don’t know any better’

This arrogant and patronising mind-set is what is wrong with many left wing thought processes in the west.
In many cases it is they that need to start treating all people regardless of race colour or faith as equals.