Wednesday, 27 July 2016


When are our leaders going to wake up this very real threat. It's not just about terrorism. It's about the growing number of moderate muslims who believe in the nonsense that the quran spouts. The more adherents to this nonsense the more the fanatics can take hold; then take over.
To make matters worse the more islam pushes and taunts us the more we apologise to it.
Every time a bomb goes of, instead of taking action against the cause- Islam- we give them even more.
Every time they take offence at something so childish- like a fireman Sam cartoon- we bend over even more for them.
Why the hell are we so concerned about  people who believe in sky fairies feelings.

It's as if we're trying to tell them 'look don't hurt us , we're your friends'.  Our response is absolutely pathetic. Neither wonder islam and muslims treat us with disdain.
For Christ's sake I wouldnt respect a society that acted like this either.

I've wrote this in earlier postings and I will say it again....the left is racist. Not in the way that were familiar with but it's a condescending and patronising racism.

It looks at muslims as a parent looks at a child. The child has just thrown its dummy out of the pram. The parent may be annoyed, but they dont tell the child off, in fact they might just ignore it.  The parent understands that the child is not as developed or inteligent yet .

The regressive left are the parent and the child is Islam. In other words white regressive liberals are looking at muslims as if they don't know any better and we have to be patient with them.
If we want to save Europe we have to get rid of this pathetic patronising mindset that has permeated right through our society.

I started this blog to combat racism and fascism. Islam is racist and fascist.

I'm afraid if we don't take drastic actions soon Europe will be unrecognisable as a continent of reason , science and progress.

Friday, 22 July 2016

The far right is getting bigger

Jason Burke wrote in his book  ten years ago that al queda isn't the problem. It's the loners that will come to define Islam .
Sadly he knew what he was talking about. 
What is happening in the west in the name of Islam is unbelievable but what is more shocking is the way our leaders and authorities refuse to deal with it. 
Their answer is to apologise for so called islamophobia and shout 'it's a religion of peace'

Can you imagine during the second world war Britain throwing open its gates to German refugees; after all not all Germans were Nazis. But we wouldn't have let any in , it would have been madness. Yet here we are doing the very thing that is going to destroy us.

Yes there are many genuine refugees but I'm not going to do what officials do and say 'most are genuine and nice' how the hell do they know that. Have they sat down and interrogated every single one. 
It's the same as when they defend Islam as a religion of peace. How do they come to this conclusion? Have they spoken to them all ?

This blog was started to target the far right. Islam itself is also far right. As much as you want to deny it, its true. 
The white far right in Europe are nothing in comparison to islamofascism yet we are still preoccupied with the fight against the white  far right. 

Islam is far Right. Not just the terrorists , so called Conservative Islam as well. And Conservative Islam makes up the vast numbers of adherents.
Conservative Islam is misogynist, sexist,racist, homophobic, yet we never equate it as far right.

In Europe we successfully beat the far right. The only reason it keeps getting some growth is because of our moronic leaders refusing to deal with real issues on immigration. 

Europe is engineering its own distruction. At the very least we are going to end up giving that much ground to the religous far right that we will be unrecognisable. This is a real crime against humanity and our pathetic leaders should be on trial for what they are doing to us.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

This is the regressive left in a nut shell

Months ago, before the general election, I emailed the greens with a blog posting about how if they wish to get anywhere they need to talk about and listen to peoples concerns about immigration. I never heard anything back.....until today.

The original email I sent mentioned how like it or not a majority of the UK population have real concerns about immigration especially Muslim immigration.
Below is a part of the reply. I'm not hiding the rest I just don't think it's relevant. It's just small talk. Anyways back to the relative segment of the email.

The greens reply

My view is that despite austerity, we live in a privileged country, and that Tory and right-wing Labour politics (in fact, all mainstream politics in the privileged countries) is designed to keep it that way, and resist justified calls for change from the rest of the world for more fairness, and more sensible (ie, sustainable) policies.
Radical muslims, radical anyone, in fact, are more likely ignorant, or simplistic or righteously angry, than they are evil . . . like a toddler striking their parent . . . not really to annihilate them and take control of their home, but because frustration has got the better of them.
So enlightened foreign policy is the best way to deal with Radical Islam 

For me this guy has exemplied exactly what is wrong with the regressive left. 
For me this answer is racist. It's condescending and patronising.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Mass protest

We need a mass protest by concerned people.
Nick Cohen writes in his book that he had high hopes when  the EDL first formed. Then he saw them. Draped in flags, drinking and abusing a well known secular ex muslim activist-Maryam Namazie.
That was the movement dead before it even got started. They became pariahs. They attracted to many drunks and far right arseholes.
I've wrote in previous blogs defending Tommy Robinson. No I don't think he's a racist and no he ain't islamophobic. He is just like any other right minded rational person should be.......concerned.

So the EDL has gone and good riddance.
But we do need a replacement. We shouldn't need a replacement but our masters are doing nothing to stop this problem getting worse. They are to busy appeasing islam and defending it as 'Religon of peace'.
So what can replace it. Well we have a few movements. The British humanists and the secular society speak out.  British muslims for secular democracy is another. What we really need though is something to unite everyone.
Drunken tattooed blokes chanting and swearing only attracts other drunken tattooed blokes.
We need a larger protest movement.

For what it's worth here's my thoughts on this.

Loose the flags. Rightly or wrongly it conjures up the wrong image.
Don't try to fight the media by giving them what they expect. Give them what they don't expect. A large crowd of sober dignified individuals who are concernd about islam.

Lay of the whole patriot bit. We have a lot of non white Brits, Asians,ex muslims, gays who don't do patriotism. They just want to live in a modern secular country. Most people dont do flag waving patriotism. This doesn't make them non patriotic. It just makes them individuals.

Cut all ties with well know racists and muslim haters. it's radical islam that needs taken on. People who just want to cause division need to be expelled as quickly as possible.

Reach out to other communities and organsations who have common ground with yourselves.

Ensure that moderate members of the muslim community know that your not taking issue with them but with radicals within their community.

Dont defend christianity. Thats like the lefties defending communism over fascism. They are both as bad as each other.

It has to said as well mind that  whatever you do you will be targeted by UAF idiots. But let them show themselves for what they are-far left,  appeasers.
I honestly believe that a  movemnt  like this could work, and sadly we need it.

Friday, 15 July 2016

religion needs pushed to the margins

Here we go again. Yet another terrorist strike, and yet again white liberals and islamist apologists are falling over themselves to defend 'the religion of peace'.
Why the hell is this their first reaction. What the hell is wrong with them ?

We need to stop this defending the indefensible. Europe is a modern society with man made laws of equality and justice.
We have to stop pandering to backward and regressive veiws.  We are a continent built on science and on reason and we need to defend these basic foundations.

I recently heard the new mayor of London Sadiq khan of whom I respect  being interviewed by Mhedi Hassan , for who I have zero admiration. Hassan is a typical mindset of muslim who says he condemns terrorism,  but he always but always follows it with a but!. If we hadn't been in Iraq. If we weren't such islamophobic racists , etc etc.

Anyways back to Sadiq.  He said in an interview that his parents suffered racism, he suffered a little but his children have suffered none. Why is this he was asked.
It's because when his parents came here open racism was tolerated. We as a society refused to accept this and we made it very clear that this mindset would not be tolerated.  The result is that his children suffer no racism at all. This is the way society should get rid of this kind of behaviour and Britian should be applauded for taking this road to elimate predudice.

Okay that's great, this shows that this is the way to rid society of predudice behaviour like racism or homophobia.
Now can we do this for religion.
Religion, all religion is absolute nonsense. It pits people against each other and creates a them and us mentality. For us to get a truly modern and equal society we need to marginalise religion.  We need to shut down the bs it comes out with.

Moderate or so called moderate religous people are the same as the racists that Mr Khan speaks off. When it came to racism not everyone voiced racist views but there acceptance of racism was a breeding ground for bigots. Moderate religous people are a breeding ground for the radicals.  We need to adopt the same policy against Religon as we did against racism.
We need to legislate and regulate against racist ,sexist and homophobic behaviour within religon as well. We have to stop allowing unpallateble views just because the person saying them or believing them beleive in some kid of sky fairy. Why should we respect this childish behaviour.
Religon is the greatest evil this planet has ever known and we need to actively push it out of society. If we don't islamic terrorism will continue and get worse.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

The Facts, just The Facts.

It's now been a few weeks since Brexit and we now have a new prime minister.  Posh boy Cameron is going -eventually, no doubt to some very lucrative consulting post or two.

It's quite bizarre that the most important vote in a generation was decided on ,let's be honest -bullshit.

The remain camp went into full overdrive with predictions of doom and gloom. We were facing a third world war, poverty, mass unemployment ...and worse.

Whereas the leave camp were guilty of exaggerating things like how much we pay to the EU. So basically the electorate didn't have a bloody clue what was going on.
Whether you voted remain or leave the saddest thing about the whole affair was that the British people were robbed. They were robbed of being treat like inteligent human beings.

They were talked down to by both sides. Vilified by both sides. And they were denied real debates on the pros and cons of a better life in our out of the union.

I think it's the first time that the left and right has teamed up with such vigour for pro and leave so it wasn't really a lefty attack on  leave or a right wing attack on remain.
And our ' beloved 'prime minister morphing into the grim reaper  was just unbelievable, and the drivel he was coming out with, wow.

I think though that the remain camp won this referendum. Unfortunately for them they won it for leave.
They wheeled out sanctimonious 'millionaires' to tell us to stay.
Eddie Izzard on question time alone must have sent so many people to leave. His beligerent badgering of Farage was embarrassing. Okay Eddie your a millionaire who no doubt lives in the USA as much time as your in the UK how the hell do you know how the EU effects average people.

Then you had Bob Geldoff. The holier than thou savior of Africa ( in his head) shouting at working class fishermen on the Thames.
Yeah okay Bob tell us how you can even begin to remotely understand what its like to be a fisherman who is loosing his livelihood? By the way on a side note how the hell did you become so rich helping kids eh ?

Then you had the grand muppet of all Gordon Brown. One of the most unpopular PM of  all time( I know , I havent forgotten Blair but everytime I even think of that b#####d I want to throw my computer out of the window) .
As for Gordon Brown though,  the same idiot who sat and watched as the biggest financial crisis hit the world since the 20 s. Then gave millionaires our money to sort it out.Idiot.
And Nicola Sturgeon !. I was cheering for an independent Scotland sadly they didn't get it. Everyone has the right to self rule. But it's become pretty obvious that the SNP doesn't want to run its own country. It just wants free from England. They are quite happy to bend the knee ( sorry, game of thrones nod there) to another master.
Only instead of having quite good terms within the UK for self governance they would actually surrender to the EU. How the hell is that self governance?

I honestly believe if these sanctimonious and pious fools had kept their heads down we may still be in Europe.
So we'll done chaps for helping us to leave...bravo.

These people don't get it, especially celebrities. A few months ago when Jude Law and other assorted luvvies descended on a refugee camp to tell us normal Brits to open our borders we just looked and laughed. Millionaires again, telling average people what to do. There's one thing for sure they wouldn't want the refugees living in their millionaires rows, hamlets or villages.

Don't get me wrong I'm not slagging of people who wished to remain in Europe, just the rich detached fools who think they are better than us plebs.

Another thing about the remain camp which for me was appalling was  the way they took the murder of that young MP and used it for their own political ends. We had a long line of celeb's wearing their hearts on their sleeves and shouting how we should stay in Europe for Jo Cox.
Shameful absolutely shameful.  If you think I'm being unfair their,  I defy anyone to find any news of her murder or legacy ,,,after the referendum was done?

The British people deserved better they really did. We were treat like fools. We were attacked by propoganda and fear tactics. We very rarely got an informed debate just hyperbole.

Myself I'm glad we left. The EU is undemocratic,self serving and elitist. I mean good god you could right pages and pages on what's wrong with it.
Here's just one though. Speaking of the all the very rich people who came out to lecture us and look down their noses at us there was also Neil Kinnock. Have I missed something here. He ran the labour party, he took it no where yet he got a job for life deciding very important things for the people of Europe. How the hell did that happen?

One of the leading lights in the leave campaign was George Galloway. So often I disagree with this guy but when it came to Europe he was on the mark. Shame his friend and lifelong Euro sceptic Corbyn didn't have the strength of his convictions to stand up and say he too wanted to leave.

So as I say we aren't leaving Europe because the country is confident we will be better of out,  but because we voted againt being governed by unelected beaurocrats and talked down to by over bearing over paid celebs and ex politicans.

Whether we will be better for it, time will tell.  For me it's a no brainer. I would rather our country went down the crapper because we bought it on ourselves rather than be beholding to some pious German and her cronies- and then watching it go down the crapper.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

No more stereotyping

I'm always the first to condemn stereotyping, and I'm always condemning people for hurling the racist or islamophobic against people to stop criticisms or debate.
But' my god daughter yesterday chided me for labeling and Stereotyping  lefties.
I don't think she realised that she actually made me think, so I need to correct the way I describe some  looney lefties. So from now on I will refer to the nut jobs the appeasers and the fools who would drag society back to somehting akin to communist Russia as -a person or persons with a certain left wing mindset.
Apologies for the generalising up this point.
Thanks for the moral kick in the pants Erin.

Friday, 8 July 2016

insult the insulted

When I started doing this blog it was predominantly to cast light on the far right.
I stumbled into joining the BNP as did many others so I thought it would write about it.

But as time has went on I began to see that the far right was being fed by far left politics and politcal islam.
These two ideologies are so polarising that they throw up an antithema which drives people to the opposing sides, in my case the bnp and in many others the edl.

My dislike of the far left started within the bnp. There arrogance only pushes people further into fringe groups such as the BNP. There hypocrisy pushes you even further in. The far right are indeed backward and retarded in their views but it's the far left that feeds the narrative of the far right.

Since I've left I've tried to see all sides. I've been to a labour  party meeting,  and was amazed how decent and nice everyone was. I've been to several green party meetings and 'again' saw how decent and nice everyone was.
This may be hard to  believe, but most of the BNP meetings I was amazed how decent and nice everyone was(Okay not everyone but the majority out weighted the odd nutter)

Since I've left and been doing this blog I've had plaudits for 'my bravery' and disdain'for 'slagging of the left and politcal islam'.

Firstly , I'm not brave. Sitting behind a key board typing my thoughts about the extreme of politics is not brave.
Working in Pakistan to combat  extremism or speaking out against islam whilst professing  your apostasy is brave.
As for the disdain. Yep there's been a lot of that.
Initially it was from the far right, but they soon got bored. The disdain from the far left has been much more consistent.

Ive been called racist, islamophobic,  xenophobic ,,,,,and worse.
I don't hate anyone, I genuinly don't.
But I critise and so I should.  So should we all. If you think I'm wrong call me out on it. Christ knows I call people out for being wrong.
The differnce is if you say I'm wrong I will take it. I may disagree with you but it's your right, and I'm not arrogant enough to think I'm right about everything. I may be wrong about most things. But at least I'm speaking up.

One of the main criticisms  I get is that I'm anti islam or religion in general. Yep I take that , I am.
But  I don't mean to offend. If you believe in god or Allah and  it gets you through life I understand. I will be honest and say I wish I had that comfort blanket to wrap myself in. But I don't.
I consider myself well read and quite knowlegable on the physical world ( Okay I'm no Neil Degrass Tyson or Richard Dawkins,  but I get by)
The point 'I'm labouring  to make is and my apologies for doing so is that I do mean to insult. Christ I go out of my to insult.  But only the ones who look to be insulted. The policitcians, ideolgiststs and the religous fundamentalists.

If your secure in your faith or your beliefs I shouldnt be able to insult you. Your the ones who should be able to debate and not throw insults or even worse ,bombs. So again I'm only here to insult the ones who wish to be insulted.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

immigration isn't a one size fits all.

An inconvenient truth-not all immigration is the same.

When canvassing peoples doors and immigration came up, which it usually did people had two concerns about immigration.
Firstly the huge influx of eastern Europeans coming to work in our country and how it would effect wages, housing NHS etc.
And secondly immigration outside of the EU.

Let's cut the BS out. There is a difference.
The huge influx of eastern Europeans did effect our country and it's infrastructure. But now that we are leaving the EU many of these people should not have to return home. Many have made a home here and it's not fair to send them back, not that I'm even suggesting sending anyone back.

The other form of immigration is from outside the EU.
Again,let's cut through the BS. Indians, Sikhs, Chinese, Japanese ,Americans, Ozzie, Canadians etc etc are absolutely  no problem. Okay there may be the odd bad apple but on the whole they bring only positive with them. They bring some of their culture with them and on the whole it adds to a cosmopolitan Britain.

Then there's the other immigration. The one from very religious Countries -namely Muslim countries. These were the ones that people were concerned with, and still are.
Of course and obviously, not all muslim immigrants are bad and despite what the looney left want us to believe not all muslims are the same  .
Some deserve our help. Some deserve a new home. But we must face up to the inconvenient truth that on the whole most problems of integration and social cohesion are coming from one particular mindset.

Okay call me islamophobic or racist, I don't care. If you wish to ignore very real facts that's your choice but facts can not be ignored.
I'm not saying ban muslim immigration but surely we need to more scrupulous as to who we let in.
Muslims fleeing persecution because they don't want to live in a backward country is different to one who wants to live in a modern country yet take their backward beliefs with them and thus take our modern country backwards.

We must help the non believers, the ex muslims, gay muslims and mostly we must help the women and children. The thousands of single men should not be allowed entry until we know if they wish to live modern lives or live in the stone ages.

Not all immigrants are the same and it's not racist to admit it.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Islamophobia is not real

phobia is an overwhelming and debilitating fear of an object, place, situation, feeling or animal. Phobias are more pronounced than fears. They develop when a person has an exaggerated or unrealistic sense of danger about a situation or object.
Yeah sounds about right. 
I suffer from claustrophobia, put me in a small space and I sweat and shake like an18 year old at a rave.
Islamophobia though isn't real!

Its just a word invented by the left and certain Muslims to stifle debate and criticism of Islam. 
In fact I would say that the very action of putting phobia after many things is the wrong  thing to do.

Take homophobia. So if you don't like gay people your homophobic. So what your afraid of them ?  
Bullshit. Your just a narrow minded arsehole.
The only fear you have when it comes to homosexuality is that you are afraid of your own feelings and the consequences of accepting gay people-you may be one. 
So okay I concede that homophobic could be used to justify some people. But I think narrow minded bigoted arsehole is a better term.

Islamophobia though is a total red herring. Has anyone ever looked at a Muslim and had feelings that 'hmm I may be one of them'. I feel something for them so have to hate them to suppress my feelings ?
Even if we use the term islamophobia the way the the left and many Muslims wish us to-the irrational fear of Muslims- it doesn't make sense.

Let's go back to homophobia. When has there ever been a threat from gay people. 
I'm sorry but I can't remember a single suicide gay person or a gay terrorist movement.
I can't remember a single gay person condemning us straits to death or eternal damnation. It's just nonsense to equate a fear of Islam with a fear of gay people.

Islam is a religion. Its backwards just like Christianity- and all other religion's. 
It's full of violence, misogyny, hatred of homosexuality , sexism , inequality and bigotry. So yeah there is lots to be afraid of there. 

In fact in one respect islamophobia could be used as a genuine condition. If your afraid for homosexuals or women that have to live under these backwards arsed regimes. You fear for their safety and their quality of life yeah, that could be cased as a phobia. But even then I wouldn't call it a phobia. A phobia is irrational. For you to not fear living under that kind of political or social system is in fact very dangerous.  You should fear it.

So there is no such thing as Islamophobia. If you don't like Muslims just because they are Muslims your a prejudiced  arsehole. 
If you don't like dark skinned Muslims because of their colour your a racist arsehole. 
If you don't like them because they are foreign your a xenophobic arsehole. 
And if you don't like them because they are different to you your a bigoted arsehole. 

We need to stop using this term Islamophobia  as a cover all for any critique of this -like all others- backwards religion's and cults. The very concept of any religion like Christianity or Islam needs torn apart by every sane rational person on the planet. 

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Let Islam defend itself

The attrocities carried out by radical adherents to Islam seem  to be picking up pace.
Its worth remembering though that most attrocities effect muslims.
What happens in the west is terrible and one attack is to many but muslims get it far worse.

But as always when a bomb goes of or a coward with a gun starts killing people because they are the wrong religion, sect colour or gender, our meek and feeble Politicains and commentators jump immediately to the defence of Islam. 'Islam is  a religion of peace' or 'this is not what islam represents'.
Well I'm sorry but this is exactly what islam represents. It's what all religion's represent.
If you believe in one made up deity you have to deny others who worship another made up deity. Thats what religion does. It pits insecure naive and impressionable people againt each other.

People need to stop defending Islam.  Stop being so obsesed with ethnic or culure sensitivities.

Islam has been around for 1500 years. It was started by a man who thought he spoke to a god. Or a man who knew that he didn't speak to god but craved power. Either way it's all a bit silly to say the least.

So please white liberals and lefties stop defending dark ages power trips or schizophrenia, or Islam will never mature, or hopefully go the way as christianity and start to fade away

Saturday, 2 July 2016

America will have Trump as it's next president

Shocking statement I know.
Americans, like us brits are so sick of weak leaders. Leaders who profess to be liberals but are not. Leaders who are so obsesed with multiculturalism and pandering to ethnic sensitivities that they cannot see that they are making our countries worse.
They are so ridden with white guilt that they bend over backwards for backward ideologies and belief systems.
So when people have had enough, as here in Britain, and we have no choice, we vote for the option that will give us at least some self control back.

Trump is an idiot. But he is listening to a major concern of many Americans.  Okay the so called liberal elite can look down their noses and sneer at people for voting a certain way but people are individuals and make their own minds up.
America as in Britian, the arrogant left can shout racist or islamophobe and hit the streets spitting their dummies because we are not all brainwashed like them but this won't change anything. When the masses have no one who appears to be listening they will vote for the guy or party who at least appears to be.