Monday, 30 May 2016

Capitalism doesn't work

I've just read yet another article stating  again -that if it wasn't for immigration our country would grind to a  a halt.
These so called experts are constantly telling us that we need more working age people to pay for and look after the ever growing number of elderly.
In other words because the birth rate in Europe is dropping fast there are fewer people paying taxes to fill the coffers for social care the NHS and pensions. This is why we need such huge numbers of immigrants-they tell us ?
Angela Merkel never invited the huge mass of refugees to Germany just out of humanitarianism, no, she needs a larger workforce !

This argument for mass  immigration is ridiculous. So we need more young people to pay for the old ?
Okay what happens when these new arrivals then get old and need cared for by the state,,,,,,more mass immigration.

Christ's sake can these so called experts not understand this lunatic way of thinking.
This is why capitalism doesn't work. It has the basic tenet of continual growth. Continual produce and consume.  Something has to give.
If we have to many consumers production won't be able to keep up and when I say production I mean necessary production- food, water, infastructure and housing.

Sadly though capitalism isn't going any where. This country has been turned into one of the greediest in the world And it's only going to get worse.
People can't see that they are being used as pawns in a game that only benefits the rich. Sure they let you think that because you are getting a new car or a bigger house that you too can be like them but dream on, you will never be like them and they don't want you to be.
Mass immigration drives down wages and job security.  It puts stress on public services and it ,along with the lunacy of multiculturalism, is destroying our communities.

This is not about immigration. Immigration is good. People moving around the planet is good. It mixes up the human race. Breaks down barriers. discourages racism and xenophobia. But not in its present form.
Mass immigration along with multiculturalism is bad for the country and society. And the political system that drives it is capitalism.

It's not about patriotism or nationalism

As the in or out referendum gathers pace the rhetoric is getting more and more ludicrous.
Mind you it has to be said that most of the BS is coming from the 'in' camp. I'm so glad to hear or to be more precise not to hear a damned thing about Agincourt, St George,  rule Britannia and other such assorted patriotic bullshit.
It appears that the ' out' camp are on the whole sticking to what concerns most people - jobs , house prices etc.

As I've stated in previous posts a United Europe would have been a good thing.
Pull the plaster of at the beginning. A federal Europe,  United armed forces, and a uniform and standardised health service, benefits system and standard of living right across the continent.
When a new country joined it had to raise its standards to those of the existing members states.
Until they did that they could not have free movement of people.  Once they reached the standardised model of Europe members they could then enjoy free movement.

For me this is a no brainer and it makes total common sense. Instead they have employed an army of semi useless bureaucrats who have tinkered and meddled and basically screwed everything up.

Of course people are going to come here on mass if we have higher wages and better social care than there home countries.
People want a better life and who can blame them . But the EU should have put the effort into building their countries first before allowing the mass movement of people.
After all how many people would actually leave Poland and their family and friends if they could enjoy the same quality of life where they are at.

For me this is the  proof that the EU is ran by fools and we need to leave. Sod patriotism, nationalism, St George and other assorted bullshit. For me it's about now and tomorrow. We need to leave

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

An inconvenient truth

One of the main problems with nationalism is that at its very heart it cares only about a certain people.
It cares only if a person is a certain colour , ethnicity or with the same historical background. That's to say modern historical background mind. They gloss over the part that that we all share the same history if you go back far enough.

To listen to the likes of Nick Griffin -when he calls us aboriginals- you would think we are a distinct species all together. 
Who cares what colour or ethnicity we are. We are all the same. The only thing that divides us is man made, usually archaic cultures and belief systems.
I don't care if human kind ends up looking the same. What does it matter ? 
I do care about loosing one single species of which we share this planet with.
The reason people  ( a certain people) matters to nationalists is because they are bascially just the same as everyone else. 
We have this arrogant belief that we as humans are special. And Christ there are some special people indeed. There have been people who distinguish themselves in a species that , let's be honest , are not that impressive. Genuine giants of our species have walked this earth throughout history and there many giants now. But most , vastly most would not be missed.  They offer nothing to the magic of life. They only take and live in the moment of existence. 

True , the modern world has nurtured this moronic, consume, impress (or try to) and ignore that world that you are a part of. A world that you need to survive. 
You can ignore it but you need it!

Human kind as a whole cares only about itself. The rich care only for themselves. The policitcians care only about the rich, because they usually end up joining them.

When you meet a new person whats the usual question "what do you do for a living"in other words where are you on the scale of status and greed. 
We get taught constantly to admire people with more money than us. Greed is seen as a worthy attribute and deserves our admiration.

The left care about anyone who they deem has had a raw deal. Or in many times they are jealous of other peoples wealth and would rather they could have some of it. A perfect example is the labour party and their fat cat union bosses.
The left are no better than the right. 
The right care about money and will see the planet destroyed for wealth. The left are just so obsesed with so called humanity that they will have an unnatural and moronic attitude to the inner goodness of people and still watch the planet destroyed for it. I think this stems from religion,  and even though most lefties don't do religion they still have an inbuilt admiration for the basic bs tenets of it. All men are equal etc. 
Well that's what people think Religon says. People who have ever actually read a ridiculous book like the bible or the quran Will see that some men are more equal than others.

So nationalists are just the same as everyone else only they take it to the next level. 
Instead of this blinked love of human beings they have a blinked view of human beings who come only from a certain area of this once beautiful planet. 

It's not just nationalists who have this arrogant view. 
So many people move around this planet and then they spend so much of their time shouting for the very people they moved to get away from. 

We are indeed an arrogant race because so much of our thought process is mired in a self assured belief in ourselves as a species , race, ethnicity, religion or even geographical location. 

Myself, I ask this-why is a human life more important than that of a fellow species. 
Why is our habitat of greater importance than say a forest or a coral reef. 
We keep churning out children because we believe that it's our right to. 
The planet is bursting at the seems with people and still they come. In nature when a species starts to have a negative impact on its surroundings we sometimes get a virus or natural disaster to redress the balance. To keep the equilibrium.

Nature has tried to stop us spreading out like locusts but our ingenuity and resourcefulness,  usually at the cost of the planet keeps us on top.

A hundred years ago there was less than 2 billion people on this planet now there is 7 billion and climbing exponentially. We need less people and we need to look at the problem and deal with it. It's better to stop the new people being born than watch them suffer when it's to late and they are allready in this world. 

Nationalism is just the selfish belief in some human beings over the wider selfish belief in all human beings.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

An integrated EU 'WAS' the only way forward

So we are nearly at the vote for a brexit from the EU.
I hope we leave, in fact all the signs point to it that we will indeed leave.
But sadly, not to go down the conspiracy theory route, even if it is a leave vote I can't see it happening.
The powers that be have to much to loose and as much I applaud democracy we sadly do not live in a very democratic society.

We saw that again at the last election when UKIP -whom I have little time-and the greens- for whom I have loads of time, but sadly am a realist and realise that they will never obtain any real power as long as they are seen as a party of social workers-would have had dozens of MPS between them, if we had proportional representation.
Yes, yes I know that the vote in the last election was a totally different thing but the system does not want us plebs to have real democracy. In fact it terrifies them that if we all actually woke up and put as much time into fighting for our rights or futures instead of millions watching pointless crap like football , xfactor,celebrity dancing on ice or the mother of all hells-the great British bake off- we might actually organise some change.

I think we have lost a golden opportunity for a what could have been a great political way forward. The EU should have been integrated fully from the start.
Full integration with everything. Wages, health care and education  being uniform right throughout the EU.
 If a plumber -for instance- got paid the same in Poland or Britain they would have no reason to come here. If there had been a European health service there would be no health tourism from within the EU.
In short if living standards etc had been made uniform thought out the continent why would the masses up sticks and move to another country. We could have actually had the free movement of people that would not empty one place and put huge pressure on another. Come on let's be honest what is so great about Britain that attracts all these people? I think we are fast becoming one of the greediest uncaring countries in the world, why the hell do so many want to come here?

But we didn't integrate from the start. They lied to us and tried to pretend that this wasn't the aim. So they screwed it up . They tinkered around the edges and made a complete balls up. How the hell can you have so many countries with differing standards of living, economies, workers rights, housing prices and Christ the list is endless-how can you have a union with so many variables and not expect it break down and fall apart.
This is why I'm voting to leave. These fools have proven that they can not run a party in a brewery or an orgy in a brothel, so why vote to stay ?

I do think a European union and in fact a world union is one day inevitable but I hope we get intelligent leaders putting these political systems together and not the likes of the imbeciles that get into politics now.

Saturday, 7 May 2016

London has a Muslim mayor

The like of the BNP and Britain first must be chocking on their -good old British breakfasts this morning. London has an muslim mayor!
I think it's hilarious that they class Khan as a closet extremist and isis supporter.
He's a Muslim,  so what.
Do these fools who are so scared of him being muslim not realise that he is the kind of guy who may actually deal with the 'Muslim problem' and by that I mean the extremism that a has festered and the stone age practices that has been allowed to ripen in the Muslim community.
Let's be honest has any white non muslim mps, mayors or public officials done anything to root it out. No'they are all so bloody obsesed with looking racist or islamophobic.
Good luck to the man I genuinely believe he will be good for the capital and the UK.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

The antisemitc left.

So the left is full of antisemites!.
Wow stop the press.......Many of us have known this for years.
There are so many on the left who blame Israel and the USA for absolutely everything that they are blind to other countries failings.

I think this is why the left embraces Islam and refuses to lay a lot of guilt at there door.
Yes Israel does harm and yes the USA does harm but they are not the only bad guys.
So many people on the left are so wrapped up with hatred of these two countries they refuse to see any other villains, and when other villains do come to light they can be excused away as a product of America's foreign policy or Israel s apartheid nature.
Guess what guys there are some other bad guys out there as well.

When I came face to face with the fools from antifa or the UAF I used to love arguing with them. The crap that they come out with was unreal. I've heard some of them defend Iran, Cuba, and even North Korea. They are so wrapped up with hatred of the U.S and Israel they will defend anyone who is left leaning or whom they think is.

Even when you get up to the senior mouthpieces for the left the stupidity is stunning. When you hear the likes of Galloway defending North Korea and blaming all its ills on the US and south Korea.
Then there's the leftys who defend the Alquds march in London. A pro Iranian regime protest, Christ they should ban it not praise it.

The left wonder why they can't get widespread support. Parties like the greens and labour could gain so much more support if they would stop being so obsesed with what they perceive as the victims of the US and Israel and start to look at what is on most people's minds...immigration, job security and the NHS just for starters.

Last year I asked a really decent  member of the green party why the left was so obsesed with Israel.  His answer 'Israel is a democratic state and we should hold it accountable for its actions'. So is turkey I said why don't you lot shout about the way they terrorise the answer.

Come on lefties wake up. Just becasue Israel and the US can be bad guys doesn't means others can't.  You can have two or more bad guys. You can have the whole  bloody lot of them can be the bad guys.
Just becasue there's an obvious villain don't just assume the other guys are in the right or justified.