Friday, 15 July 2016

religion needs pushed to the margins

Here we go again. Yet another terrorist strike, and yet again white liberals and islamist apologists are falling over themselves to defend 'the religion of peace'.
Why the hell is this their first reaction. What the hell is wrong with them ?

We need to stop this defending the indefensible. Europe is a modern society with man made laws of equality and justice.
We have to stop pandering to backward and regressive veiws.  We are a continent built on science and on reason and we need to defend these basic foundations.

I recently heard the new mayor of London Sadiq khan of whom I respect  being interviewed by Mhedi Hassan , for who I have zero admiration. Hassan is a typical mindset of muslim who says he condemns terrorism,  but he always but always follows it with a but!. If we hadn't been in Iraq. If we weren't such islamophobic racists , etc etc.

Anyways back to Sadiq.  He said in an interview that his parents suffered racism, he suffered a little but his children have suffered none. Why is this he was asked.
It's because when his parents came here open racism was tolerated. We as a society refused to accept this and we made it very clear that this mindset would not be tolerated.  The result is that his children suffer no racism at all. This is the way society should get rid of this kind of behaviour and Britian should be applauded for taking this road to elimate predudice.

Okay that's great, this shows that this is the way to rid society of predudice behaviour like racism or homophobia.
Now can we do this for religion.
Religion, all religion is absolute nonsense. It pits people against each other and creates a them and us mentality. For us to get a truly modern and equal society we need to marginalise religion.  We need to shut down the bs it comes out with.

Moderate or so called moderate religous people are the same as the racists that Mr Khan speaks off. When it came to racism not everyone voiced racist views but there acceptance of racism was a breeding ground for bigots. Moderate religous people are a breeding ground for the radicals.  We need to adopt the same policy against Religon as we did against racism.
We need to legislate and regulate against racist ,sexist and homophobic behaviour within religon as well. We have to stop allowing unpallateble views just because the person saying them or believing them beleive in some kid of sky fairy. Why should we respect this childish behaviour.
Religon is the greatest evil this planet has ever known and we need to actively push it out of society. If we don't islamic terrorism will continue and get worse.

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