Thursday, 3 December 2015

The politics of fear

So the vote went in favour of air strikes against isis. 
When I say good I mean I'm glad that we are going to target these blood thirsty morons who are living in some kind of medieval distopia. They should be taken out they offer nothing to humanity or existence in any sense of the word.
And yes I'm concerned about how its done. I hope its done very accurately and they don't stop till every adult who supports isis is destroyed. I fail to see how any one can be given a second chance after supporting such barbarity. But no doubt the left will shout from their corner bleeding on about their human rights etc.

But this blog isn't about foreign policy , god knows there are enough keyboard experts banging away on social media putting their ten cents worth in. 
The rhetorics usually the same. The west caused it, we should keep out, we should talk to isis  ( that particular nugget tends to come from your most ardent lefty or luvvie) it's all about oil and destabilising the region so as we can go to war with Russia,  Iran or krypton. 
And finally the lefts favorite- we have delusions that we still have an empire or wish to build another.
Who knows there may be some truth in any of these , except krypton...but you never know .

What gets me so angry is the way the left and right operate. The right rely on fear of foreigners and outsiders. The left have just as bad paranoid delusions but theirs is focused at their own government .
I'D cards, internt monitoring, extra security always has a dark and sinister motive behind it.
The right tends to share these worries but usually because they think the state is watching them so as it can knock them of. I kid you not I've heard so many BNPers voice their paranoia on that subject. The similarities behind the left and the right is indeed massive.

For example Jeremy Corbyn is supposed to be a pacifist. 
Okay so why does he support Russia dropping bombs. The BNP have exactly the same mindset. They believe we should keep out of it but cheer on Putin. 
George Galloway, the lefts equivalent of Griffin, thinks we should keep out but then is never shy at supporting dictators like Castro, Sadam and Assad. Nick Griffin himself was a huge fan of Ghadafi and Assad. They both love their dictators.
Let's be honest if a moron like Galloway ever got power many of us would be off to re-education centres!!!

The far left and far right have so much in common they get confused what they are fighting for sometimes. 
But then again I've always said that there is more far left about the BNP than there is far Right. The left just don't want people to know the obvious glaring similarities between them.
The horseshoe analogy is getting more and more relevant. This goes that if you have far right at one end of the horse shoe and far left at the other there's really very little separating both ideologies.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Devils advocate- in defence of Tommy Robinson

I've just been reading an article on the hope not hate site. Readers of this blog will know that I have very little time for HnH. They are opportunists who shout racism at anybody who doesn't agree with their left wing pro mass immigration and multicultural view of the world.
They say that Tommy Robinson is making a comeback to street activism. This time in the guise of pegida.
For anyone who isn't familiar with pegida. This organisation is not to disimlar to the EDL, except they are European wide.
They believe that Europe is in danger of been islamified.
Are they wrong. Is this all just racist hype. Is he swivel eyed loon and a bigot?

The title of this post is perhaps misleading I'm not really here to defend him. What I'm trying to convey is that is he right to be concerned ?

Let's look at the evidence.
The terrorism, well that needs no explanation. We're all familiar with that.

No one can have escaped all the press coverage of grooming gangs -predominantly Muslim. To be very accurate most were of Pakistan origin. No rational person can not be concerned how this was allowed to happen.

Then there's the hundreds perhaps thousands of young British girls been sent abroad to suffer the most barbaric cruelty of female genital mutilation.

Mosques. Many people believe that many of the radicals are nurtured in British mosques. How much truth is in this is very hard to uncover.
One article will tell us this. Another will tell us its happening in British universities. Again how is the average Brit supposed to know the truth.

Britain should be secular. Any civilsed country should be secular. Christianity has been dissapearing for years and good riddance to it. But now we have other religous buildings popping up all over the place. Despite what many on the left say ,religion causes division.  It forms barriers between neighbours and prevents integration. Anyone who flatly denies this is bascially seeing the world through rose coloured glasses.

Face veils in the name of religion. Yes they cause division-the them and us mentality. How the hell can a person integrate if you can't see their face. Many muslim women have no choice but to wear the face coverings. Not all but many. How the hell is a person supposed to know which is which.
It's shame full the amount of attacks that are now happening to Muslim women because of this distrust that has built up between communities. How the hell does attacking a defenceless woman in a face veil stop islamifiaction. These attacks need to stop and the offenders prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Halal Meat. There's not a single piece of evidence to suggest that halal is more humane than stunning.
In fact it's the very opposite. There has been many papers written on how stunning is less cruel.
Personally, I'm a vegan, so I'd like to see stunning gone as well. I would like to see a meat free world, but that's a totally different argument.
Suffice to say if we are going to eat animals (for now) they should be raised and killed as humanely as possible.

So why is TR not allowed to voice these concerns ?
Well it depends on his motives.
The BNP use exactly the same reasons to protest at muslims in the UK. Do they care about animals or young girls suffering fgm or honour killings.
No they dont.
If they cared about animals they wouldn't have openly supported fox hunting at many countryside meetings.
Fgm and honour killings. Again they don't care because it happens to non white girls. Girls that they dont class as British.

So' I don't know tommy Robinson,  never met him, never shared a communication with him so I can't defend his reasons for protesting.
If he is protesting because he does not want to see his country and ANY of its citizens suffering  the indignity otf religously motivated barbarity or cruelty to both animals and humans I salute him.
If however his motivation is from a bigotted xenophobic and racist position ( which I admit I don't think is the case) he should not be listened to.
But as usual the first thing to frame any protest or debate on islam is-oh they must be racist to speak out.
 The country and indeed the world needs to admit there is a problem with islam. Muslims need to admit there is a problem with islam.
We need to stop this catch all accusation of racist or isamlophobic.
When you stop people questioning or criticising islam they will drift to the fringes where they feel that they can be heard.

Please stop this blanket defence of islam and perhaps the likes of pegida would never get a foothold on European streets.

Myself,  I don't care where people are from or the colour of their skin. But I do care if they believe in a backwards ideology that sets them apart from the modern civilsed world, and we need to admit that many Muslims do. That's not racist to say that.
Finally- as always-what drives people to supprt the likes of the BNP, EDL or Pegida is perceptions. The media and our politicians have to take some of the blame for this.
How the hell is a person to know what is the truth!.
All we hear is about islamic practices and barbarity. Then we see our so called leaders lining up to praise islam as a peaceful religion. Its not hard to see why people have no idea what the hell is going on.
Perceptions helped the BNP grow. They could also help Pegida take route in Britian