Tuesday, 27 September 2016

God is dead, don't replace him with Allah

Europe,especially northern Europe is moving fast to atheism.
Or rather it was!
As a continent we should be proud of this fact. We were moving away from archaic nonsense and dogma and turning more and more to science and reason.
So for the life of me I can not understand why we allowing,  no helping, to enforce islam into our main physce.

I'm at a loss to figure this out. One of the reasons I voted to leave the EU was because of this ridiculous mindset of appeasement towards the moronic mindset that is Islam.
Europe has its problems. Europeans have their faults. But, they are minor in comparison to the problems that muslim countries suffer from. Yet we wish to import this bs into our countries.

The cretins who run things seem unable to grasp that most people don't want to embrace or even tolerate islam. That doesn't make us racist or xenophobic. Most of us would feel the same way if fundamental Christianity had a rebirth.

What is wrong with saying 'look islam is bullshit'.
We're not coming at it from a regressive view, but  modern view.
There should be no place in a civilised society for this nonsense.
I genuinely don't understand this mindset of appeasement we have developed.

I've sat in company and listened to people slag off and critisice of people from all sections of society.
But mention islam and at the very least you will get a cold stare. What the hell is wrong with People.  Why are you so defensive of this and so offended when someone calls it out for what it is-retarded.

Is it because you are jealous that these people ,no matter how backward they may be actually have some order in their lives. Do many of us secretly desire to be conditioned and controlled.

Do we secretly yearn order and control so as we don't have to think for ourselves. Is that it , are we just lazy.
Do many of us feel that disconnected with modern life that we crave the order and security that Religion brings. Are we willing to re- chain ourselves to dogma again. Is this why so many people are converting to islam.
I know I feel a certain disconnect with the modern world. I feel like we have tried to place ourselves above the natural world rather than in it.
But you don't need religon to feel a deep connection to something. I'm not saying go out and hug a tree or become vegan. I'm saying that the answer lies in all of us and we don't need to submit to fantasy and myth and wrap it around ourselves like some kind of phycological comfort blanket.

Since writing this blog I've spoken to many ex muslims. These are the lucky ones. They have seen 'the light' and left this religon.  If I was them I would be nervous about what Europe and indeed the civilsed world is doing.
When the demographics alter,and they will, these people will be amongst the first to feel the wrath of this so called Religon of peace. Apostasy is punishable by death.

Okay raise your eyebrows, shake your head.  Think 'what the hell is he talking about' as you look at the society you live in now and think 'bullshit,ain't going to happen' . Okay just cast your mind back . Was it ever like this. When you were a child did you even hear about islam?
Did you know what barbaric halal meat was.?
Was there a mosque near you. Ever see anyone walking a round in their jamas or a burqa?
As the muslim population gets larger the more society will change.

Need proof. Look at muslim countries. The more fundamentalist islam has taken root the more regressive that society has become.
We can stop it. Stop pandering to nonsence and speak out and ridicule,before its to late.

Ethnocentric . the new buzz word

  1. Ethnocentric...
  2. Evaluating 
    other cultures according to preconceptions originating in the standards and customs of ones own culture.
This appears to be the new buzzword at the moment.
Once over  when people didn't agree with you if you didn't like certain aspects of immigration or someone else's culture you were xenophobic,  bigoted or the all time favourites-racist or nazi. 

But now its become more mainstream to actually speak out without fear of being called these names. Okay the regressive left still shout them but they will never change and accept anyone's view but their own. 
UKIP had loads to do with this mindset. They single  handedly rewrote many of the rules as to what is racist and what isnt,;and thats not an endorsement for Farage .

But now there's a new word seeping into our societal physce -ethnocentric.
If you critisce  any culture or religion that is not yours you are now in the firing line to be called this. 
Its not a new word but it's a one I'm hearing more and more frequently. Even from people I have a lot of respect and time for .

So if you criticise  another culture your obviously judging it from your standpoint in your culture. In other words your being superior. Yeah I can see that with little Englanders and people who are genuinely racist" Our cultures better the yours" mindset.

But that's now where I'm coming from. I don't want anyone to become British,  I don't even know what that means. I want people to become modern and progressive. 
If I'm being ethnocentric because I believe that certain aspects of someones culture is backward or downright barbaric I'm going to say it is. I'm not coming at it from my cultural perspective. I'm coming at it from a rational human being perspective. 

Where do we draw the line with this new hip word. Can I not criticise fgm because its not my culture. Can I not oppose forced marriage or honour killings because it not  my culture.

Was the apartheid system in South Africa cultural so no one had the right to speak out in fear of being labelled ethnocentric. 
Should I not write a post condemning the racist Sikhs in Birmingham who oppose mixed race marriages because its not my culture therefore who am I to criticise. What about the Indian caste system . Should I just keep quiet because I'm looking  at it from my cultural perspective.

Just like the words racist, fascist,bigot,xenophobe and even islamophobic-ethnocentric  is this just another word to stifle criticism.  
There are many many aspects of all  cultures that is admirable but there are just as many if not more that need consigned to the dark ages. I have actually had a Corbyn supporter last year who  works for an anti racist group  defend the rape epidemic sweeping Europe. 
Because 'I have to understand these men are coming from different cultures to our own and therfore don't know the rules'. 
Well I'm sorry but fuck off. 
If you honestly don't know in your brain and heart that it's wrong to rape or mutilate a young girl.  If you think women are second class or gays or Apostates should be killed . I really dont give a shit about your cultural feelings. 
And regressive leftists who use ths bullshit word  to excuse this behaviour well I'm sorry but your the biggest problem of all. We are all human beings and I reserve the right to slag of, critisce mock and to actively try to destroy a practice or thought process that is barbaric or backwards. 

And to reittrerate this blog is not directed at the last person to use this word but the many others who have started using it this last few months . 

Labour, the islamist party

So Corbyn has taken absolute power in the labour party. His several hundred thousand new members have ensured that he is still the leader of that vile party.

Any one who has had anything to do with labour will know that they far outshine the others in corruption.  There is something in the mindset of so many lefties that they honestly don't think they ever do anything wrong. They truly believe they have the moral high ground and therefore their actions ,no matter how deplorable, are justified if it means getting power 'and saving the country from capitalism'.

They employ various anti fascists groups to destroy their enemy.  Okay they are right in destroying the likes of the BNP. But they don't just want to destroy parties like that their ultimate goal is to shut down debate on immigration and any odious members of incoming societies.
They refuse to admit that even idiots like Griffin can be telling the truth about things like muslim paedophile gangs.
The BNP were telling the truth about this ten years ago ( Okay they had an agenda, but that's not the point) ) and HnH and labour did their level best to cover this up and deny it was happening.

The labour party used to be at the front shouting for equality,they used to have some integrity and honour; but now it's about power. Getting it and keeping it.
I don't think I've ever read about the tories or libdems holding openly segregated meetings where second class's women are made to sit separate from 'superior men.
I don't think I've ever read about imans using the block vote to ensure that all the members of their mosque vote for any other party except labour.

So now we have a Muslim mayor in London.
I admit I like  Khan. I think he may be able to solve some problems with islam. I sincerely hope I'm not proved wrong and being duped.

But whilst speaking to someone on social media they came up with quite a logical theory.
We all know labour bend's over for the muslim vote. It's well documented about the open fraud and voter manipulation they use to win seats.
But what if- they now have a high profile muslim within the party. The party is obviously going to get nowhere with comrade Corbyn at the front.

So - Sidiq is very well know and liked. What if he is the next challenger for the top job. All these pc people who suffer from racism of low expectations (  a term borrowed of Maajid Nawaz) had a brown person to vote for.

Christ he would walk in to power and muslims who weren't even  members of the party would quickly sign up.
Throw into the mix the uneven birth rate and demographic between muslim and non muslim how long before the party is muslim strong.
Not just muslim appeasers, but muslim.
We could then have a strong islamic party in Britain. A party that believes in segregation and archaic practises.
I'm not saying Mr Khan has an ulterior motive, but his party may.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Stand as an independent

Political parties are corrupt.  They care only about power. No exceptions. They are a driven by selfish ideology and vested interests.
What if like me you can't throw your support for any party because they don't wholly speak for you .

Labour are supposed to be for the working person yet agree with open borders and seem only concerned with employees of the state sector.
People on minimum wage and zero hours can sod off.
Their paymasters the unions are just as bad. They are there now just to fight for civil servants. Plus labour are more interested in global politics than domestic.

The greens. Well they are supposed to be an environmental party but I fail to see how. They are to preoccupied with multiculturalism and diversity to actually achieve anything.

The Tories.  I actually agree that the welfare system is broken ; labour broke it. But I can't support them . There main concern is the rich and business; no matter how much damage it does.

The liberals. I think I'm the only person who didn't  fall out with them because of tuition fees. I actually think to many go to university and why should the taxpayer fund it.but that aside I can't vote for them.

UKIP.what can I say. I voted to leave the EU but not because of ukip. I can't support them they believe climate change is a scam. Among other things.
So what do you do.

I've always believed that the ballot paper should have -none of the above.
But we are never going to get that. No politcal parties care about real democracy. They only care about power. Therfore none will implement this.

So, what if loads of us stood as independents. It's easy to do.
In a local election you need ten signatures from people In the area
No money is needed ,just some simple paperwork.
 Your name goes on the ballot paper ,simple.
So what if you get one vote . It's a protest.

What if enough of us did this? Could you imagine the chaos.?
They may actually start to look at just how backward first past the post system is and give us the choice of none of the above.
It's worth a thought. I don't care about your politics. I don't care if your left or right. Your not trying to get into power, just protesting.

Next may I will stand as an independent, pure and simple as a protest vote. Why should I vote for one of the others grudgingly when I can give myself one vote.
So if your fed up with not being represented then represent yourself.

Even if you don't agree with me on anything.  But if you think the system needs changed do something about it. More of the same will change nothing

A sensible immigration policy

This may be the smallest post ever.
If it was government paper it would be 100 chapters thick costing ten million quid.
If it was leftist post I could baffle you with "only so many are terrorists "or don't give isis what they want" and the best one "Ahh but your using your western ideal of civilsed, but what does civilsed mean" .
The first one is government bs wasting our money and keeping civil servants employed.
The second one , well it's just bullshit.
The simple answer is only let the civilsed in . There you can have that for free. No think tank needed or judges ruling whats okay or not .

Merkels fall from grace and the rise of the right

So Angela Merkel is loosing huge support in Germany.  Good.
Several years ago Tony Blair opened the doors to eastern Europeans. The result ,we were flooded with cheap labour from Poland. Since then we have been flooded with cheap labour from other eastern European countries.  
He did this to bolster labours support. 
It worked,  for a while.

But labours main support came from the block voting muslims in British society. The irrational appeasement of barbaric traditions and turning a blind eye to paedophiles and radicals really bolstered the huge input on their power form British muslims. 

Tony Blair then Gordon Brown,single handedly helped to build the bnp. It wasn't Nick Griffin that did this. 
Them two fools disenfranchised so many British voters they felt they had no where else to go. 
If nick Griffin hadn't been a backwards ethno nationalist perhaps they could have taken some real power. But most people are like myself. They don't care about the colour of someones skin or where they are from. They don't care about mixed race marriages and retarded bullshit about our ancestry and the 'white race'. Most people just want to live in a country that is familiar and safe.

Now, fast forward to now. If we had thrown open our doors like Merkel has done to a religion and culture that is vastly different to our modern civilised society. The bnp would have definitely taken some power.

These people are supposed to be clever. We want to our leaders to be just that. But here's another instance of just how stupid they are. They have an arrogant belief in themselves and their judgement but that's it. Any person in any pub or Cafe can see what they are doing wrong. 

Tony Blair threw open our doors to Poland for votes and loads of cheap labour. He had brought in the minimum wage, for Brits so can you blame business people for looking at all the cheap labour now available to them.

Germany has a falling population just like the rest of Europe. So Merkel thought 'hmm a perfect opportunity to get loads of immigrants'. Arrogantly or stupidly though she didn't realise who they were letting in.
Religion and culture is the most important thing to most of these incomers. If she wanted immigrants she should have made it attractive to other developed and civilised countries. Not thousands of misogynistic uber religious cavemen.

Yes the right is on the rise across Europe but, Europeans are not becoming right wing nazis. Far from it.
I love Europe I've travelled much of it. I love the people. We may have our slight difference but basically were the same. Now we have the hordes of people with a completely differently moral guidance system and view of life invading us. Neither wonder Europeans -black ,white and brown-are worried. And neither wonder the right is rising. 
Merkel and the rest of the elitist in Europe and further afield has caused this.

Monday, 19 September 2016

isis is Islam.

This blog is to confront racism and fascism. Religion is both. If your dumb enough to believe that isis does not represent islam you are wrong or stupid...or both.
The westbro baptist church represents Christianity perfectly as well. You can not avoid this.
Want proof, read their holy books.

We have this mantra every time something is done in islams name- this does not represent islam.
Well hell yes it does.
Isis and the westbro baptist church and equally the anti gay brutality in Nigeria is everything to do with islam and Christianity.
Just because your gran goes to church every Sunday and is a pillar of the community does not excuse Christianity.
Your gran is a hypocrite. She is not following her own religion to the letter. Chances are she has never read the bible.

Everything isis does is religious. They are allowed to be because of main stream islam. I'm not going to use the words moderate islam , there's no such thing. perhaps if there any moderates out there they just haven't read their book properly.

The best thing we can do to combat religion violence is to stop making excuses for the religion itself.

I mean come on any adult with 2 brain cells can see it's utter nonsense. It's a scary the way that our world leaders all pay lip service to the invisible man in the sky.
Islam is backwards.  It's homophobic. It's racist. It's sexist.
Isis and the westbro baptist church are truly believers. It's writing down in their mad books. Can we stop denying this.

We've got it all wrong

We have created ourselves a multicultural hell hole.
In Europe ,Australia and America we should have ,from day one, had zero tolerance towards backwards religious and cultural practise's.
We should have welcomed the people of the world to our shores ,but only if they wished to live in a modern secular society.
Our uber liberal views that states all cultures are equally valid is going to end up destroying us.

Idiots like the NF and the bnp want to preserve our culture and traditions. Why?
It's not about preserving our culture and traditions it's about not tolerating regressive and backwards ones.

I don't know how we can stop this. Our political leaders are so brainwashed with this bs it's hard to see a way out. Australia has just passed a blasphemy law.
Who for you may ask.
Isn't it obvious !

I have been doing this blog for a few years now and I'm constantly thinking ,why ?
Why have we allowed this.
Fools like Nick Griffin say it's a Jewish conspiracy to enslave the world. Christ I'm not going to explain this,it's totally mad.
Then there's the eurabia theory, again propagated by the right.
What is to be achieved with a eurabia? . Again I'm not even going to explain it. It's crazy.

Myself I go for the most obvious answer.
Society is a living breathing organism. It's as if it has a mind of its own. The more members of that society think a certain way the more it spreads out and becomes the norm. This has so many good outcomes.
Racism and homophobia are a lot less than they were when I was a kid -well in the non muslim population.

So many good things come from this societal mindset. Sadly though we don't differentiate between the bad and good. Barbaric practices like halal and cosha are allowed.
Idiots flaying themselves with knives in worship of some moon god . Young girls being mutilated because some Arab said so >1500 years ago.

Our leaders past and present meed to hang their heads in shame for what they have done to Europe, America and Australia.
The world is getting smaller.  Climate change is making people move in masses.
Unless we stop this madness and fiercely defend what our countries have become, they will cease to be. Generations will look back and think how did this happen. What were we thinking.

It's not racist ,xenophobic or bigoted to say leave your culture, traditions and religion in your country of origin. Your welcome here but  you have to modernise and live like a human being in the 21 St century.
If we don't we are finished

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Racist sikhs

55 men have just been arrested after they stormed a sikh temple....in the UK. They were protesting against mixed marriages.
These cretins are absolutely no different to white supremacists like the kkk or the national front.
The fact that this is going on in Britain is shocking. This kind of archaic bullshit should be kept in some third world country shithole where it belongs.

I will bet that the police treat them with kid gloves because it's a- cultural thing.
If it was 55 tattooed idiots from the national front I bet the police  wouldn't have been so tactful and understanding.

I will also put money on it that we hear not one word of condemnation from them multiculturalist fanatics at hope not hate, searchlight or the UAF.
Likewise not a word will be uttered from labour the liberals or the greens.

There's a new report due out that says we have to stand up for British values.  I'm not even sure what this means. Surely we should just stand up for modernism and progress. No matter who you are white, Sikh or Muslim supremacist. You should be treat the same- like a pariah on civilisation.


Friday, 2 September 2016

An attack on religion

Right this blog was set up to counter the far right.  But there are other pernicious and vile ideologies out there.
Religion, culture and tradition are some of the biggest reasons for suffering and backwardness on this planet. Religion itself is evil at its very core. It sets people against each other and festers a mindset of them and us.
I think it's disgusting that it's only ever nationalism and patriotism that is targeted.
So here's my attempt at targeting the moronic mindset that is religion.

Christians ...you believe that a virgin ( yeah right, I've met girls who do something they regret on alcohol as well) gave birth to the son of god . Who then on his father's knowledge got nailed to a piece of wood to forgive man for his sins ( the same guy who created the world yet couldn't just go shazam ..forgiven) the son of god then climbed down of said piece of wood , bumped into an old mate and wasn't recognised ....cos cos he looked different. He then bugered  of to live with his dad . The same arsehole who allowed him to be sacrificed and it turns out they were the same person all along......that's some weird Stephen King shite right there .

Muslims. ..you believe that some pervy paedophile schizophrenic thought he spoke to a god. Then told all the Arabs about it. They went" duh okay,sounds reasonable we will follow you"
He then got loads of slaves and a child bride ( but he was so honourable he didn't molest her till she was nine) . He then convinced loads of other muppetts to kill anyone who thought 'hold on this f****** has gone a bit tonto ' he then flew up to the moon and hit it and cracked it in half . And he was so clever about it no on else on the planet saw the moon with a big fecking crack in it. Even Thor thought f*** that was bit much ,

Jews.  You really think your the chosen people and some guy in the sky thought that much of you he said here have the best land. The best land in a fecking desert. Why not a Caribbean paradise ?
You believe the bs  that much that you chop the end of your sons dicks off. Wtf.
And what about the idiots who wear black hats and ringlets. You look like the cast of fiddler on the roof ffs. And what's with the square cube you tie round your head then Bob against a two thousand year old wall to talk to your invisible friend..

To all three of you .you without a doubt the biggest bunch of arseholes to walk this earth.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Support ex muslims

After my last post I received an email accusing me of being against muslims. I knew I would , I expected it.
A Muslim is not  a race or an ethnicity. It's a choice.  A choice that is thrust on you by your parents or where you happen to be born.
Okay there are converts, but these tend to be people desperately seeking something in their lives. We used to have annoying born again Christians.  Now we have born again muslims. Usually middle class white people with a history of partying.

I am not slagging people of for being muslim. I'm slagging people of for choosing to be muslim. I slag people of for choosing to  be  Christians or jews as well.
Since doing this blog I have met and spoke to many brave men and women who have used their intelligence to see that islam is a scam, just like the others.

They have bravely turned their backs on this ridiculous belief system. They made a conscious choice to join the modern human race . These are genuine heroes. It's a shame that they get no backing from anyone in the political arena.  These are the ex muslims.

So if you want to believe I'm being racist-tough. I can't be responsible for your ignorance.
This blog is not against race, colour or ethnicity.
It's against moronic and  prejudiced belief systems of the far right ,far left, Religion ,culture and traditions.
All of these are free will. You have the choice to chain yourself to them or you have the choice to be free.

There's only one way to save Europe

Europe is going backwards. We are allowing regressive and backwards mindsets to have to much influence in our countries.
For to long now we have allowed Islam to dictate that we accept them warts and all. They have slowly crept into positions of influence aided and abetted by a hand wringing naval gazing liberal elite.

Now things have moved up a few gears. Literally millions of Muslims are trying and in to many cases being successful in gaining admittance to the continent of progress and equality.  And what do they do when many get here ? They demand that our societies adapt and conform to the backward societies from which they have fled; and we do.

The evil that is multiculturalism has caused this. The so called left has colluded in this shame full regresiveness of European society.

We've had hundreds if not thousands of British kids molested by perverts. We've had zero prosecutions against sadists who carry out fgm on young British girls.
We allow the moronic mindset that endorses honour killing.
In Scandinavia and Germany the rape epidemic is getting worse, perpetrated by Muslims.
The likes of Angela Merkel are traitors. Not  race traitors as the far right fucknuts would have you believe.
 No she and others like her  are traitors to civilisation.    She should be ashamed of what she has brought on her fellow citizens. But she won't.
Politicians don't do self doubt or self recrimination. They are the elite and believe themselves right no matter what.

For to long in Europe anyone speaking out is racist. The islamists and regressive left even invented a new term for rational people who are against the whole cult of Islam- islamophobic.

I want to live in a society of different people. Different colours and ethnicity's.  But multiculturalism is never ever going to bring this utopia. The only way to have  a diverse and coherent society is to scrap any and all stupid ideas of multiculturalism.

Europe needs to stand up for itself.
You want to move here, great. You want to bring your skills or knowledge here ,great.
But we need to enforce modernity and progress.
If your fleeing  a war zone or your looking for a better life; turn your back on your these three ideals of which we all place so much emphasis are the three major obstacles to harmony in a society-tradition, culture and religion.

I will get called racist, islamophobic, bigoted etc. But I don't care. Every child-black brown or white- that suffers at the hands of tradition, culture and religion is a national disgrace for us as a society.
Every Child black brown or white that is brainwashed into the fear that there is a god and they will suffer if they don't do what they are told is child abuse and should be treat the same.

Everyone that gains entry to Europe should be told to live a modern life . If not send them back Irrespective of dangers they may face.

Europe needs to defend humanity and equality from people that would bring it down.