Thursday, 7 July 2016

immigration isn't a one size fits all.

An inconvenient truth-not all immigration is the same.

When canvassing peoples doors and immigration came up, which it usually did people had two concerns about immigration.
Firstly the huge influx of eastern Europeans coming to work in our country and how it would effect wages, housing NHS etc.
And secondly immigration outside of the EU.

Let's cut the BS out. There is a difference.
The huge influx of eastern Europeans did effect our country and it's infrastructure. But now that we are leaving the EU many of these people should not have to return home. Many have made a home here and it's not fair to send them back, not that I'm even suggesting sending anyone back.

The other form of immigration is from outside the EU.
Again,let's cut through the BS. Indians, Sikhs, Chinese, Japanese ,Americans, Ozzie, Canadians etc etc are absolutely  no problem. Okay there may be the odd bad apple but on the whole they bring only positive with them. They bring some of their culture with them and on the whole it adds to a cosmopolitan Britain.

Then there's the other immigration. The one from very religious Countries -namely Muslim countries. These were the ones that people were concerned with, and still are.
Of course and obviously, not all muslim immigrants are bad and despite what the looney left want us to believe not all muslims are the same  .
Some deserve our help. Some deserve a new home. But we must face up to the inconvenient truth that on the whole most problems of integration and social cohesion are coming from one particular mindset.

Okay call me islamophobic or racist, I don't care. If you wish to ignore very real facts that's your choice but facts can not be ignored.
I'm not saying ban muslim immigration but surely we need to more scrupulous as to who we let in.
Muslims fleeing persecution because they don't want to live in a backward country is different to one who wants to live in a modern country yet take their backward beliefs with them and thus take our modern country backwards.

We must help the non believers, the ex muslims, gay muslims and mostly we must help the women and children. The thousands of single men should not be allowed entry until we know if they wish to live modern lives or live in the stone ages.

Not all immigrants are the same and it's not racist to admit it.

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