Monday, 27 June 2016

Right wing liberalism

So the left are at it again. Marching, shouting and screaming to show their arrogance and that they alone they think they know whats best for our country.  I don't think any readers of this blog will be surprised that I have pure disdain  for these sanctimonious , holier than though self appointed guardians of society.

I hold many views that you could class as left wing. I'm anti capitalism,  anti religion  - proper anti religion and not like the left who stick up for backwards bloody Islam.
I'm also anti blood sports and anti racist ( I mean real racism, not just the term that the left throw about to stop debate). I'm also anti trident and I'm a vegan.

But I'm right Wing about other things. I believe that we need the death penalty for evil people, I believe that people should stand on their own two feet and not be molly coddled by the state.
Speaking of the state I believe in a small state where it intrudes little into people lives. I believe in a greener world and the environment and our fellow species that share this planet should be as important as anything else that we fight for And I passionately believe that we need to get our population down ...globally
That's all pretty much a lefty eh???

But I also passionately believe in individual freedom and complete and utter equality. I think that multiculturalism is a divisive and backward ideology because it doesn't bind society together but tears it apart. I believe that the left is racist because they refuse to see that we are actually all equal and it doesn't matter what colour your skin is or where your from you should not be treated any differently... as the lefties do. A black or brown skinned arsehole is tolerated by lefties where as a white arsehole is -quite rightly vilified.
So where do people like me -and there are loads- find a political home?. Trust me I've attended meetings for the tories, labour, the greens, the libdems, ukip and of course the bnp.....not one of these lot speak for me.
And this is why I do this blog because there's no political org out that their represents me. Maybe one day we will have a party that represents real people but I can't see it. Maybe even better still we will have no parties and we will elect individuals to govern  our country....I can but dream.

Footnote,,,,well done Iceland. I hate football, it's all the hyped up patriotism and other assorted bullshit. The way that the poorest members of society worship the richest. I detest footballers, but I love Iceland.  I've been right round the country and I love the people. And the way they handed a bunch of overpaid tossers their coats is just fantastic.
Mind you if we are going by the current madness going around are we going to demand a rematch because it's wasn't the result some people wanted ???

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