Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Well that’s it then I’ve gone full liberal.

A few years ago when I started writing this blog I was still organising my thoughts.
I had gone from what I would have considered myself as being liberal, to joining the right wing in the form of the BNP.

I’ve explained how this occurred.  I got angry at a very unjust system. I had gotten divorced and fought for years to get equal rights as a father.  I refused to give into a system that automatically sides with the woman when it comes to children.  I have to point out that I’m not one of these bleeding heart men who think men no longer have rights. That’s absolute rubbish; I’m referring just to the cases of inequality when it comes to a breakup and the woman can call the shots when it comes to the children- even if she is a terrible mother and has no maternal instinct whatsoever- as in my case.

 So this got me angry I think I started to see faults within the system that were not necessarily there. Anyways’ that’s already been covered in previous posts. But it did set me on a journey to get to know myself. A journey where I would really think long and hard about what gets me angry!  A quest to try and find out even if something does get me angry am I being rational.

And above all how to try and cut through the BS of modern life and somehow try to discover the truth about what is actually going on around the world without succumbing to the myriad of very popular conspiracy theories out there.

The right wing have them, the left wing have them. Muslims, Christians, patriot’s anti-patriots, racist’s, xenophobes, liberals, socialists, fascists. It doesn’t matter which end of the spectrum you look at whether its politics or social, there is a conspiracy theory or two to suit you. But it has to be said that far left or far right they definitely have the best of examples of weird views of the world.

So then’ why was I so angry?
Did this anger then manifest itself in other ways? Did I become very distrusting of not just the courts and police but also the entire system? Was it out to get me?
Well no it wasn’t!  I never turned into one of them people mentioned previously – a conspiracy theorist.
Someone who believes that everything that happens in society is some clandestine plot to put us into servitude and imprison us all, but I honestly can see how it can lure some people in!

Conspiracy theories are just that; theories. Most actually make sense depending on which angle you look at them from. Whether its 9/11, Cuba, Iraq, or something like the moon landings, JFK assassination or ET.
Once anger and distrust get a hold of you it’s sometimes all you can do to not let it consume you. In fact it’s easier to let it consume you than to fight it. To let it consume you is to give into the base feeling; to know your right!

To fight it takes courage and an open mind and above all some humility. To actually think ‘perhaps I may be wrong about something so I’m going to research it first before jumping to conclusions’

A good example of how a theory can engulf you is this one.
In my short time in the BNP I heard theory from a few people that was so ridiculous I just dismissed it.  However when I actually researched it online I found it was actually true. Or so it initially seemed.

The story was that German MEPs were trying to get the legal age for sex dropped to 4 year old right across Europe. I heard this story of one guy who said it was to ‘placate the Muslims because Mohammed married a nine year old and many Muslims wished to emulate him’.
Another version was that very senior MEPs were indeed paedophiles and they wished to have their dirty way with kids.
The final version was that it was a social experiment to destroy the family and destroy society.
Yes I know they all sound ridiculous but we are talking about the far right here.

This is why I researched them and Christ there’s loads of entries online pertaining to this theory. It took me a while but I traced the theory back through blog and website, forum and notice board, news reel and news feed.
What did I find and did it scare me? Hell yes!

I found that there was no beginning to this theory. There was absolutely no basis in truth. It was actually a self-perpetuating myth. The more that people discussed it and promoted it the more valid and real it appeared. There’s loads of this stuff on the internet.

It’s like that widely used quote that people now use to make a point.
“Don’t believe everything you read on the internet “– Abraham Lincoln.

 So there is loads of misinformation out there, to sift through and make sense of.
But as much as I tried it wasn’t easy and maybe some of the time I got it wrong, but I think I managed a straight line if somewhat meandering and shaky at times. I’ve lost friends along the way.

Some’ because when I joined the BNP they only saw that. It’s as if they forgot about the person they knew before, they just judged for what they thought I had become.
I think it was simple as this. When I was in the BNP people I had known for years would all of a sudden think it was okay to start sending me or telling me racist jokes. It was like 'hey I’m not racist but you will find this funny'. I never quite understood how this worked.

So many times in company people would bring up the BNP. They would do it as to patronise me or to look down their noses yet they were always the ones who would bring it up. They would talk openly about the very same things that concerned me they always had. Yet now it became a double edged sword to attack me with. The conversation had gone from “I’m so sick of foreigners in this country” “I’m so sick of Muslims taking over” “I’m so fed up with not been listened to”

Now I was in the BNP the conversation had turned to your so fed up with foreigners, with Muslims, with not been listened to. I could never understand this and it did loose me a few friends. I ended up walking away from them because I just couldn’t be bothered with silly little games. You can only listen to people for so long using the words pakis, niggers and puffs but at the same time condemning you for joining the BNP and accusing you of being a racist!

Recently I watched a psychologist explain why whenever a child is murdered that comes from a poor area that the people who protest and throw things at the police van taking the person into court tend to belong to the lower echelons of society. He explained that these people, these protestors are at the bottom, there is no lower to drop. So when one of their own does a heinous crime like this they actually then have the moral authority to look down their nose and see that there is actually someone else below them.

Is this kind off what happened with people I knew? Pre BNP people could talk openly about their concerns and believe me many of the people I no longer speak to where right wing, were openly racist and were little Englanders, but could it have been that deep down they never felt happy about their views. Then because I had joined the BNP they could actually look down their noses at me for my actions. I knew people who had casually stated over the rears that Powell was right, that yeah get them all out, and how whites were more superior. Yet now I was in the BNP I was the racist??
They now had someone to look down on.

Then of course there are the other friends I lost not just during my time in the BNP but also after. Once you start to become active….in anything I believe the mundane and pointless things that people spend their time worrying about really start to grate on you.

I had always been a minimalist. Never did possessions. Wasn’t interested in what car or motorbike I drove. I wasn’t bothered how big my house was or what it looked like. But loads of people I knew did. That was fine, I could ignore it; it never really bothered me. When someone talked about the new car they were getting I would have absolutely no interest at all, would let them say their piece then move on. But once you become politically or more importantly- socially active-these conversations really become hard to tolerate. The selfishness of humanity starts to manifest itself in a person sitting over the dinner table at you. The ills of the world become even more magnified as you have to listen –again- about work or the extension, new car what we are eating and what celebrity bloody made it. Christ it becomes like a dripping tap. Car-drip, house-drip drip, promotion or pay rise-drip drip drip, Christ I’m drowning. You need to get away from it.

So I don’t regret the BNP Far from it. In fact if I had never joined the BNP I would never have discovered as much as I have about myself. God help me I may have still been in that same rut of doing the same thing, with the same people in the same places until the day I die. In a way the BNP freed me from that fate. Please don’t confuse that with pride. Christ I’m ashamed I joined them. Ashamed I was so gullible but regret it, no.

Once the box has been opened, once you see what is wrong with the world and how unjust it is you can’t just close the lid again. You can’t unsee what you have you have seen. You can’t erase some injustice that you know exists.  Please don’t misunderstand this statement. The BNP taught me nothing- well except about me. The BNP never opened my eyes to injustice etc. - most of their info is just pure propaganda. I don’t regret my time in the BNP because it set me on a road that I’m still on. Upon leaving the BNP you have to reset your compass. You need to revaluate your perceptions of the world. It was down to the people I met after the BNP that learned me so much.

I learned about real inequality and injustice from the many ex-Muslims I met. I learned about the true horror of racism, sexism and bigotry in Britain from reading true accounts of victims and how it can radicalise you. I met and talked to people from the anti-extremist think tank Quilliam. I read about peoples experiences like Ed Hussain and Maajid Nawaz. I read as much as I could from people like Nick Cohen and Sam Harris. I became aware of Ayan Hirsi Ali and devoured her books. I went on social media and started chatting to Muslim, ex-Muslims, left wingers, right wingers and more. Most people’s world views are formed by where they get there information. I was determined to from now on to get mine from as broad a spectrum as I could then perhaps I would get a better perspective as to what the hell is going on.

I have always been a huge reader of books for pleasure and to learn. I never really bothered with the media more than mainstream news. But look were getting my current affairs news from had gotten me?

Now I was reading to discover truth. What was actually going on with our world? Where does the myth end and the truth start.

I also learned that sometimes –not much though-the BNP was actually telling the truth but they did it purely to push their racist agenda.

But some stories were true. There was some racism against white people. There were grooming gangs consisting mostly of Muslim men and that local authorities where overlooking their horrendous crimes in fear of being called racist.

But the most shocking thing I discovered was –yes there is a huge problem with racism, sexism and bigotry in Britain. But most of it is not coming from whites indigenous [again I don’t like using that word but it’s all I can think of to make the point] it’s coming from within immigrant communities. There are far more Muslims suffering at the hands of Muslims because they are from a different ethnic background or the wrong sex. FGM forced marriage, honour killings and backward views on how the world works are responsible for horrible crimes on a daily basis in this country.

Sexism is rife, again its manifests itself to a disproportionate extent in the immigrant communities. The same is true of homophobia, transphobia and just about any other kind of bigotry’

We have made a huge mistake in this country and throughout Europe and the mistake is multiculturalism.

We somehow acquired this cretinous, mind-set that who are we to tell other people how to live. That all cultures and religions are equal and all deserve equal respect. We allowed backward and regressive practices and ideas to take route on the streets of the UK. We foolishly believed that we do not have the right to tell new people to these islands how to live their lives. We thought that who are we to push our culture onto them and make then adapt to a British way of life.

It’s very true we have no right to tell people that they have to adapt to British culture. This I do strongly believe. But we do have the right in fact we have the moral obligation to insist that everyone adapts to modernity. We should demand and then ensure that everyone leaves regressive practices behind them. We should demand total equality religious, race, sex, sexuality, and colour. If you cannot adjust to the modern world you should be denied entry into it.

In short the one thing that has caused so many problems in our society is multiculturalism.

Multiculturalism allows us to be tribal. It allows us to stick to our own. It encourages division. The regressive left would have us believe that it’s healthy that it’s good for community cohesion. Absolute rubbish, the exact opposite happens. If you allow people to stick to their own and never look outside their little enclave they won’t move away from what they may consider normal but a civilised society considers barbaric or backward. And likewise the communities around them build distrust, dislike and sometimes even hatred because of perceptions then perpetuated from within their society and within ours. They allow the -them and us mentally- to fester. We then end up with groups like the EDL then counter movements like the Muslim Defence League. Different sides of the same coin.

My journey from the BNP has taught me lot. I thank the people who have helped me either directly by meeting and talking or indirectly by their writings and lectures.

The BNP is nationalist, they are regressive. They believe that in this modern world we can all live in our own little bubbles and the world will know piece. Absolute rubbish!

My view now is and one I can’t imagine changing ever is we need integration. The newly arrived family from Mogadishu needs help and the desire to integrate into a modern society. The UK needs to integrate fully into a European union. Not a European union that is foolishly trying to accommodate far too many independent countries and all the cultural idiosyncrasies that goes with each one.

We need a European union that is transparent, democratic and WORKS. We need an n EU that speaks as one. We need a united states of Europe, there I’ve said it.

Far too many people spend far too much time discussing and debating ‘would we have been better without the EU’. To me this is like discussing who would have won Ali or Tyson. We will never know. Perhaps if everyone spent less time arguing what was going wrong and how to break it up and used that time to build something to be proud of we may actually get somewhere.

We need a Europe with the same currency, but a currency that works because we are basically one entity. We need to forget about history, flags, language. We need to build a modern Europe and demand that everyone within it lives a modem life. I don’t mean consumerism I mean adherence to natural law of all human beings being equal. This may sound arrogant but I really believe that if anyone looks at the planet and its inhabitants without the pre-set prejudices, likes and dislikes that we all develop in life or have thrust upon because of tradition, culture and religion, everyone would come to the same conclusion.

The world is dying, we are doing this. Our preoccupation with mundane differences and petty squabbles is stopping us focussing all our energies onto the main problems-climate change, over population and destroying our resources for a ‘quick buck.

After all does it matter what language we speak or what flag we fly or who beat who in what war when the last human being is gasping for food water or breath. Will the last person alive really care what flag they are using to keep warm

We need to stop focusing on our history and where we came from and we need to put more emphasis on where we are going. Not as brits, Muslims, French etc.-but as humans.

As someone recently said to me “Christ you’ve went full liberal”

Yes I have and damned proud of the fact.

That- as they say- is that. End of blog