Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Its been a year

Yes it’s been a whole year-ish, since my last posting. The BNPs nick Griffin was just about to loose his seat at the European elections. Then several months later he lost his party, snatched off him by his so called friends and colleagues.

I wish I could say that this just shows the nasty side of this particular party but let’s be honest most political parties are the same. Some parties even allow a guy who stabbed his own brother in the back to become their leader.
The lust and craving for power bring out the worst in people.
So the BNP aren’t unusual for ousting their one time ‘loved’ leader.  

Griffin was replaced by one of his favourite sub-ordinates, Adam Walker.  Between Clive Jefferson, Pat Harrington and himself they have finished of what griffin started. The complete and utter destruction of the party.

They have destroyed brand BNP so much that in this recent election Walker stood in the very place where there is immense anger at the establishment because of the Muslim grooming gang scandal. Even with public outrage so high they only managed a couple of hundred votes. 

So why has the BNP disappeared and why will they never return?
In a word, well four actually -United Kingdom Independence Party

The rise and popularity of UKIP has done more to damage the BNP than Griffin/ Jefferson/Walker/Harrington ever could.  

As much as I dislike what Farage’s lot stand for, I don’t for one moment think that it’s a party of racist Nazis. That’s just bullshit propaganda put about by the labour party and its attack dogs at the likes of the UAF and Hope not hate. Incidentally when it comes to hope Not Hate and the UAF it will be interesting to see what they are going to do now. They relied on the NF and the BNP as a reason detre.

No more BNP no more NF.
Will they actually start attacking the very real problems in our country? Problems that are causing more difficulty in creating community cohesion than any other factor –religious fundamentalism.
I very much doubt it.

Yeah they have an occasional pop at Anjem Choudhry and his band of illiterate morons but that’s it. There are more than Choudhry in this country. But as we all know the likes of HnH only feel comfortable attacking white racists, fascists or bigots. After all its only white people who can be racist, fascist or bigot. Darker skinned people’s abhorrent views are cultural; so tolerated.

But since the demise of the far right they will need to justify their funding – from where ever the hell they get it- so who knows, maybe cultural and religious fascists may get into their scopes yet. 

Back to UKIP. As I say I don’t like the party. I hate its backwards message on so many things, but not its voters.
Like many who voted BNP people who are voting UKIP are not automatically racist.
Some are, some don’t like change, and some have rose coloured glasses on about a Britain they remember – but never actually existed. Some are disillusioned Tories, anti-Europe or have well founded concerns on immigration [concerns I still have].
But many are disillusioned Labour voters.  Farage has done a really good job of fooling the working class into thinking he’s one of them!

Farage has as much in common with Joe/Josephine Average as did Milliband or Clegg. But people don’t see this. They only seethe illusion of a straight talking guy, pint in hand giving them answers to what is wrong with the country.
A bit of truth heavily seeded with fantasy and urban myth and when the media and the political establishment attack him it only serves one purpose, it makes him even more attractive to the voter.

Exactly the same happened with Griffin. He was becoming the man of the people. The downtrodden champion of the masses. Of course he had an agenda, but many people when angry refuse to see what is in front of them, Christ even I joined him and his party! 

In so many respects Farage is cleverer than Griffin. Despite public perception the BNP is not solely far right. I believe this is why the Labour party and only the labour party put so much time and resources into attacking the BNP. The liberals and the Tories never really bothered about the BNP. The Tories because they knew the party when it came to social and economic policies was left wing.

The liberals to their credit believed that people even with distasteful views need taken on in debate and not just shouted down.

Don’t believe what the left wing attack dogs would have you believe, the BNP was in many respects far left.
Their policies were to renationalise the energy companies, public transport, healthcare even the banks. These are left wing and in my opinion good policies.

These policies attracted the working class vote. Labour was losing ground to the BNP, the conservatives or the lib/dems weren’t. Farage has no left wing policies. UKIP is pure right wing Thatcherism, so for him to have pulled the wool over the working class vote was –let’s be honest- masterful  work. 

UKIP in this election got nearly 4 million votes. Is that four million racists?
No of course not.
It was disillusioned Tories who want out of Europe. Disillusioned Tories who saw a weak tory power in coalition with the libdems. And a huge amount of disenfranchised people who are concerned about immigration-from all classes and political parties. 

Immigration! The very real concern that many people have. Millions of people fed up with not having a say in what’s happening. They are trying to live their lives whilst simultaneously suffering a constant barrage from the media about immigrants. Neither wonder some people are worried. Left wing orgs and even parties may be morally correct in defending these urban myths that have dug into the British psyche but their arrogant sneering and looking down their noses at real people with real concerns does nothing to show people the real truth of what the real problems are within our country.

Their fanatical preoccupation with multic-culturalism and their absolute refusal to see that this very same utopian societal view can also be responsible for so much pain and distrust only serves to give credence to the message espoused by people like Griffin and Farage
Farage uses exactly the same rhetoric as Griffin “Look at the way they attack me, ask yourself why they won’t debate with me, it’s because they know I’m right”
And because Joe public is too busy working and stressing about bills or because they perhaps aren’t as well read on what the real issues are or perhaps they are just plain bloody ignorant the left berates them, calls them bigots or racists. As I’ve said all the way through this blog. It doesn’t really matter what’s true and what isn’t, its perceptions that allow Griffin/Farage to con the people. 

So what now for nationalism?
I think it’s finished, well in England anyways. UKIP aren’t nationalists they just sometimes use similar nationalist messages for their own agenda. 

Where will all the voters go?
UKIP is here to stay, no question. We now have two main right wing parties. But where’s the left? 

Labour are going to have to reinvent themselves-again. The media has being full of the crap about the labour party lost because it went left wing. My arse it did. Labour lost because no one knows what the hell they are anymore.  

When I was growing up Labour were the champions of equality, human rights and fairness not just here at home but anywhere in the world. Then along came the parasite that is Tony Blair and with him his small group of Champaign socialists intent on inventing some kind of left wing Thatcherism. If the labour party wants to grow again it needs to go back to its roots. I mean to say look t the main players this time, more of the same.

That’s just my opinion and after all what do I know, I’m just a voter, why would they care about what people like me think. 

So we have no main left wing party and haven’t had for quite a while.
Yes we have the greens. Good people, good party structure, good left wing policies. Sadly though I don’t believe they have broken through.
They suffer – and I mean this in this in the nicest possible terms-from ideological delusions. They aren’t engaging with Mr and Mrs Average. They come over as middle class and slightly batty even if they do have the best intentions.
Millions of people are concerned about mass immigration, unemployment and their own standard of living. The environment and the long range utopian view which the greens have does not register with these voters.

The greens want to see a country that has no standing military force [brilliant but only when we live in a world that has no enemies. To just blindly think that everyone is nice will not end well for us if we had no military].  
Where everyone gets a citizens payment irrespective of income and wealth [yeah sounds good in a world where the gap between he rich and the poor has closed dramatically]
Where we have free movement over our borders [fantastic, real freedom; but only when all countries standard of living and quality of life is the same after all there isn’t exactly a mad rush to move to Africa from the UK is there. Well except for the cretins who wish to join ISIS]

Where you can be a member of a fanatical organisation and you won’t be doing anything illegal- unless you do something illegal! [To me this is the worst thing that they had said]. We as a world need to start condemning ideas. We need to condemn a person who has backward views and that includes religion. And I mean all religions not just the safe one of Christianity.

Take Islam for example, it needs condemned at every opportunity. Not because it’s un-British or foreign but because its backwards, regressive and belongs in the dark ages along with every other religion. But we only are allowed to condemn the bearded mullahs espousing hate. We’re not supposed to criticise the thousands of Muslims living in backwards, patriarchal, misogynist communities up and down our country.   

The greens believe in a country where we all consume less, a lot less. Where all of our power is renewable. Absolutely brilliant, agree with that one hundred percent.

The greens have said that all of these aforementioned polices are long term aspirations and very honourable they are,  but most people sadly don’t look that far into the future. They look to tomorrow, next week and next month. They want to know they will have somewhere to live, have a job and that their kids will have a future. Sadly I don’t believe the greens delivered this message very well at all.

I wish everyone cared about animal welfare, environmental issues and the planet. But it doesn’t sound a chord with voters, Christ I wish people would wake up, stop being so shallow and consuming so much. I wish people would care less about what kind of car they drive or how much their house is worth; but sadly they don’t and we need a messenger that resonates with Mr and Mrs Average and I’m afraid the greens aren’t it; at the moment.

So we have two right wing parties. A centre ground party that has all but disappeared, and a decent left wing party [even if it does have to engage more with average voters]

In short this last election was clear what happened. Parties that gave distinct clear messages like the SNP, UKIP and the Tories came out on top [why the parliamentary seats aren't divided fairer is a completely different argument] .
Parties that fluffed their message like Labour, lib/Dems and the greens didn’t win the people over on mass.

But as I have already said ‘what do I know’ I’m just a voter!