Thursday, 3 December 2015

The politics of fear

So the vote went in favour of air strikes against isis. 
When I say good I mean I'm glad that we are going to target these blood thirsty morons who are living in some kind of medieval distopia. They should be taken out they offer nothing to humanity or existence in any sense of the word.
And yes I'm concerned about how its done. I hope its done very accurately and they don't stop till every adult who supports isis is destroyed. I fail to see how any one can be given a second chance after supporting such barbarity. But no doubt the left will shout from their corner bleeding on about their human rights etc.

But this blog isn't about foreign policy , god knows there are enough keyboard experts banging away on social media putting their ten cents worth in. 
The rhetorics usually the same. The west caused it, we should keep out, we should talk to isis  ( that particular nugget tends to come from your most ardent lefty or luvvie) it's all about oil and destabilising the region so as we can go to war with Russia,  Iran or krypton. 
And finally the lefts favorite- we have delusions that we still have an empire or wish to build another.
Who knows there may be some truth in any of these , except krypton...but you never know .

What gets me so angry is the way the left and right operate. The right rely on fear of foreigners and outsiders. The left have just as bad paranoid delusions but theirs is focused at their own government .
I'D cards, internt monitoring, extra security always has a dark and sinister motive behind it.
The right tends to share these worries but usually because they think the state is watching them so as it can knock them of. I kid you not I've heard so many BNPers voice their paranoia on that subject. The similarities behind the left and the right is indeed massive.

For example Jeremy Corbyn is supposed to be a pacifist. 
Okay so why does he support Russia dropping bombs. The BNP have exactly the same mindset. They believe we should keep out of it but cheer on Putin. 
George Galloway, the lefts equivalent of Griffin, thinks we should keep out but then is never shy at supporting dictators like Castro, Sadam and Assad. Nick Griffin himself was a huge fan of Ghadafi and Assad. They both love their dictators.
Let's be honest if a moron like Galloway ever got power many of us would be off to re-education centres!!!

The far left and far right have so much in common they get confused what they are fighting for sometimes. 
But then again I've always said that there is more far left about the BNP than there is far Right. The left just don't want people to know the obvious glaring similarities between them.
The horseshoe analogy is getting more and more relevant. This goes that if you have far right at one end of the horse shoe and far left at the other there's really very little separating both ideologies.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Devils advocate- in defence of Tommy Robinson

I've just been reading an article on the hope not hate site. Readers of this blog will know that I have very little time for HnH. They are opportunists who shout racism at anybody who doesn't agree with their left wing pro mass immigration and multicultural view of the world.
They say that Tommy Robinson is making a comeback to street activism. This time in the guise of pegida.
For anyone who isn't familiar with pegida. This organisation is not to disimlar to the EDL, except they are European wide.
They believe that Europe is in danger of been islamified.
Are they wrong. Is this all just racist hype. Is he swivel eyed loon and a bigot?

The title of this post is perhaps misleading I'm not really here to defend him. What I'm trying to convey is that is he right to be concerned ?

Let's look at the evidence.
The terrorism, well that needs no explanation. We're all familiar with that.

No one can have escaped all the press coverage of grooming gangs -predominantly Muslim. To be very accurate most were of Pakistan origin. No rational person can not be concerned how this was allowed to happen.

Then there's the hundreds perhaps thousands of young British girls been sent abroad to suffer the most barbaric cruelty of female genital mutilation.

Mosques. Many people believe that many of the radicals are nurtured in British mosques. How much truth is in this is very hard to uncover.
One article will tell us this. Another will tell us its happening in British universities. Again how is the average Brit supposed to know the truth.

Britain should be secular. Any civilsed country should be secular. Christianity has been dissapearing for years and good riddance to it. But now we have other religous buildings popping up all over the place. Despite what many on the left say ,religion causes division.  It forms barriers between neighbours and prevents integration. Anyone who flatly denies this is bascially seeing the world through rose coloured glasses.

Face veils in the name of religion. Yes they cause division-the them and us mentality. How the hell can a person integrate if you can't see their face. Many muslim women have no choice but to wear the face coverings. Not all but many. How the hell is a person supposed to know which is which.
It's shame full the amount of attacks that are now happening to Muslim women because of this distrust that has built up between communities. How the hell does attacking a defenceless woman in a face veil stop islamifiaction. These attacks need to stop and the offenders prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Halal Meat. There's not a single piece of evidence to suggest that halal is more humane than stunning.
In fact it's the very opposite. There has been many papers written on how stunning is less cruel.
Personally, I'm a vegan, so I'd like to see stunning gone as well. I would like to see a meat free world, but that's a totally different argument.
Suffice to say if we are going to eat animals (for now) they should be raised and killed as humanely as possible.

So why is TR not allowed to voice these concerns ?
Well it depends on his motives.
The BNP use exactly the same reasons to protest at muslims in the UK. Do they care about animals or young girls suffering fgm or honour killings.
No they dont.
If they cared about animals they wouldn't have openly supported fox hunting at many countryside meetings.
Fgm and honour killings. Again they don't care because it happens to non white girls. Girls that they dont class as British.

So' I don't know tommy Robinson,  never met him, never shared a communication with him so I can't defend his reasons for protesting.
If he is protesting because he does not want to see his country and ANY of its citizens suffering  the indignity otf religously motivated barbarity or cruelty to both animals and humans I salute him.
If however his motivation is from a bigotted xenophobic and racist position ( which I admit I don't think is the case) he should not be listened to.
But as usual the first thing to frame any protest or debate on islam is-oh they must be racist to speak out.
 The country and indeed the world needs to admit there is a problem with islam. Muslims need to admit there is a problem with islam.
We need to stop this catch all accusation of racist or isamlophobic.
When you stop people questioning or criticising islam they will drift to the fringes where they feel that they can be heard.

Please stop this blanket defence of islam and perhaps the likes of pegida would never get a foothold on European streets.

Myself,  I don't care where people are from or the colour of their skin. But I do care if they believe in a backwards ideology that sets them apart from the modern civilsed world, and we need to admit that many Muslims do. That's not racist to say that.
Finally- as always-what drives people to supprt the likes of the BNP, EDL or Pegida is perceptions. The media and our politicians have to take some of the blame for this.
How the hell is a person to know what is the truth!.
All we hear is about islamic practices and barbarity. Then we see our so called leaders lining up to praise islam as a peaceful religion. Its not hard to see why people have no idea what the hell is going on.
Perceptions helped the BNP grow. They could also help Pegida take route in Britian

Thursday, 5 November 2015

A second chance

I was reading an article this week about Jordan Horner, otherwise know as the ginger jihadi. This young guy became quite well known in the press for his imbecilic crusade on the streets of the capital for -Muslims against crusades. These idiots were campaigning and bullying people who were -in their oppionion- being unislamic This included women dressing in modern clothes and people consuming alcohol.
Anyways he was caught tried and sentenced. 

It appears though that whilst in prison he has had an epiphany. He has come to realise that his behaviour in itself was unislamic.  Upon release he has expressed his deep regret at his actions and apologised for his behaviour to both the British people and also to muslims for bringing their religion into disrepute. 

Allready many sites and commentators are condemning the guy -not left wing sites though,they only condemn people who have swung to the political far right. They don't have a problem with the religous far right.

Anyways' a lot of sites are denying this guy a second chance. They are denying him the chance to make amends. After all shouldn't everyone be giving a chance to make up for wrongdoings and idiocy.
I say give the kid a chance. Yeah he acted like a fool. A naive fool who fell for someone else's BS. In this case it was born again cretin Anjem Choudry. Choudry, just like Griffin are beyond help. But people who make foolish decisions and support these people should be allowed to move on and say sorry. 

Christ knows I'm not a fan of Jeremy Corbyn but everyone should take a note out of his book. This week he read out an email during PMQs from a former BNP organiser.

Aparently this guy has seen the error of his ways and moved on-good for him . There are a few of us.
Give people a chance, allow them  to move on. Whether its the political or religous far right. 
A lot of these people have something to offer about falling for extreme views. 

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Just a short one about the BNP

I very rarely check the far right sites anymore. They are as they say.....A busted flush. But after watching the documentray last week on Britain first I thought I would check them out. After all its worth looking at their sites just for the comedic value.

So anything been happening ?

Well to be honest not really. Britain first and Paul Golding are still trying to set themselves up as a Christian militia vowing to fight islam.
I wonder when Golding got religion?
The few times I met him he was just southern wide boy blagging his way through the BNP.
Griffing kicked him out for getting a bit full of himself.  Its past history now that Griffin didn't like his leadership questioned.
Now all of a sudden Golding is running about with a bible in his hand saying the power of Christ compels him to fight.
hmm when he was in the BNP it was well known that it was the power of cocaine that compelled him.
Still, being the saviour of christiantiy must pay well, he ain't half piled the weight on. It must be all that communion wine and biscuits.

Speaking of  Griffin  I wonder where he is now since his beloved party was taken off him. He keeps reappearing around Europe trying desperately to reignite his -saviour of the white race- status!!! But he's not having much luck.

But the best, the absolute best bit of BNP news is that the party has a new vice chairman.
One time drug dealer,, bouncer and all round Walter Mitty is now holding that position.
I think the BNP are following the labour model. Let's put the most unelectable people in charge, what can go wrong.
Previously Jefferson was in charge of the accounts. No mean feat for a man who can barely count.

Now he is second in command. which is not really that good when you consider there's only a few hundred members. Most of them will be the gullible sods who enrolled as life members. Apparently even if you leave the party your still a life member. So in real terms if you take away the life members Jeffersons promotion to number 2 is even less impressive.
I suppose a less compassionate person would draw the distinction that he is now a number two...but I wouldn't dream of doing that

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

All hail Corbyn - part two.

So as I say we now have the darling of the left as leader of the opposition. A man who is as daft as Ken Livingstone and Diane Abbott -combined. ( ugh what a scary thought imagine the baby).

Christ I wish he wasn't a vegetarian, people already think we're a bunch of flower wearing lunatics.  Why cant the  vegetarians and vegans in the public eye be normal.
I'm sick of people thinking I'm some energy depleted grey skinned cabbage gobbler because I don't eat animal products and care deeply about the environment.

Why is the image of 'our kind' always portrayed like this. Not the numerous sports and film stars that are vegetarian /vegan. Who look bloody good on it and are normal.
No we get to be judged by grey old men like Corbyn. Who if caught out in a strong wind would be on route to Russia or Cuba.
Quick turn the fan on.

And why are we judged by so many people like this. Because let's be bloody honest.....We have bad, really bad spokespeople flying our flag.
Its usualy white boys and girls with dredlocks. Why? I've no ****ing idea. Why does the environmental movement allow these f***nuts to speak for us.
Or sanctimonious gobshites  who think the 7 billion of us could all live in a yurtz and grow our own organic food and be no blight on nature.
Yeah okay, bring the straight jacket,  these failed art students are in need of help.

I believe the reason the environmental/animal rights is so mired down in such a bad image is because the whole movement  has its roots in left wing thought and that we have tied ourselves in knots trying to be all inclusive.

Just recently I've had this experience with the hunt sabatuers. I was a great fan of these .. I say I was.
It turns out that they are funded by the anti-fascist network. This is the same mindset that funds apoligist orgs like hope not hate and the UAF.
They had a real problem with my past political idiocy. Even though I told them to check out my blog and see that I'm not some fire eyed racist. I don't think they ever did.
Anyways they graciously said I could join them if I renounced my past-er hello what's this blog about?
But I declined. I don't want to run about the hills with a group that I genuinely believe would not even exist if fox hunting was a cultural thing that people with black or brown skin participated in. No white people do it.
And more importantly, rich white people do it.

 I also attended another animal rights group that stated that dog fighting was on the increase.
Horrific ,yep you bet. But what pissed me of even more was the fact that the speaker then said 'but we have to be carefull how we handle this because its done by a lot of Asians, it's a cultural thing'

I was furious.  Sod ethnic sensitivities and cultural excuses. Wrong is wrong no matter which colour the arsehole is that's doing it.
The environmental movement needs to be more inclusive of politics. Stop being so obsesed with sensitivity and be more appealing to the masses.
bit like left wing politics really

All hail Corbyn

I know I said no more post's, and I did mean it.
No more on how divisive and backwards nationalism is.  It's all been said and unless something really bad happens in Europe like let's say .....huge mass immigration ! Oh hell !!!
I can't see it coming back ? So until then I shall leave it alone.

Nationalism -at the moment- doesn't concern me.

What really bothers me is left wing complacency and hypocrisy.
The left should be the champions of truth and justice. Human rights , sexual rights, sexual equality are the things that the left should defend, irrespective of colour, race, sexual orientation, gender, culture or religion.  Sadly though the left has lost its way. I'm not the only one to see this. Far more inteligent people than me have wrote miles of column inches on this subject, and they are right.

Just recently the labour party has took a huge step backwards. They have gone so far back there's a huge comet heading for earth and the dinosaurs are running for their lives.
A guy who has been in a safe seat for thirty years. Hasn't had to be a statesman and has had the luxury to be a pain in the arse to the labour party because he simply could no harm as he was so now in charge.
So we now have the tories and ,,and,,, hold on wait,,give me a minute.....nope thats it.

We have the tories. No real opposition to speak off and none can be seen charging up any metaphorical hill anytime soon.
The greens-as thoroughly decent people that they are-have as much chance of gaining power than I have of winning miss Islam 2016.
They have some cracking policies,  then sadly too many crackpot policies.

Labour under the new JC  ( that's jeremy corbyn by the way not jesus Christ,  but it may as well be the way his supporters have elevated him up to god like status) are catching up quickly with the greens. Christ ( no pun intended) before too long Corbyn will make Natalie Bennett seem quite rational and level headed.

Why does this annoy me so much. Why do I slag of the left so much on what started of as an anti nationalism blog?
Because' I hold many left wing views and I'm so sick of the left being hijacked by lentil eating, goat breeding,mung bean eating, humous sniffing, sandal wearing..gits ( I ran out of things to say about them without my blood boiling )

I don't mean any of them terms as a way of insult,,usually.
After all I live on lentils mung beans and humous -I'm a vegetarian stroke struggling vegan. And I hate that these cretins make me  and the whole environmental /animal rights  (which is the most important cause I belive in) look bad ( more on that in another post)

So I just wanted to get back into blogging and had to start somewhere. So I thought why not start with the political utopia that is far left, after all its the ideology that just keeps giving.
Giving laughs,fear,astonishment and sheer outright bloody anger.
If only the left would care about right and wrong and not be swayed by white man syndrome (white guilt ) and 'hey they hate the USA and Israel - let's support them'  they may actually have a chance of getting somewhere. Rather than just giving credence to fools like Owen Jones, Laurie Penny and the king of cretin -Russel Brand

Apologies for any errors, it's hard to type or even see blogging on a 6 inch tablet.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Well that’s it then I’ve gone full liberal.

A few years ago when I started writing this blog I was still organising my thoughts.
I had gone from what I would have considered myself as being liberal, to joining the right wing in the form of the BNP.

I’ve explained how this occurred.  I got angry at a very unjust system. I had gotten divorced and fought for years to get equal rights as a father.  I refused to give into a system that automatically sides with the woman when it comes to children.  I have to point out that I’m not one of these bleeding heart men who think men no longer have rights. That’s absolute rubbish; I’m referring just to the cases of inequality when it comes to a breakup and the woman can call the shots when it comes to the children- even if she is a terrible mother and has no maternal instinct whatsoever- as in my case.

 So this got me angry I think I started to see faults within the system that were not necessarily there. Anyways’ that’s already been covered in previous posts. But it did set me on a journey to get to know myself. A journey where I would really think long and hard about what gets me angry!  A quest to try and find out even if something does get me angry am I being rational.

And above all how to try and cut through the BS of modern life and somehow try to discover the truth about what is actually going on around the world without succumbing to the myriad of very popular conspiracy theories out there.

The right wing have them, the left wing have them. Muslims, Christians, patriot’s anti-patriots, racist’s, xenophobes, liberals, socialists, fascists. It doesn’t matter which end of the spectrum you look at whether its politics or social, there is a conspiracy theory or two to suit you. But it has to be said that far left or far right they definitely have the best of examples of weird views of the world.

So then’ why was I so angry?
Did this anger then manifest itself in other ways? Did I become very distrusting of not just the courts and police but also the entire system? Was it out to get me?
Well no it wasn’t!  I never turned into one of them people mentioned previously – a conspiracy theorist.
Someone who believes that everything that happens in society is some clandestine plot to put us into servitude and imprison us all, but I honestly can see how it can lure some people in!

Conspiracy theories are just that; theories. Most actually make sense depending on which angle you look at them from. Whether its 9/11, Cuba, Iraq, or something like the moon landings, JFK assassination or ET.
Once anger and distrust get a hold of you it’s sometimes all you can do to not let it consume you. In fact it’s easier to let it consume you than to fight it. To let it consume you is to give into the base feeling; to know your right!

To fight it takes courage and an open mind and above all some humility. To actually think ‘perhaps I may be wrong about something so I’m going to research it first before jumping to conclusions’

A good example of how a theory can engulf you is this one.
In my short time in the BNP I heard theory from a few people that was so ridiculous I just dismissed it.  However when I actually researched it online I found it was actually true. Or so it initially seemed.

The story was that German MEPs were trying to get the legal age for sex dropped to 4 year old right across Europe. I heard this story of one guy who said it was to ‘placate the Muslims because Mohammed married a nine year old and many Muslims wished to emulate him’.
Another version was that very senior MEPs were indeed paedophiles and they wished to have their dirty way with kids.
The final version was that it was a social experiment to destroy the family and destroy society.
Yes I know they all sound ridiculous but we are talking about the far right here.

This is why I researched them and Christ there’s loads of entries online pertaining to this theory. It took me a while but I traced the theory back through blog and website, forum and notice board, news reel and news feed.
What did I find and did it scare me? Hell yes!

I found that there was no beginning to this theory. There was absolutely no basis in truth. It was actually a self-perpetuating myth. The more that people discussed it and promoted it the more valid and real it appeared. There’s loads of this stuff on the internet.

It’s like that widely used quote that people now use to make a point.
“Don’t believe everything you read on the internet “– Abraham Lincoln.

 So there is loads of misinformation out there, to sift through and make sense of.
But as much as I tried it wasn’t easy and maybe some of the time I got it wrong, but I think I managed a straight line if somewhat meandering and shaky at times. I’ve lost friends along the way.

Some’ because when I joined the BNP they only saw that. It’s as if they forgot about the person they knew before, they just judged for what they thought I had become.
I think it was simple as this. When I was in the BNP people I had known for years would all of a sudden think it was okay to start sending me or telling me racist jokes. It was like 'hey I’m not racist but you will find this funny'. I never quite understood how this worked.

So many times in company people would bring up the BNP. They would do it as to patronise me or to look down their noses yet they were always the ones who would bring it up. They would talk openly about the very same things that concerned me they always had. Yet now it became a double edged sword to attack me with. The conversation had gone from “I’m so sick of foreigners in this country” “I’m so sick of Muslims taking over” “I’m so fed up with not been listened to”

Now I was in the BNP the conversation had turned to your so fed up with foreigners, with Muslims, with not been listened to. I could never understand this and it did loose me a few friends. I ended up walking away from them because I just couldn’t be bothered with silly little games. You can only listen to people for so long using the words pakis, niggers and puffs but at the same time condemning you for joining the BNP and accusing you of being a racist!

Recently I watched a psychologist explain why whenever a child is murdered that comes from a poor area that the people who protest and throw things at the police van taking the person into court tend to belong to the lower echelons of society. He explained that these people, these protestors are at the bottom, there is no lower to drop. So when one of their own does a heinous crime like this they actually then have the moral authority to look down their nose and see that there is actually someone else below them.

Is this kind off what happened with people I knew? Pre BNP people could talk openly about their concerns and believe me many of the people I no longer speak to where right wing, were openly racist and were little Englanders, but could it have been that deep down they never felt happy about their views. Then because I had joined the BNP they could actually look down their noses at me for my actions. I knew people who had casually stated over the rears that Powell was right, that yeah get them all out, and how whites were more superior. Yet now I was in the BNP I was the racist??
They now had someone to look down on.

Then of course there are the other friends I lost not just during my time in the BNP but also after. Once you start to become active….in anything I believe the mundane and pointless things that people spend their time worrying about really start to grate on you.

I had always been a minimalist. Never did possessions. Wasn’t interested in what car or motorbike I drove. I wasn’t bothered how big my house was or what it looked like. But loads of people I knew did. That was fine, I could ignore it; it never really bothered me. When someone talked about the new car they were getting I would have absolutely no interest at all, would let them say their piece then move on. But once you become politically or more importantly- socially active-these conversations really become hard to tolerate. The selfishness of humanity starts to manifest itself in a person sitting over the dinner table at you. The ills of the world become even more magnified as you have to listen –again- about work or the extension, new car what we are eating and what celebrity bloody made it. Christ it becomes like a dripping tap. Car-drip, house-drip drip, promotion or pay rise-drip drip drip, Christ I’m drowning. You need to get away from it.

So I don’t regret the BNP Far from it. In fact if I had never joined the BNP I would never have discovered as much as I have about myself. God help me I may have still been in that same rut of doing the same thing, with the same people in the same places until the day I die. In a way the BNP freed me from that fate. Please don’t confuse that with pride. Christ I’m ashamed I joined them. Ashamed I was so gullible but regret it, no.

Once the box has been opened, once you see what is wrong with the world and how unjust it is you can’t just close the lid again. You can’t unsee what you have you have seen. You can’t erase some injustice that you know exists.  Please don’t misunderstand this statement. The BNP taught me nothing- well except about me. The BNP never opened my eyes to injustice etc. - most of their info is just pure propaganda. I don’t regret my time in the BNP because it set me on a road that I’m still on. Upon leaving the BNP you have to reset your compass. You need to revaluate your perceptions of the world. It was down to the people I met after the BNP that learned me so much.

I learned about real inequality and injustice from the many ex-Muslims I met. I learned about the true horror of racism, sexism and bigotry in Britain from reading true accounts of victims and how it can radicalise you. I met and talked to people from the anti-extremist think tank Quilliam. I read about peoples experiences like Ed Hussain and Maajid Nawaz. I read as much as I could from people like Nick Cohen and Sam Harris. I became aware of Ayan Hirsi Ali and devoured her books. I went on social media and started chatting to Muslim, ex-Muslims, left wingers, right wingers and more. Most people’s world views are formed by where they get there information. I was determined to from now on to get mine from as broad a spectrum as I could then perhaps I would get a better perspective as to what the hell is going on.

I have always been a huge reader of books for pleasure and to learn. I never really bothered with the media more than mainstream news. But look were getting my current affairs news from had gotten me?

Now I was reading to discover truth. What was actually going on with our world? Where does the myth end and the truth start.

I also learned that sometimes –not much though-the BNP was actually telling the truth but they did it purely to push their racist agenda.

But some stories were true. There was some racism against white people. There were grooming gangs consisting mostly of Muslim men and that local authorities where overlooking their horrendous crimes in fear of being called racist.

But the most shocking thing I discovered was –yes there is a huge problem with racism, sexism and bigotry in Britain. But most of it is not coming from whites indigenous [again I don’t like using that word but it’s all I can think of to make the point] it’s coming from within immigrant communities. There are far more Muslims suffering at the hands of Muslims because they are from a different ethnic background or the wrong sex. FGM forced marriage, honour killings and backward views on how the world works are responsible for horrible crimes on a daily basis in this country.

Sexism is rife, again its manifests itself to a disproportionate extent in the immigrant communities. The same is true of homophobia, transphobia and just about any other kind of bigotry’

We have made a huge mistake in this country and throughout Europe and the mistake is multiculturalism.

We somehow acquired this cretinous, mind-set that who are we to tell other people how to live. That all cultures and religions are equal and all deserve equal respect. We allowed backward and regressive practices and ideas to take route on the streets of the UK. We foolishly believed that we do not have the right to tell new people to these islands how to live their lives. We thought that who are we to push our culture onto them and make then adapt to a British way of life.

It’s very true we have no right to tell people that they have to adapt to British culture. This I do strongly believe. But we do have the right in fact we have the moral obligation to insist that everyone adapts to modernity. We should demand and then ensure that everyone leaves regressive practices behind them. We should demand total equality religious, race, sex, sexuality, and colour. If you cannot adjust to the modern world you should be denied entry into it.

In short the one thing that has caused so many problems in our society is multiculturalism.

Multiculturalism allows us to be tribal. It allows us to stick to our own. It encourages division. The regressive left would have us believe that it’s healthy that it’s good for community cohesion. Absolute rubbish, the exact opposite happens. If you allow people to stick to their own and never look outside their little enclave they won’t move away from what they may consider normal but a civilised society considers barbaric or backward. And likewise the communities around them build distrust, dislike and sometimes even hatred because of perceptions then perpetuated from within their society and within ours. They allow the -them and us mentally- to fester. We then end up with groups like the EDL then counter movements like the Muslim Defence League. Different sides of the same coin.

My journey from the BNP has taught me lot. I thank the people who have helped me either directly by meeting and talking or indirectly by their writings and lectures.

The BNP is nationalist, they are regressive. They believe that in this modern world we can all live in our own little bubbles and the world will know piece. Absolute rubbish!

My view now is and one I can’t imagine changing ever is we need integration. The newly arrived family from Mogadishu needs help and the desire to integrate into a modern society. The UK needs to integrate fully into a European union. Not a European union that is foolishly trying to accommodate far too many independent countries and all the cultural idiosyncrasies that goes with each one.

We need a European union that is transparent, democratic and WORKS. We need an n EU that speaks as one. We need a united states of Europe, there I’ve said it.

Far too many people spend far too much time discussing and debating ‘would we have been better without the EU’. To me this is like discussing who would have won Ali or Tyson. We will never know. Perhaps if everyone spent less time arguing what was going wrong and how to break it up and used that time to build something to be proud of we may actually get somewhere.

We need a Europe with the same currency, but a currency that works because we are basically one entity. We need to forget about history, flags, language. We need to build a modern Europe and demand that everyone within it lives a modem life. I don’t mean consumerism I mean adherence to natural law of all human beings being equal. This may sound arrogant but I really believe that if anyone looks at the planet and its inhabitants without the pre-set prejudices, likes and dislikes that we all develop in life or have thrust upon because of tradition, culture and religion, everyone would come to the same conclusion.

The world is dying, we are doing this. Our preoccupation with mundane differences and petty squabbles is stopping us focussing all our energies onto the main problems-climate change, over population and destroying our resources for a ‘quick buck.

After all does it matter what language we speak or what flag we fly or who beat who in what war when the last human being is gasping for food water or breath. Will the last person alive really care what flag they are using to keep warm

We need to stop focusing on our history and where we came from and we need to put more emphasis on where we are going. Not as brits, Muslims, French etc.-but as humans.

As someone recently said to me “Christ you’ve went full liberal”

Yes I have and damned proud of the fact.

That- as they say- is that. End of blog 

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Its been a year

Yes it’s been a whole year-ish, since my last posting. The BNPs nick Griffin was just about to loose his seat at the European elections. Then several months later he lost his party, snatched off him by his so called friends and colleagues.

I wish I could say that this just shows the nasty side of this particular party but let’s be honest most political parties are the same. Some parties even allow a guy who stabbed his own brother in the back to become their leader.
The lust and craving for power bring out the worst in people.
So the BNP aren’t unusual for ousting their one time ‘loved’ leader.  

Griffin was replaced by one of his favourite sub-ordinates, Adam Walker.  Between Clive Jefferson, Pat Harrington and himself they have finished of what griffin started. The complete and utter destruction of the party.

They have destroyed brand BNP so much that in this recent election Walker stood in the very place where there is immense anger at the establishment because of the Muslim grooming gang scandal. Even with public outrage so high they only managed a couple of hundred votes. 

So why has the BNP disappeared and why will they never return?
In a word, well four actually -United Kingdom Independence Party

The rise and popularity of UKIP has done more to damage the BNP than Griffin/ Jefferson/Walker/Harrington ever could.  

As much as I dislike what Farage’s lot stand for, I don’t for one moment think that it’s a party of racist Nazis. That’s just bullshit propaganda put about by the labour party and its attack dogs at the likes of the UAF and Hope not hate. Incidentally when it comes to hope Not Hate and the UAF it will be interesting to see what they are going to do now. They relied on the NF and the BNP as a reason detre.

No more BNP no more NF.
Will they actually start attacking the very real problems in our country? Problems that are causing more difficulty in creating community cohesion than any other factor –religious fundamentalism.
I very much doubt it.

Yeah they have an occasional pop at Anjem Choudhry and his band of illiterate morons but that’s it. There are more than Choudhry in this country. But as we all know the likes of HnH only feel comfortable attacking white racists, fascists or bigots. After all its only white people who can be racist, fascist or bigot. Darker skinned people’s abhorrent views are cultural; so tolerated.

But since the demise of the far right they will need to justify their funding – from where ever the hell they get it- so who knows, maybe cultural and religious fascists may get into their scopes yet. 

Back to UKIP. As I say I don’t like the party. I hate its backwards message on so many things, but not its voters.
Like many who voted BNP people who are voting UKIP are not automatically racist.
Some are, some don’t like change, and some have rose coloured glasses on about a Britain they remember – but never actually existed. Some are disillusioned Tories, anti-Europe or have well founded concerns on immigration [concerns I still have].
But many are disillusioned Labour voters.  Farage has done a really good job of fooling the working class into thinking he’s one of them!

Farage has as much in common with Joe/Josephine Average as did Milliband or Clegg. But people don’t see this. They only seethe illusion of a straight talking guy, pint in hand giving them answers to what is wrong with the country.
A bit of truth heavily seeded with fantasy and urban myth and when the media and the political establishment attack him it only serves one purpose, it makes him even more attractive to the voter.

Exactly the same happened with Griffin. He was becoming the man of the people. The downtrodden champion of the masses. Of course he had an agenda, but many people when angry refuse to see what is in front of them, Christ even I joined him and his party! 

In so many respects Farage is cleverer than Griffin. Despite public perception the BNP is not solely far right. I believe this is why the Labour party and only the labour party put so much time and resources into attacking the BNP. The liberals and the Tories never really bothered about the BNP. The Tories because they knew the party when it came to social and economic policies was left wing.

The liberals to their credit believed that people even with distasteful views need taken on in debate and not just shouted down.

Don’t believe what the left wing attack dogs would have you believe, the BNP was in many respects far left.
Their policies were to renationalise the energy companies, public transport, healthcare even the banks. These are left wing and in my opinion good policies.

These policies attracted the working class vote. Labour was losing ground to the BNP, the conservatives or the lib/dems weren’t. Farage has no left wing policies. UKIP is pure right wing Thatcherism, so for him to have pulled the wool over the working class vote was –let’s be honest- masterful  work. 

UKIP in this election got nearly 4 million votes. Is that four million racists?
No of course not.
It was disillusioned Tories who want out of Europe. Disillusioned Tories who saw a weak tory power in coalition with the libdems. And a huge amount of disenfranchised people who are concerned about immigration-from all classes and political parties. 

Immigration! The very real concern that many people have. Millions of people fed up with not having a say in what’s happening. They are trying to live their lives whilst simultaneously suffering a constant barrage from the media about immigrants. Neither wonder some people are worried. Left wing orgs and even parties may be morally correct in defending these urban myths that have dug into the British psyche but their arrogant sneering and looking down their noses at real people with real concerns does nothing to show people the real truth of what the real problems are within our country.

Their fanatical preoccupation with multic-culturalism and their absolute refusal to see that this very same utopian societal view can also be responsible for so much pain and distrust only serves to give credence to the message espoused by people like Griffin and Farage
Farage uses exactly the same rhetoric as Griffin “Look at the way they attack me, ask yourself why they won’t debate with me, it’s because they know I’m right”
And because Joe public is too busy working and stressing about bills or because they perhaps aren’t as well read on what the real issues are or perhaps they are just plain bloody ignorant the left berates them, calls them bigots or racists. As I’ve said all the way through this blog. It doesn’t really matter what’s true and what isn’t, its perceptions that allow Griffin/Farage to con the people. 

So what now for nationalism?
I think it’s finished, well in England anyways. UKIP aren’t nationalists they just sometimes use similar nationalist messages for their own agenda. 

Where will all the voters go?
UKIP is here to stay, no question. We now have two main right wing parties. But where’s the left? 

Labour are going to have to reinvent themselves-again. The media has being full of the crap about the labour party lost because it went left wing. My arse it did. Labour lost because no one knows what the hell they are anymore.  

When I was growing up Labour were the champions of equality, human rights and fairness not just here at home but anywhere in the world. Then along came the parasite that is Tony Blair and with him his small group of Champaign socialists intent on inventing some kind of left wing Thatcherism. If the labour party wants to grow again it needs to go back to its roots. I mean to say look t the main players this time, more of the same.

That’s just my opinion and after all what do I know, I’m just a voter, why would they care about what people like me think. 

So we have no main left wing party and haven’t had for quite a while.
Yes we have the greens. Good people, good party structure, good left wing policies. Sadly though I don’t believe they have broken through.
They suffer – and I mean this in this in the nicest possible terms-from ideological delusions. They aren’t engaging with Mr and Mrs Average. They come over as middle class and slightly batty even if they do have the best intentions.
Millions of people are concerned about mass immigration, unemployment and their own standard of living. The environment and the long range utopian view which the greens have does not register with these voters.

The greens want to see a country that has no standing military force [brilliant but only when we live in a world that has no enemies. To just blindly think that everyone is nice will not end well for us if we had no military].  
Where everyone gets a citizens payment irrespective of income and wealth [yeah sounds good in a world where the gap between he rich and the poor has closed dramatically]
Where we have free movement over our borders [fantastic, real freedom; but only when all countries standard of living and quality of life is the same after all there isn’t exactly a mad rush to move to Africa from the UK is there. Well except for the cretins who wish to join ISIS]

Where you can be a member of a fanatical organisation and you won’t be doing anything illegal- unless you do something illegal! [To me this is the worst thing that they had said]. We as a world need to start condemning ideas. We need to condemn a person who has backward views and that includes religion. And I mean all religions not just the safe one of Christianity.

Take Islam for example, it needs condemned at every opportunity. Not because it’s un-British or foreign but because its backwards, regressive and belongs in the dark ages along with every other religion. But we only are allowed to condemn the bearded mullahs espousing hate. We’re not supposed to criticise the thousands of Muslims living in backwards, patriarchal, misogynist communities up and down our country.   

The greens believe in a country where we all consume less, a lot less. Where all of our power is renewable. Absolutely brilliant, agree with that one hundred percent.

The greens have said that all of these aforementioned polices are long term aspirations and very honourable they are,  but most people sadly don’t look that far into the future. They look to tomorrow, next week and next month. They want to know they will have somewhere to live, have a job and that their kids will have a future. Sadly I don’t believe the greens delivered this message very well at all.

I wish everyone cared about animal welfare, environmental issues and the planet. But it doesn’t sound a chord with voters, Christ I wish people would wake up, stop being so shallow and consuming so much. I wish people would care less about what kind of car they drive or how much their house is worth; but sadly they don’t and we need a messenger that resonates with Mr and Mrs Average and I’m afraid the greens aren’t it; at the moment.

So we have two right wing parties. A centre ground party that has all but disappeared, and a decent left wing party [even if it does have to engage more with average voters]

In short this last election was clear what happened. Parties that gave distinct clear messages like the SNP, UKIP and the Tories came out on top [why the parliamentary seats aren't divided fairer is a completely different argument] .
Parties that fluffed their message like Labour, lib/Dems and the greens didn’t win the people over on mass.

But as I have already said ‘what do I know’ I’m just a voter!