Saturday, 16 July 2016

Mass protest

We need a mass protest by concerned people.
Nick Cohen writes in his book that he had high hopes when  the EDL first formed. Then he saw them. Draped in flags, drinking and abusing a well known secular ex muslim activist-Maryam Namazie.
That was the movement dead before it even got started. They became pariahs. They attracted to many drunks and far right arseholes.
I've wrote in previous blogs defending Tommy Robinson. No I don't think he's a racist and no he ain't islamophobic. He is just like any other right minded rational person should be.......concerned.

So the EDL has gone and good riddance.
But we do need a replacement. We shouldn't need a replacement but our masters are doing nothing to stop this problem getting worse. They are to busy appeasing islam and defending it as 'Religon of peace'.
So what can replace it. Well we have a few movements. The British humanists and the secular society speak out.  British muslims for secular democracy is another. What we really need though is something to unite everyone.
Drunken tattooed blokes chanting and swearing only attracts other drunken tattooed blokes.
We need a larger protest movement.

For what it's worth here's my thoughts on this.

Loose the flags. Rightly or wrongly it conjures up the wrong image.
Don't try to fight the media by giving them what they expect. Give them what they don't expect. A large crowd of sober dignified individuals who are concernd about islam.

Lay of the whole patriot bit. We have a lot of non white Brits, Asians,ex muslims, gays who don't do patriotism. They just want to live in a modern secular country. Most people dont do flag waving patriotism. This doesn't make them non patriotic. It just makes them individuals.

Cut all ties with well know racists and muslim haters. it's radical islam that needs taken on. People who just want to cause division need to be expelled as quickly as possible.

Reach out to other communities and organsations who have common ground with yourselves.

Ensure that moderate members of the muslim community know that your not taking issue with them but with radicals within their community.

Dont defend christianity. Thats like the lefties defending communism over fascism. They are both as bad as each other.

It has to said as well mind that  whatever you do you will be targeted by UAF idiots. But let them show themselves for what they are-far left,  appeasers.
I honestly believe that a  movemnt  like this could work, and sadly we need it.

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