Friday, 26 October 2012

If you want to live here learn British history. The absurdity of the citizenship test

Labour MP Sidique Khan is being criticised into day’s daily mail

In the article he states that immigrants know more about British history than indigenous Britain’s. He may well be telling the truth, but there’s a simple reason for this. New comers have to learn our history to pass the test, not rocket science that!

As for the test, we seem to have this strange notion that to be British and fit in here you should have a good knowledge of our history! Why?

Why does an immigrant need to know about British history to come here, its nonsense?
This foolhardy test was only brought in to placate the far right. Maybe most Britons don’t know much about British history because they are not that interested. Most have more important things to occupy their time, like Job, income, family etc.

Far right parties are obsessed with history. Now don’t get me wrong history is important.
It explains where we have come from as a society and how we got to the point we are at now. And let’s face it makes good reading. It’s full of intrigue, injustice, murder and corruption.
As a society we can’t ignore history; we have to learn from earlier mistakes.

However’ when it comes to the far right real life politics comes second place to what took place on some muddy field in England hundreds of years ago, push them on politics and policy’s and their ignorance shines through.

Party’s like the BNP revel in the fact that Scotland, Ireland and Wales can celebrate their patron saint whilst English people have to some extent been vilified for wanting to fly a cross of St George or celebrate their patron saint.
Why? Because colonialism and empire although done in the name of Britain, was in essence done in the name of England [simply because England was by far the larger country]. Scotland Ireland and Wales don’t suffer this same stigma, because ‘in many cases’ they were being as subjugated as the rest of the empire.
In many cases it’s this very fact that feeds the far left and is responsible for their collective guilt and there apparent support for anyone who is not English.
This is the one of the driving force behind multiculturalism.

This blatantly obvious difference between the English and our neighbors is exploited to the full by the far right. This is why the likes of the BNP may be British by name but it’s really all about the English. They have very little support anywhere else [and if they do it’s along sectarian lines]

Is it because our neighbors don’t have to suffer this collective guilt about our past and therefore can show there pride in being Scottish, Welsh and Irish?

The times I had to sit through history lessons during BNP meetings. All the time thinking what the hell has this to with today’s problems.
Even David Cameron ‘whilst appearing on Letterman’ was lambasted a few weeks ago because his knowledge on British history was shaky.
So what! I would rather we had a prime minster who knew about modern day politics and economics [the jury’s still out on this one, time will tell and ironically it will be history that judges him on his this]

Surely the citizenship test should concentrate more on a person bringing modern day values and morals to the UK.
For far too long ‘under the cult of multiculturalism we have seen archaic and primitive societal and religious beliefs and practices brought into the country. We need to move away from this ridiculous mind-set that says we cannot criticise other cultures. It should be every modern person’s moral obligation to do so!

It’s not about knowing about Britain in the past it’s about caring about Britain in the future. A future, that secures human rights, equality, fairness and man-made justice.

If it’s a question of whom I would rather settle here I would rather they held modern day values and knew nothing about history.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Nationalist propaganda and victim status.

I see the English Democrats [EDs] are employing the same tactics as the British National Party.
This is hardly surprising since the English democrats have now become ‘for all intense purposes’ BNP mk 2. They have had so many leading ethno-nationalist BNP officials and members join that it’s hard to see any difference between the two parties.

Of course the EDs will say policy wise that they are completely different parties, but anyone with any experience of the far right will know that policies for public consumption and their real agenda can be completely different.

One of the most comical elements of far right politics is the obsession they have with each other. They spend as much time attacking rival party’s [especially party’s that are aligned ideologically to themselves] as they do the party and the policies of whoever is in power. They all want to be the big fish in the little pond that is British Nationalism.

One example of this mentality is the Blog ‘English passports’ which is run by senior Ed’s official and resident loon Steve Uncles.
He spends an enormous amount of time attacking his far right rivals for the Nationalist vote.
Apart from other far right party’s he is also obsessed with UKIP. Not because UKIP is a nationalist party but just in case people who are fed up with the European Union or mass immigration should think of voting for them instead of the EDs.
It’s not just UKIP he attacks. Any party with any policies resembling ‘in any way at all’ his own parties are also in his sights.

Uncles is currently standing for the role of police commissioner in Kent in the upcoming elections.
Also standing is a candidate for the Green party.
Steve Uncles [resident loon] now has this guy in his deranged sights.

Surely the Greens have no common policies with the EDs?
Well actually they do. The greens would also like to see an English parliament. Therefore in typical nationalist paranoid style uncles has to attack them.
The EDs are terrified that any voters wishing to see an English parliament may vote for the non-extremist, liberal, moral party. In other words, the Green party!
So how does he think he can solve this dilemma? He tries to label his Green opponent a Nazi?
Calling a Green a Nazi is like calling a member of the National front a liberal, its absolute nonsense.

Apart from trying to ensure any English parliament supporters votes come his way it’s also standard far right mentality. They really do believe that if you throw words like Nazi and racist around at all and sundry these words will somehow become less harmful. Therefore when they get called these names they can say ‘so what even the greens get called Nazis’.
Pathetic, yes
Does it work, no.
Do they think that it works, most definitely!

You really can not underestimate the level of intelligence that runs through nationalist politics
One of the most laughable was the day before Griffins appearance on question time [the day before I resigned and walked away in disgust, see first entry of this blog]
Griffin was constantly on the phone all day to our office “find out how much the EU costs” “How much subsidy does the UK get” and other such questions. I don’t think for one moment he thought he was going on there to debate politics but he had to try and prepare just in case.

Now one Griffins closest confidant is Pat Harrington. Harrington is a long term acquaintance of griffin even accompanying him when he flew to Libya trying to forge an alliance with Colonel Gaddafi.
Harrington sent all staff a video to watch on how to keep your cool ,look good and win a debate when faced with difficult questions about policy’s, image, etc. The video was an aggressive interview with a well-known person.
Who was this person being interviewed on the video?
A political giant like Bill Clinton or Margaret Thatcher!

No it was Marilyn Manson the shock Goth rocker!

In the video Manson was being interviewed in relation to a fan killing himself after listening to his music.
Harrington said all members of staff need to watch this video because it contains all we all need to learn on how to handle the media. I've still got absolutely no idea what the logic [if any] was behind this.
Again I felt like I was entering the twilight zone!

Now Griffin and his cohorts knew there was a chance that his invitation on QT was just to ridicule him and make him look bad.
But they had a plan.
If QT went well all officials were to spend all day Friday sending of emails and telephoning as many media outlets as possible [all under different names]. Why?
To congratulate Mr Griffin and how honest and straight forward he had come over and how he was a shining light in British politics.

If QT had went bad and Griffin was shown up, the very same officials would employ the same tactics phone every media outlet [again under different guises]and complain about how bad it was that Mr Griffin had been hung out to dry and it was shocking how he was treat.
The BNP was hoping for the second scenario.

The reason for this is because British Nationalism thrives on victim status.
They truly do believe that the British people will eventually turn on mass and support them if they can milk this victim status for all that is worth. They really believe the old adage that the British people support the underdog.

Nationalism runs on victim status. Everyone is out to get us; it’s not fair, there all traitors they keep us locked out because they know we are right etc. etc.
I'm glad to say I have no idea how this plan went because I never returned to the BNP, instead I turned off my phone and dropped of my resignation letter. 

Monday, 8 October 2012

Guardian poll

I’ve just being sent this article from the guardian

I don’t think polls like this give the whole picture.
I think people are so fed up with unlimited immigration and the pandering to fundamentalist Islam that they say “okay shut the doors, no more immigrants and especially no more Muslims”.

Why are they saying this?
Labour in their quest to build a multicultural utopia has created so much resentment and division in British society and people are sick of it. People are not against multiculturalism because they don’t like other cultures. They are against multiculturalism because it causes separation, and community’s to isolate themselves from each other.

If Labour had not pursued there multicultural nightmare, immigration would not have been nowhere near the issue it is now.
Nationalism blossomed under New Labour. It’s all but gone now. If the coalition doesn't change things it could make a comeback.
Griffin and nationalist policy’s never got me to go to a BNP meeting. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown did.

It was interesting to watch the debate on immigration last week. The audience was very mixed. Black, brown, white, new immigrants, second and third generation immigrants.
Most of the audience ‘irrespective of colour’ wanted immigration capped. So do they all hold far right views?

It’s not fair to say that you hold far right views because you are sick of mass immigration. 
I genuinely believe most Brits are like myself. They don’t give a damn about the colour of someone’s skin or their culture. 
They care about two things. Can the country take them and are they bringing something beneficial for Britain. 
I also believe most people don’t have a problem with asylum seekers and political refugees. However’ if too many this again breeds resentment.

We hear all the time about public services groaning under the strain of the hundreds of thousands of new arrivals. We also hear about radical Islamist's trying to change society for their own twisted ideology and appearing to get away with it because of ethnic sensitivity’s.

Just because a person voices the same concerns that are voiced  by backward looking retarded parties like the British National Party, English Democrats, British Freedom, Britain First, National front and god knows who else [there appears to be new ones every week] does not necessarily make you the same as them.

One thing I do agree with what the guardian says though is that the older generation are more susceptible to far right parties.
I met loads of elderly supporters, they weren’t Nazis or racist. 
I believe they just couldn’t cope with the rate of change inflicted on them. 
They also tend not to be connected to the web therefore they can’t check what nationalism is really all about
So they see problems in society and they only hear people like Nick Griffin speaking about it. They have no idea what he is really all about so they support him.

It’s not fair to tar all Muslims as fundamentalist so don’t tar everyone else as Islamophobic, racist and right wing.

BNP propaganda-comedy gold

I've just being watching the latest propaganda film by the BNP.  Entitled ‘Question time for British patriots’
It’s worth a viewing for the comedic content alone. The usual smug faces are lined up, all with the same condescending expression. The same look that religious fanatics have. “We know the truth and the rest of you are just sheep”

The dialogue goes as such.

Feminism is making women forget their assigned gender roles and we would all be happier if women went back to having babies and cooking our dinner.
So much for equality and fairness then.

Immigration has started and accelerated the drug culture!
So it’s only black and brown people that peddle or use drugs is it? I wonder what all those programmes about the sixties were saying then. All of them [predominantly] white people off their faces with LSD and cannabis. Or the acid house raves of the eighties and nineties.
Where did they get the drugs from if it’s an immigrant problem?

Our children are being abused by immigrants.
So there are no white paedophiles or child molesters out there eh?

How nationalistic monetary policy would sort out the incredibly complex economy.
I defy any of them to be able to handle basic equations.

White people need to breed more. Why? Because there is a concerted effort by the state to breed us white’s out.
I think most rational thinking people would like to see less white, black and brown faces, there’s far too many of us now.

But the best one is how Nationalism stands up for family values and decent society. Ha’ this is laughable.
Accused child molesters in their ranks, at least two very senior people openly known to be doing drugs. One of which I can personally verify.
They also have their very own porn baron, pimping out his wife with other men and making videos for the ‘more discerning market’!

They just stop short of saying we should all go back to living in thatched cottages keep a pig and a cow and start a Morris dancing club in our area.

It’s like Alf Garnett from ‘Till death us do part’ or Eddy from ‘Love they neighbour’.
These muppets are not to be feared for intellectual thought. They need to be ridiculed along with their political ideology.

Since foolishly joining the BNP and walking away in disgust I have had trouble seeing why the far left portrays them as evil incarnate. They should be acknowledged for what they really are ‘a huge joke’.  
The only threat that fools like these pose is if our political system doesn't get its act together and deal with very real problems in society. If they don’t parties like these will get votes and then strap on their own twisted agenda afterwards. [More on their real agenda in a future posting]
To me Nationalism operates more like a cult. It’s all about individual figureheads and believe me there are very few of them.  I got to know many of these characters and you have to sit in there company for an evening to see the comedic narrative that these fools talk about.

I had to go to Stroud to be interviewed for the job of research assistant for Nick Griffin. He had just been elected as an MEP and was choosing his staff. I was put forward for the job by Clive Jefferson. It soon became apparent why.
I think it was because I was good with the public and organising. This would leave Jefferson and the Wingfields [who I was to work with] to sit around and plot the eventual overthrow of the British political system!
You have to laugh don’t you.

So here I am in Stroud surrounded by the ‘great and good’ of British Nationalism already the warning bells where staring to ring.

The first impression was ‘Jesus Christ’ is this it. This is the top of the tree!
Up until then I could excuse the odd racist or bigot that I came across as not being representative of the party. Now though I was surrounded by them.

It was even worse on the night. We all went out for a meal.
There was Clive Jefferson desperately trying to gain favour with Griffin and interrupting anyone else who tried.  

There was the high priest and priestess of British Nationalism., Martin and Tina Wingfield. Now these two are supposed to be giants. I couldn't believe it a few weeks later when I asked Martin a question about the role of a parish Cllr and he admitted to me he knew nothing about the political system.
There was Eddy Butler. Pissed out of his head at 5 pm [everyone said this was normal] and flirting ‘badly’ with Tina Wingfield.

Andy McBride, a then regional organiser who has now gone onto to join Britain First’. This lot are run by a couple of ex BNP Muppets. One was accused by several girls that he had molested them.
The other co-founder is one time golden boy of the BNP Paul Golding, who along with others left the party due to Griffins ‘alleged’ nose in the trough.

During the meal some young lad who had obviously had one too many ciders took exception to Griffin been in his local. I found out the next day that this lad had already had a run in with Paul Golding. Golding apparently took offence at this young lad trying to debate with him and spat in his face. Nice eh!
As griffin got up to leave several of his entourage got up and followed him outside. No doubt to kiss his arse as it was walking away from them.
I noticed this same young lad becoming very agitated and after Griffin and his entourage left through the back door this lad headed for the front door pint in hand. I got up and followed him. As I got outside the young lad was now in a headlock administered by the ex-doorman Clive Jefferson and being punched in the face by Andy McBride. The young lad was pleading “don’t hit me again”.

It appeared that this young lad had thrown the contents of his pint at Griffin, he missed but this was his reward. Surrounded by half a dozen drunken thugs scaring the crap out of the kid! 
Other locals came out and made Jefferson release the boy. Many speaking up for this kid’s good nature and he must have had too much drink etc.
Anyway' Griffin was led away by security and everyone dispersed, and we all ended up back in the bar at our hotel.

The next couple of hours I sat aghast listening to the ravings of ethno nationalists.
By now butler was that pissed he could barely stand becoming coherent every now and again to ask “who the fucking hell I was”
 Jefferson was doing his usual ‘listen to me, I'm tough routine’ and regaling everyone with tales of violence and intimidation.
The conversation soon got onto nationalism and what it really means.
What did Tolkien mean when he wrote lord of the rings?
What was the real narrative behind CS Lewis’s Narnia chronicles.
And who can talk longer and knew more about British history.

Meanwhile I'm sitting there thinking what the hell is going on have I stepped into the twilight zone.
The shutters were starting to come up on the real nationalist movement.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Nationalist parties are not on the side of law and order.

Our judicial system has become so soft that even severe crimes are being dismissed with a slap on the wrists. Lack of deterrents and the abuse of the human rights act see rapists and murderers walking free from prison after serving very little time for their crimes.
This was one of the very reasons I attended my first BNP meeting.

It’s only when you get to the top table that you see just what their stance on law and order is.

For example; there’s the very senior official who was a very close aid to Nick Griffin. This man was only allowed to see his children under a strict supervision order. The reason? Accusations of child molestation brought against him by his ex-wife. This is openly known about and discussed by all the senior players in the party. But in typical nationalist paranoia it is dismissed as the authority’s setting up an innocent man because of his politics. 
This very reason is used to excuse anyone’s criminal background. 

Like the senior official from Cumbria. Twice he has been charged and spent time in prison for racial violence.
This guy regularly contributes to the website and was the national membership secretary.

Then there’s the ex-police officer who was thrown out of the police force and did time for defrauding an elderly lady. This same guy is now one of Griffins top security men.

There’s the very senior official who brags openly about how he was a major league drug dealer on the west coast of Cumbria. He is also very well known by many in the local community as a very violent sadist. He used to be a doorman and by all accounts liked nothing better than beating up young drunken lads and once even getting one to take the fall for him when one of his criminal endeavours went wrong.
Perhaps this is why he changed his name?

Then there’s Griffins head of security. This guy must spend more time with Griffin than anyone else. It is openly known at the top table about his previous life in the notorious Combat 18.

Nationalist parties like the BNP are laced with thugs and violent degenerates all using the same excuse. ‘I did nothing wrong I've been set up', or 'I was only fighting for what’s right and the system didn't like it’. 
As long as you’re a nationalist all crimes are forgiven!

Recently various nationalist blogs [such as Chris Beverley and Simon Darby] and websites [such as the BNP, EDL] have being trying to make political capital on the disgusting grooming cases. BUT’ only the grooming cases carried out by Muslims. 
There various news outlets have been very quiet about 'for example the gang of white men from Darby found guilty of grooming young girls. 
Nationalist’s only mention crimes that have being perpetrated by anyone who is not white Anglo Saxon. Just another way of enforcing the 'them and us' in people’s minds.

There are some terrible things coming to light about some authorities turning a blind eye to some grooming of children. Turning a blind eye because the perpetrators where Muslim and the local authorities were afraid of cultural sensitivity’s. This ridiculous mind-set pushes people towards far right parties.

Party’s like the BNP are trying to make political gains out of this and cause division, distrust and anger in our communities. Parties like the BNP like to say it is because it is a coordinated plot by the authorities and that white people are expendable. More absolute bullshit!

Our obsession with multiculturalism and our total denial that perhaps there are some bad elements regarding it has allowed these disgusting things to take place. What the BNP doesn't mention though is that this very same obsession with multiculturalism has allowed hundreds perhaps thousands of young girls to suffer female genital mutilation, forced marriages and honour killings.

Why don’t they mention this? Because it’s not happening to white girls. Young girls of Asian or African descent are of no interest to party's like this, because in their eyes these children should not be in Britain. 
Also to mention it would destroy their victim status that atrocities are only happening to white people at the hands of ethnic minorities.

This victim status is at the very heart of Nationalist politics