Thursday, 19 April 2018

Corbyn Cu**, I mean cult.

The whole cult of Jeremy Corbyn is very familiar. The BNP relied for growth on the cult of Nick Griffin.
Sadly the loonies on the far left don't see this comparison. And even if you drew their attention to it they will still fail to see any similarities. After all the far left as we know is populated by self righteous, sanctimonious, virtue signalling, politically correct morons.

The far left and far right are basically identical. Both anti Semitic, far left -I still say that the BNP is not far right, its far left- both are pro Russia, pro nationalisation of infrastructure. Pro authoritarian rule. The list is endless.
The main difference between Corbyns labour and the BNP is the different stands on immigration. The far right -I will keep referring them as far right just for this article- hates immigration and any kind of ethnic mixing. They like to call it race mixing but I refuse to use the word race because its not applicable to homosapiens. One race, one species...simple. 
Whereas the far left love the idea of mixing it placates their naval gazing white guilt. Myself  I cant wait until we are passed all this colour BS and the worlds gene pool is well and truly mixed up. It has to be good for us as a species. I'm so sick of tribalism and colour is just another form. But the difference between me and a far lefty is that I take into account human nature and realise that immigration has to be controlled and managed otherwise it causes ghettos ,distrust and harmony.

But I have to be honest though. The fact that the left is now attacking itself is hilarious. As Ive wrote about before the left love to attack anyone who doesn't agree with them. 
Rather than debating the BNP, NF and EDL out of existence they prefer to shout obscenities and threats. This achieves absolutely nothing. This just ingrains the relevant supporters further into their chosen group. I believe the main reason the far left so fervently attacks the 'far right' is political. They share the same voter base. Both have a strong yearning for some kind of nationalism. I love pointing this out to mad lefties. The Nazis were there own...fact.
There's a clue in the name-national socialists.

I never had any problems talking to Tories or liberals. Its was usually labour that was the most vile. So the fact that they are turning this bile onto their own is hilarious.

Jeremy Corbyn ,like Griffin has the answers to societies ills. Well' his supporters foolishly believe he has. Like Nick Griffin had the answers to Britain's problems- to the narrow minded and politically inept ,Jeremy Corbyn also has the answers. To snow flake students and the socially inept members of society. The ones who pretend they love the poor but what they actually feel is hatred for the rich. Many times this is well meaning. Christ I hate greedy people as well. The show off's. The pretentious and precocious. The fact that a person has become rich because of hard work doesn't bother me at all. A person driving around in a Ferrari or rolls Royce because they are showing of – pass me the spray paint. Plus the left love and embrace celebrity. Most celebs pretend they are left as well. Their all to often obscene wealth is totally overlooked by the left . Yet a bank manger getting a million pound bonus sends them into spasms of bile. But realise an album with a few decent tunes, end up being worth 50 million...that's okay. Hypocrites. Because the celeb tends to pretend they are one of them. 

And as the left continuously show. It doesn't matter what you do in life , as long you are a lefty ...your okay. 
Look at the labour party. They actually have , or did have two ex NF members as cllrs. Jeremy Corbyns son is allowed to use an ex BNP member on electioneering literature because he went over to them. 
I have wrote about this before . If I had went over to the Left. Whether that be labour or their fan base-HnH,searchlight UAF I would have been born again in a bright light of a sinner coming back to 'THEIR' brand of socialism. 
But I didn't. 
My views never changed. I just realised that the party I had went to did not speak for me. I cant put my hand up and say I'm sorry I was a racist or a bigot, because I never was one.
{read first entry]
But if had went to labour with cap in hand and said I had a Damascene moment ,chances are I would be a cllr now. 
I think when Tommy Robinson left the EDL I think he had plans to remodel himself but he quickly found out that the left are very unforgiving -unless you go to them- and they may even have helped push him back into his street activism out of desperation.

Jeremy Corbyn and the far left have some good ideas. So do the Tories, the liberals,the SNP,plaid cymrew, sinn fein,bnp, and even cretins like Britain first. Ffs the Nazi party were huge environmentalist. I'm a huge environmentalist. Christ I sound like a stuck record but until we get rid of political parties we are never going to get anywhere. 600 plus individuals standing for parliament. Thousands of individuals standing for local authorities. Then perhaps we may actually begin to get somewhere.

Saturday, 14 April 2018

The Syria strikes.

I have spent the last few days listening too, watching and reading various media outlets. We have now bombed specific targets in Syria and its very interesting to observe how the media was and is reporting this, and what is peoples reactions.

There is undeniably a lot of people here in the UK disbelieving the west's reason for taking direct offensive action against Syria.
To be against it on pacifist grounds or afraid of some third world war is not what I'm interested in.

To be against the strikes because you disbelieve our own government is what interests me. Not because you disbelieve our government and that you should blindly believe everything they tell you – a bit of scepticism is a good thing- but because some people would rather defend Putin.
I'm not going to defend our government. I distrust them as much as the next person; and I sincerely wish this wasn't the case. I want to live in a country where I believe in my government . Where I respect my political leaders; but sadly I don't. I'm also not here to defend Putin or Assad either.

That mother of all arseholes Tony Blair is one of the main reasons for this mindset of distrust. He lied to government and he lied to the people; and yet he's still there trying to control world events . How is that man still at large. Why has his obscene wealth not being taken from him and given to the families of British soldiers for whom he destroyed. Why has he not stood trial for the countless thousands of deaths he is responsible for.
The man is partly responsible for everything that has gone wrong in the middle east since his toadying to Dubya resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths and had knock on effects to Isis, London 7/7 and young girls being murdered in Manchester.
Blair even lied to the British people when he opened the doors to mass immigration. His aim- it eventually came out- was to keep the Tories out forever. Another lie from our political leaders.
Paedophile gangs on the loose for decades and attempts to cover it up. And they wonder why we don't trust them.
The sad truth is. Blair is pro-bombing Syria. That sets alarm bells of to so many people.

But its not just him. Blair has been gone a long time why has our faith in our political leaders not been restored ?
Myself, its quite obvious to see. What Blair did resulted in huge distrust in our politicians. His actions alone could take years or even a generation to repair.
But other things have happened as well.
Look at Brexit. If you are for or against is not the issue. The lies, scaremongering and absolute bullshit that we were bombarded with-from both sides- was another huge 'how the hell can we believe anything that politicians tell us' moment. We were told it would be the best thing ever and the worst thing ever- by our political leaders. And since the vote to leave barely a day goes by without some politicians trying to overturn democracy simply because they don't agree with the result. Another reason not to trust them.

We had the expenses scandal. All politicians were as bad, irrespective of party. Then they arrogantly treat us like fools for questioning their grubby money grabbing greed. They think they have a god given right to our hard earned cash, for themselves and to just through away as they see fit. HS2, foreign aid -I'm not a fan of benefits, whether its the family on the dole or a country, it only breeds dependency. Then you have all the quangos,workshops committees etc, just throwing OUR money away.

We have also had years of austerity and we get told even of our latest chancellor that 'it was unnecessary' WHAT !

Also we see our politicians are so blinded by party politics -party comes first- that they will oppose a good idea ,just because the other side thought of it. All we see as voters, is two houses full of overpaid, corrupt self serving party loyalists. We also now have a new elite in Europe and the UK. The royals have become major celebrities. Its political dynasties and multinationals that is now taking over.
Lets be honest we haven't got bloody clue what is going on.

What about the media. Surely we should know the truth by listening to our media.
But Don't forget huge parts of the media were banging the drums to go into Iraq. Now huge parts of the media are squarely pointing the finger at Assad and Putin for the chemical attacks. But lets not forget huge parts of the media jumped on the WMDs in Iraq.
I'm not saying the media lies. But now there is so much competition from so many media outlets that the sensationalistic media are constantly trying to outdo each other. And as we all know negative media and news sells more than good news. Plus it has to be said there used to be journalists that commanded respect. Reporters that were in-bedded in war zones. Now we are told to rely on footage shot from a camera phone from god knows who. Which side he's on.?What's their politics ? etc.
Neither wonder so many of us doubt so much.

We also now have social media in the mix. I came of social media completely because I was so sick of the echo chamber it enforces. Even with the best will in the world its very hard to not get in one.
Even if you try to be even handed with what you share, so many people are now offended if you post an opposing view to theirs that they end up cutting contact with you, so you still end up with like minded people on your friends list.
No matter what your views on any subject are you should never just communicate with people with the same. You need opposing views to help you develop and come to the truth. Its very hard when the very people you wish to debate with have unfriended you because you 'hurt their feelings or sensitivities'.
Some of my favourite commentators are Maajid Nawaz, George Galloway and Peter Hitchens to name just a few. All very different and I don't agree with any of them all the time. But that's healthy. We need to all open up our minds to differing opinions. For Christ's sake, I read the mail,telegraph,times and guardian. Just to try and get an even handed view on the world.

So back to Syria. Anyone with an independent thought cant help thinking...did they do it. Is this a ploy by certain players to restart the cold war. After all building and rebuilding defence mechanisms is hugely profitable for some very influential people.
Did Putin order the novochuck attack in the UK; or was it an equally sinister personal motive from unknown figures.
Is Assad even the bad guy we are told. Is Putin?

Guess what I don't know THE answer to any of these questions. I have MY answers ; but I could be wrong. I'm just a guy with no influence and no access to the real wheels of power.
I can -and do- read as many different sources as possible. The daily mail to the guardian and everything in between. I also read political and historical books as well that show how easy it is to direct a population to an outcome that political masters require. So the very thought of perhaps what were told is a fantasy is not at far fetched at all.
[see a previous post on why we need to open our reading matter up to encompass opposing views]

But at least I'm being honest. My view of world events could be 100 percent B....S..., it also could be spot on. Unlike so many people on the left and right and everywhere in between I don't have the arrogance to think I am right. I DONT KNOW.

I have spent time doing what you may call thought experiments. I have thought through the theories I've heard . From the sane to the conspiratorial. And lets be honest even conspiracy theories make sense-if you want or need them to.

Quick example. I once spent an hour listening to – I had to sit on my hands and strain to keep my mouth closed- a neo Nazi telling people why the holocaust did not happen. My god was he knowledgable. He even knew how many trees or coal it takes to burn a body.
It was amazing to listen to a very very in-depth analysis of why not one Jew died at the hands of Hitler's henchmen.
ALL ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT MIND, but very interesting to listen to how a conspiracy theory can fool certain people. If I was primed to look for a Zionist plot to run the world, the inane nonsense spouted would have made total sense to me. People who are looking for a hidden motive or a villain hiding in the shadows will quite often find one.

So back to Putin. The theories that he has been set up or that the west's war machine needs to restart the cold war all sounds very plausible. But so does the theory that Assad is a monster and that he backed by Putin has gassed innocent children.

The real problem is this. We live in such a world now where you have to get into one camp or another. You have to be with us or against us-as the mad US president once said [ by the way who would have ever thought that one of Bush's predecessors would make him look like a genius].
Guess what I haven't got a f***** clue what's going on any more. I sometimes wish I could be like so many other people and just blindly believe what I believe. I did that once before and look how that turned out.
But I cant, I want to see both sides. Read all the evidence. And make my own mind up.

Sadly those days are over. Untrustworthy politicians, political parties and 24 hour sensational media have put an end to that.
I don't have any of the answers...but at least I'm humble and honest enough to admit it.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

I have decided to restart this blog because I think politics and ideas are getting even more polarised.

If you think one way on anything now, you have to have the same thought process and bias on a whole raft of social,international and economic affairs.
Both the far left and far right are guilty of this zombie like thought process.

If you have left wing views on some issues its very easy to get pulled down the rabbit hole and go full far left and believe some of the nonsense that these morons believe.
Likewise, if you go full right, there is a danger that you can also get pulled down a very similar rabbit hole and fall for any and all of the moronic conspiracy theories spouted by the cretins of the far right.

Sadly these thought processes have permeated right through society. Our media, ruling elite and institutions all suffer from this way of thinking- you have to be one or the other and you to have to
-virtue signal- it as well.
Though sadly [and this is why Britain is so backwards] most of the ideas that have filtered  through  are left wing. Not that I'm saying that is all bad but surely we need right wing views as well then the media and institutions will kind of settle somewhere in the middle rather than on the left. Not that I'm saying the media is left or right. No they are just story driven and in fierce competition with each other. One paper will report a story as 'look at this racist' and another media outlet will lead with 'look at the unfairness 'this person is been called a racist for no reason'.
At the end of the day its usually the far right and far left that accuse the media of bias. They both accuse the mass media of promoting views that are opposite to themselves.
Myself I just see the media has one agenda- spin a story to get maximum coverage. whether it promotes of negates sympathy or anger on the subject is not really their point. Just sales and shares on social media.

Back to ideologies., The far left for example see many glaring faults, inequalities and unfairness in the capitalist system-and they are right.
Once many people have their eyes open to the many ugly truths of capitalism they then become open to many other good far left ideas- but also the bad ideas. The youth seem very susceptible to this mindset.
Far to many on the far left then start to believe radical theories on how the world works and start to listen to and form evidence -and search out reinforcing data and stories- enforcing this world view.
All state ownership is good. Immigration in all its forms is good. Britain and European history is steeped in bloodshed and there are no good things at all. One glaring thing the far left misses is that atrocities were not carried out by legions of racist Brits but by royal families and political and business elites. To many times these far left fools end up hating everything about Britain and therefore become automatically sympathetic to anyone of a different color, culture or religion.

Likewise, the far right do exactly the same thing.  Many people see that mass immigration ,for example, is bad. they don't fall for the accepted virtue signalling of the left 'all immigrants are in need we should take them all'
But like the far left ,to many people can also be pulled towards the far right into a very weird view of the world. They don't see mass immigration for what it is. Government incompetence and mismanagement.
They begin to see a dark motive. Ethnic cleansing of white people. Institutionalised backing of the mass rapes of white girls. The forced conversion of everyone in the UK to Islam. So many people who see a problem in our society and see that the far right maybe has the answers to to a few problems then become open to everything the far right espouses.

Myself I have very liberal views. I also hold some left wing views, from center left to far left. I also hold right wing views from center right to far right. I agree with all parties on some issues. I'm a socialist,conservative,liberal libertarian -yeah try and figure that out.Its okay to hold different views as long as they are based on a thought process that is not prejudiced bigoted or racist. If its based on facts and information don't be afraid to admit it. And most of all don't do as I did and start to see the problems in society and get angry and drift to the political fringes. That's where the idiots hang out

We have to stop allowing the far left and far right to frame the arguments that effect us all.

Monday, 13 November 2017

The new right

So, I've just watched the new ITV documentary about the new far right in Britain.
Ffs they are getting worse ,more extreme, and let's be honest- full of ethno- nationalists,neo Nazis, anti Semites - in other words ... morons.

However, I fully sympathise with many of the fears they hold regarding multiculturalism and Islam.
The big problem I have, and have had for years now is....this flag waving, uber patriotic, ethno nationalistic bullshit.

I don't give a damn about a piece of coloured material. I really don't put any emphasis on anything in history. Its history. Its full of good and bad- for and against most ethnicities.

I really don't care if your black, white or brown or even a klingon.
I don't care about where your from, where your ancestors are from.
What I do care about is living in a modern Europe and a modern world that values equality...full stop.

That means equality of colour, sex and sexuality.

The fact that we are allowing  belief systems to spread that does not hold these basic values worries me ; and the main problem is Islam.
But unlike the far right I'm not saying everything in Islamic cultures is bad- just some of it.
I'm not wanting to get bogged down with the finer detail.
Is it the religion or the culture which is to blame?
I really don't think its important.
We get so immersed in which ones to blame we tie ourselves in knots.

The far right want us to have nothing to do with any other ethnicity, culture or religion, except good old Anglo- Saxon white British.


Give me a country and a world with no tribes, religions,sects ,even countries- eventually.
But this capitulation to backwards ideas is ridiculous.
Immigration is good. It encourages understanding and piece. Positive immigration that is.
Negative immigration however ,fosters, distrust, dislike and disharmony.
Why won't our stupid  leaders see this very obvious fact ?

I long for the day that people will start marching-solemnly and dignified- for a modern society.
Free from inequality based on archaic superstitions and stories about sky fairies.. Not tattooed, semi literate, beer swilling foul mouthed cretins who bang on about patriotism and British culture of which most will have never read a book about it !

And finally just because I despise the far right and nationalism I'm not one to jump on the - every member or sympathiser is guilty of been a racist or fascist.- that kind of mindset belongs to the fools at hope not hate and the so called anti fascists.

So saying that, I've met Anne Marie waters once. I liked her . I don't buy into this 'ohhh she's a racist'.
I honestly don't think she is . I think she's angry, and let's face it-aren't a lot of us

And I hope that she isn't letting her anger allow her to become friends with people who also worry about Islam but also hold very unpalatable views about race and nationalism- such as Nazi boy collett and Britain First..After all I did. it. I got angry and joined the BNP.

If she ever read this , or even Tommy Robinson I would plead with them... Lose the flags. Replace the marching with dignified protest. Get rid of the uneducated beer drinking arseholes who are just pissed of that they are doing nothing with their lives blame someone else.

I really do look forward to a future for mankind free from tribalism because of where your from or the colour of your skin. A future with progressive people lookin to the future and not lookin to the past. Or upwards to some bloody ridiculous superstitious bullshit about god, Allah, Mohammed, Vishnu, Buddha and the myriad of other stories we have wrapped ourselves in to make us less afraid of the dark.
One day maybe, one day !

PS. I know I said nearly a year ago that this blog was closed but things are worse now than ever  so don't hold it against me.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Brexit means brexit.....The last post

So there we have it, Theresa May has set out the terms for brexit.
I voted to leave but I still have an over riding sense that it didn't have to be like this. The European union could have worked if... the arrogant politicians both here and in Strasbourg had listened to the people.
Instead their point bank denial in any problems with the union and their staggering arrogance allowed parties like Ukip to take over the debate. Similarly we now have these parties on the up throughout Europe.

If the union had only listened to people and their concerns perhaps we would be looking forward to a bright future in Europe.
I genuinely believe that most people don't care about flags, culture or patriotism and other such nonsense. But the problem was we were forced to respect and embrace other people's...No matter how backwards or regressive. This is one of the main reasons we are leaving the union.

So here's hoping the UK doesn't disappear back to the fifties mindset and become regressive. I like many people want to live in a modern and progressive country. Free from religion and cultural constraints.

As I write this the clock is running is down to the inauguration of Donald Trump. Just like here in the UK he wasn't voted for because he's the best candidate, but because the people are fed up with the political elite.
I for one sincerely hope that Trump and brexit work. To wish other wise is madness.
But I don't hold out much hope.
The biggest concern I have for trump is his compete denial on climate change. This is the big threat. Everything else is small in comparison.
Sadly though this climate change denial goes hand in hand with right wing parties and mindsets. They think that the liberal elite lie and force their wills on us plebs         ( yeah I can agree with that) but then they think every thing is a lie.
NO' not everything is a lie !

So' apart from climate change ( we are screwed) it's hard to see what future lies ahead of us. Myself I'm going for between -terrible and cataclysmic.
Therefore this is the last posting on this blog. Here's hoping that we can pull our selves out of this mess...But I doubt it.
I'm going to open a bottle of whiskey find a nice quiet spot and watch the world go to even more shit than it already is...

Friday, 11 November 2016

Equality verse privilege

There is a difference between fighting for equality and fighting for privilege.
African Americans - I don't like that term ,there should just be Americans - have fought long and hard for equality.  In many respects they still are.
But as I don't live in America I'm not going to do the lefty thing and scream that American society is racist.Nor am I going to do the right wing thing and deny inequality exists

American muslims -again a term I don't like,there's just Americans-pretend they are fighting for equality.
But what they are actually wanting is privilege. The privilege to have their own law.
Their livestock production and killing to be exempt from animal rights laws.
Their 'book' to take precedence over the constitution.

African Americans  never wanted any of this rubbish.  They just wanted to be treat exactly the same as whites.
It's worth mentioning though that we have all heard of privilege, white privilege. A favourite term used by the looney left and regressive liberals .

Skim over the pond to the UK and Europe and we have exactly the same situation. Only ours is a lot further along the process of 'privilege.
We have bent over backwards for Muslim wishes. We haven't just allowed mosques. We are now considering some of them signalling a call to prayer, five times a day.
If it isn't bad enough that we allow barbaric halal slaughter we are now having it thrust upon everyone ,so as not to offend muslims.
In Germany all children  must visit mosques, because -we need to adjust to the muslim mindset.
We allow women to walk around incognito in sacking. Never mind the human rights abuses this throws up again women themselves,  it's just another example of privilege.

We have even allowed the mass rape of our kids because of fear of being called racist. That's about as big a privilege as there is .

There is loads of hype and lies about attacks since Trump became president elect. How much is true,who knows. I would bet it Is the same as it was in the UK after brexit. Grossly exaggerated just to push the Muslim agenda.

We do need equality laws. Christ we need equality for all. But when the majority feel like they are being lied to and what we are actually giving away is privilege that's how people like a Trump get elected.  
We need to wake up the difference between equality and privilege

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

God is dead, don't replace him with Allah

Europe,especially northern Europe is moving fast to atheism.
Or rather it was!
As a continent we should be proud of this fact. We were moving away from archaic nonsense and dogma and turning more and more to science and reason.
So for the life of me I can not understand why we allowing,  no helping, to enforce islam into our main physce.

I'm at a loss to figure this out. One of the reasons I voted to leave the EU was because of this ridiculous mindset of appeasement towards the moronic mindset that is Islam.
Europe has its problems. Europeans have their faults. But, they are minor in comparison to the problems that muslim countries suffer from. Yet we wish to import this bs into our countries.

The cretins who run things seem unable to grasp that most people don't want to embrace or even tolerate islam. That doesn't make us racist or xenophobic. Most of us would feel the same way if fundamental Christianity had a rebirth.

What is wrong with saying 'look islam is bullshit'.
We're not coming at it from a regressive view, but  modern view.
There should be no place in a civilised society for this nonsense.
I genuinely don't understand this mindset of appeasement we have developed.

I've sat in company and listened to people slag off and critisice of people from all sections of society.
But mention islam and at the very least you will get a cold stare. What the hell is wrong with People.  Why are you so defensive of this and so offended when someone calls it out for what it is-retarded.

Is it because you are jealous that these people ,no matter how backward they may be actually have some order in their lives. Do many of us secretly desire to be conditioned and controlled.

Do we secretly yearn order and control so as we don't have to think for ourselves. Is that it , are we just lazy.
Do many of us feel that disconnected with modern life that we crave the order and security that Religion brings. Are we willing to re- chain ourselves to dogma again. Is this why so many people are converting to islam.
I know I feel a certain disconnect with the modern world. I feel like we have tried to place ourselves above the natural world rather than in it.
But you don't need religon to feel a deep connection to something. I'm not saying go out and hug a tree or become vegan. I'm saying that the answer lies in all of us and we don't need to submit to fantasy and myth and wrap it around ourselves like some kind of phycological comfort blanket.

Since writing this blog I've spoken to many ex muslims. These are the lucky ones. They have seen 'the light' and left this religon.  If I was them I would be nervous about what Europe and indeed the civilsed world is doing.
When the demographics alter,and they will, these people will be amongst the first to feel the wrath of this so called Religon of peace. Apostasy is punishable by death.

Okay raise your eyebrows, shake your head.  Think 'what the hell is he talking about' as you look at the society you live in now and think 'bullshit,ain't going to happen' . Okay just cast your mind back . Was it ever like this. When you were a child did you even hear about islam?
Did you know what barbaric halal meat was.?
Was there a mosque near you. Ever see anyone walking a round in their jamas or a burqa?
As the muslim population gets larger the more society will change.

Need proof. Look at muslim countries. The more fundamentalist islam has taken root the more regressive that society has become.
We can stop it. Stop pandering to nonsence and speak out and ridicule,before its to late.