Thursday, 20 March 2014

Electoral malpractice and the BNP

This may well be my shortest post yet.

Recently there has been quite a bit of coverage about the BNP and the chance that they have being committing electoral fraud. In my brief time in the party I had to work very closely with the semi-literate clown that is Clive Jefferson. This same Jefferson is now in charge of all elections, in fact he is the National elections officer.
When I knew him he was just the local election officer. That is to say he was in charge of all elections in Cumbria. He was then promoted to North West elections officer and then National elections officer.
Proof indeed that brains are in short supply in the party!

As many will know, to stand in local elections you have to get ten voters [not necessarily supporters] to sign your sheet verifying that they are on the electoral register and they approve of you standing for office. I' as well as many others had our suspicions that Jefferson didn't always get the required signatures. That is to say he never got the quota of names to make the application legit.
If pushed on this he would side step the question in such a way to make him sound like a very clever fraudster, without admitting it.
We all know the kind. The ones who say "would I do such a thing,,,wink wink"
But then again as Jefferson is a Walter Mitty character and wants everyone to think hes some kind of gangster he was maybe just playing to his over inflated ego

So' far be it from me to cast aspersions as to his honesty but if anyone from the electoral commission had the time, resources or could be bothered [ I did email them these facts when I walked away from the party] whose to say what could be uncovered if they looked back on earlier paperwork.

But then again is there much point ?
Griffin will be out in a few months and so will his tiny band of paid acolytes. Then so called election gurus and other party officers will be on the dole. At least they wont cost the country as much on job seekers allowance as they did in the European parliament !

Saturday, 1 March 2014

The enemy of your enemy is ‘not always’ your friend.

These last few weeks has seen the daily mail running a story about three senior labour figures. They were all involved with an organization that had links to a disgusting group called the Paedophile information exchange or P.I.E for short.
I’m not going to go into detail about PIE as its all getting covered in most of the media right now and if by some chance you have missed it Google will fill you in. I first heard of this story a few years ago, it’s one of the BNPs favourite propaganda stories.
It usually follows the same scenario ‘the establishment hate us [white people] and they hate their own people [white people] that’s why they allow these atrocities to take place’.

Anyone who has read this blog will know I’m no fan of many on the the left and the labour party. Ironically I’m very much a liberal and hold more left wing views than any other, but I can’t be on with the way the left justifies alliances with anyone who is anti-Britain or anti-American or allies with anyone simply because they are pro-minority.
It’s admirable that they defend minorities but sometimes they can’t see the harm they are doing by defending or allying with some elements just because they are a minority.
It’s simply they are stuck in his mind set and have been for years that
“The enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

Many times they don’t even bother checking out who their new found friends are. Many in the Antifascist movement have done this. They are supposed to be antifascist but have sided with a very fascist Islamist element.  The Islamists are against the EDL and BNP so they are okay in the blinkered mind-set of the antifascists and they have ‘in many cases’ joined forces.

Stop the war coalition started off with good intentions but have ended up being ran by Islamists and the respect party. The respect party. What a joke there is nothing respectful at all about their views. For respect party just read Islamism by the back door.

So back to Labour and PIE. Of course it’s disgusting and despicable that they formed an alliance with these sick creatures. Of course it’s inexcusable, disgusting and beyond rational thought. But’ this is the mistake the left keep making. Peter Tatchel has said that at the time the NF were openly campaigning against gay rights and PIE so ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ and he made a mistake unlike Harriet Harman he has apologised and set the record straight.

I’m in no way defending Labour or the left but I honestly can’t see these people going out of their way to allow harm done to anyone. Whether it is violent or sexual, it’s just this ridiculous thought process that they have adopted and refuse to shake off.
I think this mind-set has allowed Islamism, forced marriages, FGM and all this recent paedophilia scandals to go unchallenged. They didn't advocate any of this but this irrational thought process of blindly defending minorities [even paedophiles] has caused so much harm.

We need to get rid of this dangerous way that many people look at things. Sometimes we need to look at a minority and think ‘thank god they are a minority’ and stop allowing them to build and go unchallenged or so help us the minority could become the majority then we will all suffer.