Thursday, 10 March 2016

I want a green country.

For what its worth just a few musings on UK political parties.
BNP ....Okay that's covered . No more to be said. Racist arseholes.

UKIP. A bit like Donald Trump . They appear to be tapped into what Joe average worries about but just like Trump who is running to protect the rich, UKIP are basically there to protect the rich bankers and the city of London.
After all one thing Europe has tried to do is reign in the city but labour and the tories have fought them for years.
The city of London does need reigned in. The untold damage it does to this country and around the world is phenomenal. Plus the major problem I have with ukip is they deny climate change. They think it's a scam. They are not bloody racist as the like of the fools at hope not hate would have you believe, but they would be terrible for this country and indeed the planet.

Conservative. I actually had a meeting with my local tory group. It was partly to clear my name and partly to write about them at a later date !
So what impression did I get.
Genuinely nice people -Just old fashioned in their views and afraid of change. Thats the grass roots ones mind, I'm not saying the tory hierarchy  is like that all. They are ruled by greed).
I doubt very much that the local ones I met really cared about climate change but I bet they would all be on the streets to protect a thousand year old yew tree growing in their local church , which is great ( the yew tree bit)
They are just afraid of change and want to keep the status quo.
Yeah okay we all know that.
The point is though when you see the new left spitting at nice old people going to a tory or UKIP conference we  should all be disgusted.
Again its just the left making themselves feel morally superior.

Labour. I've  covered Blairs labour and good riddance to that shower of lieing scumbags . So we now have a more left wing labour party. Great, or it should be. If they weren't so engrossed in this left wing mentality of multiculturalism. Also they are bloody hypocrites.  They won't get rid of trident because it will cost jobs. You two faced sods.
So its okay to have weapons of mass destruction that could kill millions rather than putting a few thousand people on the dole. That's some fxxxxd up moral compass there.
The same goes for the arms trade. We need to get out of it. Yet one of the biggest antagonists for us staying in it are the unions because will cost jobs. Hypocrites. Yet they don't mind Britain being flooded with cheap labour and undercutting wages and conditions.

The greens. Sadly a disappointment.
I have covered why I went to my first BNP meeting. I have always been an environmentalist and one of the reasons I even listened to the BNP was because they actually have some very good environmental policies. Okay I found out that this is just the good stuff to hook you in. I have mentioned that a long term green activist also joined the party. She left as quickly as I did though when she got to know them. As I've stated so many times there is a very inconvenient truth about the BNP. Aside from the racism, homophobia,xenophobia and several other isms and phobias they are very left wing .

I'm not writing this to slag of the greens. They too are genuinely nice people. I want a green government....christ I want a green country !.
But not a government of just social workers teachers and therapists ( and thats not me slagging of these 3 professions) I want a green government that attracts the working class as well as the intellectual middle classes.
Sometimes mind this aloof intellectualism has just one result....  alienating the masses!

The greens policies are great and very few exceptions, except of course ...the blind compliance with open borders and multiculturalism.
I honestly don't get the mindset. I think the best way to describe them is like an adult with a child. They know whats best for the child and are very confident that their actions are the right thing for that child. Again, this is just a criticism and not a hate filled attack.
But sadly the British voting  population comprises of adults and this overbearing -I know best mentality-just alienates people to the real message. They don't appear to realise that just because they know what they are saying is right - and it usually is - that people should just flock to their message.
Sadly though they - like most on the left - forget something very important. They fail to take in human nature and how varied and complex we all are.  Every sane rational person when shown the truth of say , climate change would be concerned.
You show any rational person the profound benefits of going vegan and eating a whole food diet for yourself and the planet, they would never eat meat again.
Or by showing the huge disparities between the elite and the rest of us and everyone would wake up.
Sadly though we are humans. We're fallible and lazy. Some people want to put their head in the sand, it's more comforting. Some people will fight you when you try to show them, because they are afraid to face the truth.
So find a better way to show them.

This is where the environmental movement has been failing for years.  They don't appeal to the masses. They don't speak their language. It's no good having a few thousand people being concerned with the environment....We need millions....billions!
Its as if they know they are getting nowhere yet they are so detached, they actually can not see what real people are concerned with. And if they could only grasp that normal people are preoccupied with scraping by and could acknowledge this, and connect with them then just maybe these very same people will hear the other messages and start to see what's wrong with the county and the world.
Several months ago I did email the greens and said that they need to get involved in the immigration debate. I stated that it concerns millions of people and they should not ignore it. ....they never replied.
As I say -I'm not slagging of the greens- it's just critisicim. To me the fight is far more important than any party loyalty. This is one of the reasons the world is in such a state. Why does one have to be left or right ?
We need to make the global fight non political. Left,  right liberal,  Conservative etc.
As long as we are all so,preoccupied with tribal politics and getting no where the planet is doomed.

So in short if left Wing parties don't actually wake up and start remembering that they are supposed to represent everyone we are doomed to Cameron and his school chums for years. It's ironic isn't it that the left are biggest champions of democracy yet they tend to dismiss that it's the people who vote them in democratically. That means their voices should be listened to and not just dismissed.

Please left wing parties loose the left wing arrogant mentality before its to late.

Just one more thing I watched a really interesting programme . George Galloway  interviewing Nigel Farage with regards to leaving the EU. They both want out and they are working together for that aim.  Christ's sake two men I have no time for as a rule but they are working together because they both get it.
We live in a democracy.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

We need liberalism but without the far left mentality.

Europe is in the throws of anarchy. This twisted form of liberalism that has invaded our very physce is going to end up destroying us.
For years this idiocy has ruled, it has become the mantra for our authorities and government.
"Multiculturalism is good". Speaking out against it is bad.

The sad thing is people don't appear to be bothered any more. People have always closed their eyes to inconvenient truths.
It's too scary to to many people to actually look around at what is happening. 
But now its as if it's gone viral. The vast amount of people are so preoccupied with their status or what BS is on the TV they are actually closing their  eyes to what is going on.

Sadly the only people who are getting angry are the tattooed fxxx nuts who march for idiotic orgs like the EDL or the BNP.
There's nothing wrong with speaking out against multiculturalism or immigration,especially the wrong kind of immigrant. But sadly to voice an opinion against allowing all the refugees into Europe is met with derision and contempt. 
All together now -racist. 

It's got nothing to do with race. As I've mentioned so many times in this blog I can't wait until there are no countries,  no borders, global equality etc BUT, it has to be done correctly. 
We can't just open the borders and let anyone in.
One day when the world is more uniform and all countries have the same standard of living etc then yes, open borders.  But sadly to do so now is suicide.
After all there's not many people wanting to move to sub Saharan Africa or the middle east is there.

As far as I'm concerned when it comes to the refugees we need to help the children first.  They had no hand in this catastrophe.  
Then the women because they tend to get a rough deal in these backward countries. 
The men. Well the men, who tend to make up the vast amount of refugees should be dealt with in refugee camps.
While I'm on about the men, why don't we mention an inconvenient truth. Why are they all fleeing rather than fight for a better country. 
It's a good job that this mentality didn't prevail in the UK when the nazis where on the march isn't it. 
It's a good job that the young men at the time stood there ground and fought rather than run away.

I fail to see how these so called liberals can shut their eyes to what is happening. 
Women get raped and assaulted in Norway, Sweden,Germany etc. 
Grooming gangs in the UK.
Terrorist sympathisers and religious zealots. Homo phobics,  bigots and racists.
and we all know the inconvenient truth don't we. They all have one thing in common! !!
Most are from one religion!

Of course there are nutters in all religion's but only these fake liberals which run our establishment will keep denying this very real truth. There is a problem with Islam.

I'm a real liberal. I believe strongly in race equality,  gender equality, sexual orientation equality,  employment equality. Christ to make it short I believe in equality,  full stop.
These fake liberals believe in equality for white people. And they believe that all races should be equal. But that's where their liberalism ends and their hypocrisy takes over. They have no desire to push real equality on others. They have no desire to enforce women's rights etc they are to busy bending over backwards because they have to -appreciate their culture.
How dare these left wing fools call themselves liberals.
The only way to save this country is not nationalism or patriotism, it's liberalism. But the real thing.