Monday, 13 November 2017

The new right

So, I've just watched the new ITV documentary about the new far right in Britain.
Ffs they are getting worse ,more extreme, and let's be honest- full of ethno- nationalists,neo Nazis, anti Semites - in other words ... morons.

However, I fully sympathise with many of the fears they hold regarding multiculturalism and Islam.
The big problem I have, and have had for years now is....this flag waving, uber patriotic, ethno nationalistic bullshit.

I don't give a damn about a piece of coloured material. I really don't put any emphasis on anything in history. Its history. Its full of good and bad- for and against most ethnicities.

I really don't care if your black, white or brown or even a klingon.
I don't care about where your from, where your ancestors are from.
What I do care about is living in a modern Europe and a modern world that values equality...full stop.

That means equality of colour, sex and sexuality.

The fact that we are allowing  belief systems to spread that does not hold these basic values worries me ; and the main problem is Islam.
But unlike the far right I'm not saying everything in Islamic cultures is bad- just some of it.
I'm not wanting to get bogged down with the finer detail.
Is it the religion or the culture which is to blame?
I really don't think its important.
We get so immersed in which ones to blame we tie ourselves in knots.

The far right want us to have nothing to do with any other ethnicity, culture or religion, except good old Anglo- Saxon white British.


Give me a country and a world with no tribes, religions,sects ,even countries- eventually.
But this capitulation to backwards ideas is ridiculous.
Immigration is good. It encourages understanding and piece. Positive immigration that is.
Negative immigration however ,fosters, distrust, dislike and disharmony.
Why won't our stupid  leaders see this very obvious fact ?

I long for the day that people will start marching-solemnly and dignified- for a modern society.
Free from inequality based on archaic superstitions and stories about sky fairies.. Not tattooed, semi literate, beer swilling foul mouthed cretins who bang on about patriotism and British culture of which most will have never read a book about it !

And finally just because I despise the far right and nationalism I'm not one to jump on the - every member or sympathiser is guilty of been a racist or fascist.- that kind of mindset belongs to the fools at hope not hate and the so called anti fascists.

So saying that, I've met Anne Marie waters once. I liked her . I don't buy into this 'ohhh she's a racist'.
I honestly don't think she is . I think she's angry, and let's face it-aren't a lot of us

And I hope that she isn't letting her anger allow her to become friends with people who also worry about Islam but also hold very unpalatable views about race and nationalism- such as Nazi boy collett and Britain First..After all I did. it. I got angry and joined the BNP.

If she ever read this , or even Tommy Robinson I would plead with them... Lose the flags. Replace the marching with dignified protest. Get rid of the uneducated beer drinking arseholes who are just pissed of that they are doing nothing with their lives blame someone else.

I really do look forward to a future for mankind free from tribalism because of where your from or the colour of your skin. A future with progressive people lookin to the future and not lookin to the past. Or upwards to some bloody ridiculous superstitious bullshit about god, Allah, Mohammed, Vishnu, Buddha and the myriad of other stories we have wrapped ourselves in to make us less afraid of the dark.
One day maybe, one day !

PS. I know I said nearly a year ago that this blog was closed but things are worse now than ever  so don't hold it against me.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Brexit means brexit.....The last post

So there we have it, Theresa May has set out the terms for brexit.
I voted to leave but I still have an over riding sense that it didn't have to be like this. The European union could have worked if... the arrogant politicians both here and in Strasbourg had listened to the people.
Instead their point bank denial in any problems with the union and their staggering arrogance allowed parties like Ukip to take over the debate. Similarly we now have these parties on the up throughout Europe.

If the union had only listened to people and their concerns perhaps we would be looking forward to a bright future in Europe.
I genuinely believe that most people don't care about flags, culture or patriotism and other such nonsense. But the problem was we were forced to respect and embrace other people's...No matter how backwards or regressive. This is one of the main reasons we are leaving the union.

So here's hoping the UK doesn't disappear back to the fifties mindset and become regressive. I like many people want to live in a modern and progressive country. Free from religion and cultural constraints.

As I write this the clock is running is down to the inauguration of Donald Trump. Just like here in the UK he wasn't voted for because he's the best candidate, but because the people are fed up with the political elite.
I for one sincerely hope that Trump and brexit work. To wish other wise is madness.
But I don't hold out much hope.
The biggest concern I have for trump is his compete denial on climate change. This is the big threat. Everything else is small in comparison.
Sadly though this climate change denial goes hand in hand with right wing parties and mindsets. They think that the liberal elite lie and force their wills on us plebs         ( yeah I can agree with that) but then they think every thing is a lie.
NO' not everything is a lie !

So' apart from climate change ( we are screwed) it's hard to see what future lies ahead of us. Myself I'm going for between -terrible and cataclysmic.
Therefore this is the last posting on this blog. Here's hoping that we can pull our selves out of this mess...But I doubt it.
I'm going to open a bottle of whiskey find a nice quiet spot and watch the world go to even more shit than it already is...