Wednesday, 27 July 2016


When are our leaders going to wake up this very real threat. It's not just about terrorism. It's about the growing number of moderate muslims who believe in the nonsense that the quran spouts. The more adherents to this nonsense the more the fanatics can take hold; then take over.
To make matters worse the more islam pushes and taunts us the more we apologise to it.
Every time a bomb goes of, instead of taking action against the cause- Islam- we give them even more.
Every time they take offence at something so childish- like a fireman Sam cartoon- we bend over even more for them.
Why the hell are we so concerned about  people who believe in sky fairies feelings.

It's as if we're trying to tell them 'look don't hurt us , we're your friends'.  Our response is absolutely pathetic. Neither wonder islam and muslims treat us with disdain.
For Christ's sake I wouldnt respect a society that acted like this either.

I've wrote this in earlier postings and I will say it again....the left is racist. Not in the way that were familiar with but it's a condescending and patronising racism.

It looks at muslims as a parent looks at a child. The child has just thrown its dummy out of the pram. The parent may be annoyed, but they dont tell the child off, in fact they might just ignore it.  The parent understands that the child is not as developed or inteligent yet .

The regressive left are the parent and the child is Islam. In other words white regressive liberals are looking at muslims as if they don't know any better and we have to be patient with them.
If we want to save Europe we have to get rid of this pathetic patronising mindset that has permeated right through our society.

I started this blog to combat racism and fascism. Islam is racist and fascist.

I'm afraid if we don't take drastic actions soon Europe will be unrecognisable as a continent of reason , science and progress.

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