Wednesday, 31 August 2016

An old BNP member

So last night I bumped into a guy who was in the BNP with me. We grabbed a beer and a catch up.

He was pretty much like me. Sick of not being listened to .
When you get called a racist because you care about mass immigration eventually you just think "sod it no one is listening "and you get suckered into joining an organisation like the BNP.

He left when I did.  Disillusioned with the party and disgusted that they were what people said they were.
He had a very similar story to me. He got used to the thrill of going up against the self opinionated regressive left wing. These cretins push people further into groups like the BNP and EDL.
I've mentioned many times how they pushed me further in. I actively went looking for conflict with these morons. And if I'm honest...I miss it.

When you get called racist and Nazi just because you think to many people are coming here and that we are bending over backwards for regressive cultures and religions it doesn't have the effect of making you change your thinking.
You get angry and think 'fxxx it' and commit more to the party.

When I left I was approached by several left wing- so called anti Nazi orgs to expose the BNP. But it was heavily implied that I had to have a Damascan conversion and say 'everythings great and there's no problems in the UK'.
I couldn't do that  and that's how this blog came to be .

The problems that made me join the BNP are still there. In fact I think things are in many respects worse. If ukip hadn't come along the BNP or something similar would be doing very well.
UKIP is becoming irrelevant since brexit so the danger of the far right could come back.

Thank god it has become acceptable to voice concerns about mass immigration and Islam. But if some fool like Corbyn gets any power I can see a huge surge of people looking for representation will look for anyone to follow.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

This blog is for equality

I shouldn't have to clarify ...again....where I'm coming from with this blog but to many people get the wrong message.

I got involved in nationalism out of anger. I learnt how stupid that mindset is and walked away.

I hate religion. No surprise there. This blog is full of my views on religion.
Unfortunately though some people email me and even some friends think I'm sinking back into the far right mentality; just because I have a go at Islam.

Religion is like nationalism.  It's backwards divisive and regressive.

To slag of Islam is no different to slagging of a mindset that proclaims one nation, colour or ethnicity is more superior to another.
It never ceases to amaze me that in the world of social media I have far more positive feedback from Asian, African, Muslim  (progressive) etc  than I do from white people.

There is a taboo that has permeated through the physce of so many white people that to criticise someone of different ethnicity or religon is tantamount to racism or bigotry. Absolute bullshit.

So again,... to clarify.
I'm a liberal. A staunch liberal. I believe in equality; no exceptions on religious grounds.
I'm an atheist and I want religion completely cleansed from the political arena. I make no apologies for thinking it's the most regressive and retarded mindset that we as a species have .

Any -and I mean any- laws or practises that have grounding in religon need abolished.

We need to promote progress based on science and reason and ignore completely the childish wailing coming from the religious.
The planet and therfore us are in real trouble. Religon is making us look away from the real problems that we are facing.

So please look past your white guilt and naval gazing.
This blog amongst other things is about equality.
It's against racism.
A belief system or idea propagated by a white ,black or brown person that is backward or divisive is an open target. To me that's real equality.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Religion is a mental illness.

There are millions of us who are so fed up with the bullshit that is religion, especially Islam.
Why do we have to respect peoples feelings when they choose to believe in the most ludicrous nonsense.

Christianity was brought into mainstream existence by emperor Constantine in the 4th century. The roman empire was falling apart.  He needed something to unite all the different clans, tribes and countries under his control. He got the biggest story tellers together and they put many of the best tales together in one book-The bible.

Skip forward to the 7th century and the same scenario happened again. Only this time with the Arab countries.
If Mohamed did exist he must have thought-hmm them Christians have sorted out their differences,  I wonder if I can do the same with the Arab tribes.
And if Mohamed didn't  exist someone basically had the same idea and invented a figurehead.
After all this had already been done with Jesus. No one can be sure if he existed, or was just conjured up as a figure head.
If either Mohamed or Jesus did exist though they must have been phsycotic to think they were the son of god-as Jesus did- or had spoken to god -as Mohamed did.

At the time humanity knew nothing about life, death or the universe. We worshipped hundreds of different gods. The Christian god just rose to the top of the popular belief system.
Before he was elevated up to an all powerful god he was just a genie who lived on top of  mountain; his name was Yahweh.
Likewise until Mohamed-or his creators- elevated Allah to the exalted position he was just a moon god.

So here we are a one and a half millennia later and these fables are still dragging the Human  race down.

People like me get called islamophobic for laughing at the ridiculous belief system that is Islam.
Christianity can on the whole take this criticism.We broke the taboo years ago. We had the likes of Dave Allen, Father Ted, Monty Python etc who went out of their way to poke fun at god and Jesus.

We need someone to do the same with Islam. We need a 'life of Muhamed' movie.  A parody of the absurdness  of Islam and how ridiculous it is. Christ if I had the money I would fund it myself.
But there's one thing we can all do now.  We can all take the piss and we can criticise We can all refuse to be labelled as racist or islamophobic.

Our leaders are spineless and bow before this ridiculous ideology  but we don't have to. We can fight back at least with satire and jokes. Islam doesn't deserve respect, and it shouldn't get any.