Wednesday, 20 July 2016

This is the regressive left in a nut shell

Months ago, before the general election, I emailed the greens with a blog posting about how if they wish to get anywhere they need to talk about and listen to peoples concerns about immigration. I never heard anything back.....until today.

The original email I sent mentioned how like it or not a majority of the UK population have real concerns about immigration especially Muslim immigration.
Below is a part of the reply. I'm not hiding the rest I just don't think it's relevant. It's just small talk. Anyways back to the relative segment of the email.

The greens reply

My view is that despite austerity, we live in a privileged country, and that Tory and right-wing Labour politics (in fact, all mainstream politics in the privileged countries) is designed to keep it that way, and resist justified calls for change from the rest of the world for more fairness, and more sensible (ie, sustainable) policies.
Radical muslims, radical anyone, in fact, are more likely ignorant, or simplistic or righteously angry, than they are evil . . . like a toddler striking their parent . . . not really to annihilate them and take control of their home, but because frustration has got the better of them.
So enlightened foreign policy is the best way to deal with Radical Islam 

For me this guy has exemplied exactly what is wrong with the regressive left. 
For me this answer is racist. It's condescending and patronising.

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