Sunday, 3 July 2016

Let Islam defend itself

The attrocities carried out by radical adherents to Islam seem  to be picking up pace.
Its worth remembering though that most attrocities effect muslims.
What happens in the west is terrible and one attack is to many but muslims get it far worse.

But as always when a bomb goes of or a coward with a gun starts killing people because they are the wrong religion, sect colour or gender, our meek and feeble Politicains and commentators jump immediately to the defence of Islam. 'Islam is  a religion of peace' or 'this is not what islam represents'.
Well I'm sorry but this is exactly what islam represents. It's what all religion's represent.
If you believe in one made up deity you have to deny others who worship another made up deity. Thats what religion does. It pits insecure naive and impressionable people againt each other.

People need to stop defending Islam.  Stop being so obsesed with ethnic or culure sensitivities.

Islam has been around for 1500 years. It was started by a man who thought he spoke to a god. Or a man who knew that he didn't speak to god but craved power. Either way it's all a bit silly to say the least.

So please white liberals and lefties stop defending dark ages power trips or schizophrenia, or Islam will never mature, or hopefully go the way as christianity and start to fade away

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