Thursday, 1 September 2016

Support ex muslims

After my last post I received an email accusing me of being against muslims. I knew I would , I expected it.
A Muslim is not  a race or an ethnicity. It's a choice.  A choice that is thrust on you by your parents or where you happen to be born.
Okay there are converts, but these tend to be people desperately seeking something in their lives. We used to have annoying born again Christians.  Now we have born again muslims. Usually middle class white people with a history of partying.

I am not slagging people of for being muslim. I'm slagging people of for choosing to be muslim. I slag people of for choosing to  be  Christians or jews as well.
Since doing this blog I have met and spoke to many brave men and women who have used their intelligence to see that islam is a scam, just like the others.

They have bravely turned their backs on this ridiculous belief system. They made a conscious choice to join the modern human race . These are genuine heroes. It's a shame that they get no backing from anyone in the political arena.  These are the ex muslims.

So if you want to believe I'm being racist-tough. I can't be responsible for your ignorance.
This blog is not against race, colour or ethnicity.
It's against moronic and  prejudiced belief systems of the far right ,far left, Religion ,culture and traditions.
All of these are free will. You have the choice to chain yourself to them or you have the choice to be free.

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