Sunday, 11 September 2016

Racist sikhs

55 men have just been arrested after they stormed a sikh the UK. They were protesting against mixed marriages.
These cretins are absolutely no different to white supremacists like the kkk or the national front.
The fact that this is going on in Britain is shocking. This kind of archaic bullshit should be kept in some third world country shithole where it belongs.

I will bet that the police treat them with kid gloves because it's a- cultural thing.
If it was 55 tattooed idiots from the national front I bet the police  wouldn't have been so tactful and understanding.

I will also put money on it that we hear not one word of condemnation from them multiculturalist fanatics at hope not hate, searchlight or the UAF.
Likewise not a word will be uttered from labour the liberals or the greens.

There's a new report due out that says we have to stand up for British values.  I'm not even sure what this means. Surely we should just stand up for modernism and progress. No matter who you are white, Sikh or Muslim supremacist. You should be treat the same- like a pariah on civilisation.


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