Monday, 19 September 2016

We've got it all wrong

We have created ourselves a multicultural hell hole.
In Europe ,Australia and America we should have ,from day one, had zero tolerance towards backwards religious and cultural practise's.
We should have welcomed the people of the world to our shores ,but only if they wished to live in a modern secular society.
Our uber liberal views that states all cultures are equally valid is going to end up destroying us.

Idiots like the NF and the bnp want to preserve our culture and traditions. Why?
It's not about preserving our culture and traditions it's about not tolerating regressive and backwards ones.

I don't know how we can stop this. Our political leaders are so brainwashed with this bs it's hard to see a way out. Australia has just passed a blasphemy law.
Who for you may ask.
Isn't it obvious !

I have been doing this blog for a few years now and I'm constantly thinking ,why ?
Why have we allowed this.
Fools like Nick Griffin say it's a Jewish conspiracy to enslave the world. Christ I'm not going to explain this,it's totally mad.
Then there's the eurabia theory, again propagated by the right.
What is to be achieved with a eurabia? . Again I'm not even going to explain it. It's crazy.

Myself I go for the most obvious answer.
Society is a living breathing organism. It's as if it has a mind of its own. The more members of that society think a certain way the more it spreads out and becomes the norm. This has so many good outcomes.
Racism and homophobia are a lot less than they were when I was a kid -well in the non muslim population.

So many good things come from this societal mindset. Sadly though we don't differentiate between the bad and good. Barbaric practices like halal and cosha are allowed.
Idiots flaying themselves with knives in worship of some moon god . Young girls being mutilated because some Arab said so >1500 years ago.

Our leaders past and present meed to hang their heads in shame for what they have done to Europe, America and Australia.
The world is getting smaller.  Climate change is making people move in masses.
Unless we stop this madness and fiercely defend what our countries have become, they will cease to be. Generations will look back and think how did this happen. What were we thinking.

It's not racist ,xenophobic or bigoted to say leave your culture, traditions and religion in your country of origin. Your welcome here but  you have to modernise and live like a human being in the 21 St century.
If we don't we are finished

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