Friday, 2 September 2016

An attack on religion

Right this blog was set up to counter the far right.  But there are other pernicious and vile ideologies out there.
Religion, culture and tradition are some of the biggest reasons for suffering and backwardness on this planet. Religion itself is evil at its very core. It sets people against each other and festers a mindset of them and us.
I think it's disgusting that it's only ever nationalism and patriotism that is targeted.
So here's my attempt at targeting the moronic mindset that is religion.

Christians believe that a virgin ( yeah right, I've met girls who do something they regret on alcohol as well) gave birth to the son of god . Who then on his father's knowledge got nailed to a piece of wood to forgive man for his sins ( the same guy who created the world yet couldn't just go shazam ..forgiven) the son of god then climbed down of said piece of wood , bumped into an old mate and wasn't recognised ....cos cos he looked different. He then bugered  of to live with his dad . The same arsehole who allowed him to be sacrificed and it turns out they were the same person all along......that's some weird Stephen King shite right there .

Muslims. believe that some pervy paedophile schizophrenic thought he spoke to a god. Then told all the Arabs about it. They went" duh okay,sounds reasonable we will follow you"
He then got loads of slaves and a child bride ( but he was so honourable he didn't molest her till she was nine) . He then convinced loads of other muppetts to kill anyone who thought 'hold on this f****** has gone a bit tonto ' he then flew up to the moon and hit it and cracked it in half . And he was so clever about it no on else on the planet saw the moon with a big fecking crack in it. Even Thor thought f*** that was bit much ,

Jews.  You really think your the chosen people and some guy in the sky thought that much of you he said here have the best land. The best land in a fecking desert. Why not a Caribbean paradise ?
You believe the bs  that much that you chop the end of your sons dicks off. Wtf.
And what about the idiots who wear black hats and ringlets. You look like the cast of fiddler on the roof ffs. And what's with the square cube you tie round your head then Bob against a two thousand year old wall to talk to your invisible friend..

To all three of you .you without a doubt the biggest bunch of arseholes to walk this earth.

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