Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Merkels fall from grace and the rise of the right

So Angela Merkel is loosing huge support in Germany.  Good.
Several years ago Tony Blair opened the doors to eastern Europeans. The result ,we were flooded with cheap labour from Poland. Since then we have been flooded with cheap labour from other eastern European countries.  
He did this to bolster labours support. 
It worked,  for a while.

But labours main support came from the block voting muslims in British society. The irrational appeasement of barbaric traditions and turning a blind eye to paedophiles and radicals really bolstered the huge input on their power form British muslims. 

Tony Blair then Gordon Brown,single handedly helped to build the bnp. It wasn't Nick Griffin that did this. 
Them two fools disenfranchised so many British voters they felt they had no where else to go. 
If nick Griffin hadn't been a backwards ethno nationalist perhaps they could have taken some real power. But most people are like myself. They don't care about the colour of someones skin or where they are from. They don't care about mixed race marriages and retarded bullshit about our ancestry and the 'white race'. Most people just want to live in a country that is familiar and safe.

Now, fast forward to now. If we had thrown open our doors like Merkel has done to a religion and culture that is vastly different to our modern civilised society. The bnp would have definitely taken some power.

These people are supposed to be clever. We want to our leaders to be just that. But here's another instance of just how stupid they are. They have an arrogant belief in themselves and their judgement but that's it. Any person in any pub or Cafe can see what they are doing wrong. 

Tony Blair threw open our doors to Poland for votes and loads of cheap labour. He had brought in the minimum wage, for Brits so can you blame business people for looking at all the cheap labour now available to them.

Germany has a falling population just like the rest of Europe. So Merkel thought 'hmm a perfect opportunity to get loads of immigrants'. Arrogantly or stupidly though she didn't realise who they were letting in.
Religion and culture is the most important thing to most of these incomers. If she wanted immigrants she should have made it attractive to other developed and civilised countries. Not thousands of misogynistic uber religious cavemen.

Yes the right is on the rise across Europe but, Europeans are not becoming right wing nazis. Far from it.
I love Europe I've travelled much of it. I love the people. We may have our slight difference but basically were the same. Now we have the hordes of people with a completely differently moral guidance system and view of life invading us. Neither wonder Europeans -black ,white and brown-are worried. And neither wonder the right is rising. 
Merkel and the rest of the elitist in Europe and further afield has caused this.

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