Monday, 19 September 2016

isis is Islam.

This blog is to confront racism and fascism. Religion is both. If your dumb enough to believe that isis does not represent islam you are wrong or stupid...or both.
The westbro baptist church represents Christianity perfectly as well. You can not avoid this.
Want proof, read their holy books.

We have this mantra every time something is done in islams name- this does not represent islam.
Well hell yes it does.
Isis and the westbro baptist church and equally the anti gay brutality in Nigeria is everything to do with islam and Christianity.
Just because your gran goes to church every Sunday and is a pillar of the community does not excuse Christianity.
Your gran is a hypocrite. She is not following her own religion to the letter. Chances are she has never read the bible.

Everything isis does is religious. They are allowed to be because of main stream islam. I'm not going to use the words moderate islam , there's no such thing. perhaps if there any moderates out there they just haven't read their book properly.

The best thing we can do to combat religion violence is to stop making excuses for the religion itself.

I mean come on any adult with 2 brain cells can see it's utter nonsense. It's a scary the way that our world leaders all pay lip service to the invisible man in the sky.
Islam is backwards.  It's homophobic. It's racist. It's sexist.
Isis and the westbro baptist church are truly believers. It's writing down in their mad books. Can we stop denying this.

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