Sunday, 28 August 2016

This blog is for equality

I shouldn't have to clarify ...again....where I'm coming from with this blog but to many people get the wrong message.

I got involved in nationalism out of anger. I learnt how stupid that mindset is and walked away.

I hate religion. No surprise there. This blog is full of my views on religion.
Unfortunately though some people email me and even some friends think I'm sinking back into the far right mentality; just because I have a go at Islam.

Religion is like nationalism.  It's backwards divisive and regressive.

To slag of Islam is no different to slagging of a mindset that proclaims one nation, colour or ethnicity is more superior to another.
It never ceases to amaze me that in the world of social media I have far more positive feedback from Asian, African, Muslim  (progressive) etc  than I do from white people.

There is a taboo that has permeated through the physce of so many white people that to criticise someone of different ethnicity or religon is tantamount to racism or bigotry. Absolute bullshit.

So again,... to clarify.
I'm a liberal. A staunch liberal. I believe in equality; no exceptions on religious grounds.
I'm an atheist and I want religion completely cleansed from the political arena. I make no apologies for thinking it's the most regressive and retarded mindset that we as a species have .

Any -and I mean any- laws or practises that have grounding in religon need abolished.

We need to promote progress based on science and reason and ignore completely the childish wailing coming from the religious.
The planet and therfore us are in real trouble. Religon is making us look away from the real problems that we are facing.

So please look past your white guilt and naval gazing.
This blog amongst other things is about equality.
It's against racism.
A belief system or idea propagated by a white ,black or brown person that is backward or divisive is an open target. To me that's real equality.

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