Saturday, 11 June 2016

Eddie Izzard is right........but only in utopian world that doesn't yet exist

Just watched Thursdays question time.
Again a mouthpiece for the left is shouting down people who don't share his left wing views on life and the world.
The truth is-Eddie Izzard is right. Hope not hate and searchlight are right. The green party is right.
I hope you haven't shut my page down with anger and sincerely hope you read to the end.

The left wing of politics,  philosophy,  sociology economics etc etc are usually right about so many of  the deep moral issues the problem is though that they dont live in the real world. They don't live in this world , they exist in some post capitalist world were everyone is equal and there are no rich or poor people.

Christ sakes , I really want to live in that world to, I bet  most of us do !

But' they do not have the humility to see that even though most people want to live in that world with them, the masses generally have concerns, very real concerns that effect them in this
Yes ' of course there are the racists and the xenophobes but these are very few.

The left condemn normal people for being worried about islam in this country.
They also condescendingly look down their noses at anyone who worries about mass immigration.
They arrogantly think they know better than people with concerns.

Yes I want to live in a completely  equal world.
Religous equality and equality to call religion bullshit. Gender equality where women are 100 percent equal to  men. Sexual equality where gay straight or bi , it doesn't matter a damn (sadly though the left as we know defend non native customs and traditions of unfairness, or at least just ignore them)
They fail to see that free movement of people only results in the masses moving from poor country to another  richer country. Never the other way round. We all know how many eastern Europeans have moved here but we're never told how  many brits have moved there.  I would wager its very few.
The left are correct on so many issues but some common sense and humility for people who disagree with them would go a long way and perhaps help to build this utopian world they-and most of us crave.

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