Tuesday, 14 June 2016

God / Allah doesn't exist......grow up

Why do we placate religious people. Why do we treat them with kid gloves and above all else why do allow them a default position of being a good person because they 'have faith'.
Yes people like the Orlando shooter are thankfully rare and yes most Muslims are no doubt decent people just trying to get along on this world. But the trouble is they like many Christians are too focused on this imaginary next world.

Christianity was once the overwhelming evil on this planet. The absolute horrific shit done in its name is staggering. Let's be honest Islam is a runner up when it comes to barbarity. But that said, Islam is the problem now !
To deny it is foolish.  A Religion where forced marriage,  honour killings and fgm are far more common than they should be is obviously a breeding ground for extremism.

A society that has liberal views, where all are equal and freedom of thought and expression is paramount does not have as many fanatics as a society that has very defined and backward views on sexuality and gender.

A society that is patriarchal, misogynistic and homophobic will produce more radical fanatics than one that is free and open. We need to face this, we need to accept it and deal with it.

The reason idiots like Griffin were listened to and even scarier massive idiots like
Trump could actually be the leader of the free world is because our so called intelligent leaders refuse to accept this.
They are too bogged down with multiculturalism and this ridiculous belief that all cultures and belief systems are equal.

We don't need to ban people coming to live amongst us. But we should not bend over backwards to accommodate someones views just because they are different to our own no matter how abhorrent the underlying context and narrative is.
It's not about accepting our culture it's about accepting equality, liberalism and modernity. It's about being an individual and thinking for yourself.

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