Tuesday, 14 June 2016

So the Orlando killer may have had gay feelings.

This is no surprise.
Why do some guys hate gays so much?

I've always believed that  many guys who are so homophobic are that way because they are insecure about their own feelings.
Maybe they have one time briefly looked at a guy and thought 'Christ he's handsome'
It may be something subtle like they prefer the company of other men and may be concerned about that this means
Or it may mean that they out and out fancy other guys and are afraid that if society changed and being gay was completely accepted they may not be able to control themselves and become promiscuous men chasers.
Does this thought scare them that much?.
Is this where this anger is coming from?

We've all met them. Men who are so homophobic that you can't help thinking 'Christ you protest a bit much don't you '
Well listen guys, I think yeah a lot of the above could be true but I believe that in many cases it's just the way many societies have programmed their citizens to behave.
We have very backward views on what constitutes manhood. A man has to be in charge, aggressive, dominant etc. We have very screwed up views in what a man and a woman should behave like.  Christ look at any high street on a Saturday night. Lads have to be buff, tattooed and macho. Women have to be dressed like dolls ,sex objects and basically undo everything that femists have fought for.

Look at what's happening in Russia, absolutely disgusting.
Both Stephen Fry and Reggie Yates have done programmes about how homophobic Russian society is becoming- ever since Putin has gotten more power....A man who by the way loves to ride horseback-topless. Goes hunting-topless.
Hmm is anyone else's gaydar going off.
Look whats happening in France now with the Russian ultra nationals. Blokes who join up together and take pics -topless- of how hard they are.  Is it just me or these lot so far back in the closet they are in Narnia.

When a man tries to suppress his sexuality it can manifest itself in other ways. If it didn't we would have as many bike gangs, football hooligans,doormen or even  isis?

The bnp is full of this kind of mentality. They hate gays. I've listened to the vitriol spouted by people like Clive Jefferson and others in the party. They really believe that homosexuality could bring down civilisation (and there are many fruity stories about what Jefferson used to get up to when he was a doorman, and most didn't involve women)!
Putin has said as much "if we allow homosexuality to become the norm Russians will stop having children and we are finished as a nation"
Hmm so what your saying Vladimir is that if being gay was legal all Russian men would become Friends of Dorothy and fans of Kylie and Elton.

Back to the BNP, the fake machoism in the BNP is laughable. Its all hugs and manly handshakes. Big talk about how hard our ancestors were and of course self defence clasees- shirtless in a feild somewhere!.

Owen Jones was right yesterday for walking of sky TV.
The presenter refused to equate the barbarity in Orlando with an attack on the LGBT  community. In doing so they are denying a very real and scary truth. There is a war being fought against gay people. They are, in many cretins eyes, a legitimate target. We need to face this and fight this backwards narrative. Mind you I'm very aware that Owen Jones tends to suffer from the left wing bias of defending Islam no matter what. I hope he walked off because he quite rightly wanted the attack to be noted that it was a homophobic atthack and that he wasn't just trying to defect the blame of Islam , of which he has a history of blinkered vision. Whether it was a homophobic attack or not it stemmed from religion, it stemmed from Islam. A belief system which should be left out of the civilised world.

It's also very note worthy that every other attack is well coverd by the BNP. After all they want us to distrust all muslims. Yet they have not mentioned this shooting at all. Why ? They don't care about gays, they believe it's an aboration. when I was with them two of my freinds who were in a same sex relationship wanted to come to a meeting, they to were fed up with uncontrolled immigration. Clive Jefferson could not understand why I wanted them to attend.
This was near the end of my involvemnt with this party of cave dwellers and neanderthals.
And just one other thing. The silence not only comes from the far right. The websites of HnH and UAF are very quiet on this attrocity as well. For them it's a different reason they don't want to run any stories that could malign their pet cause -islam.

This is going to make me very unpopular but here's a link to Katy Hopkins article on the same. I agree with a lot- not all- of what she says.


Anyone who has ever read this blog will know I don't fit into a nice cozy little bracket of left and right. I hold right wing views and left wing views. ..This is healthy. Unlike Corbyns labour or Bennett Greens , and let's be honest just about every left wing media outlet or spokesperson. It's like they get stuck in a ever decreasing circle of 'leftism' and they tie themselves in such a knot they are unable to see common  sense anymore and blindly follow the mantra.....All minorities are good, if we treat them nice they in turn will be nice to us.

Sexual equality and sexual rights are one of the most important things that we as a world need to deal with and religion is one of the biggest stumbling blocks to equality.

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