Sunday, 12 June 2016

Another atrocity.....but it has nothing to do with religion????

Again an inadequate man with a gun has opened fire on innocent people.  This time in a gay nightclub in Orlando. I will put money on it that by the end of the day all the left wing groups and anti racist orgs will be singing the same song "this had nothing to do with religion"

Why are we so afraid to say 'yeah this actually has everything to do with religion'
All religion's are backward and screwed up and at this particular moment in time it's Islam that is head and shoulders above the rest.
Any thought process or control system like Religion. that tells you women are inferior to men and should obey their husbands. Or that gay people are evil and should be thrown of buildings needs eradicating from this planet.
Why can we not shout this from tall buildings and demand that the major religion's are no better than cults. We are allowed to poke fun at Jehovah's witnesses or Mormons yet if we dare pick on Islam we must be phobic.

Islam is backwards. It's homophobic, sexist,  misogynist, racist ...just like Christianity. The only difference is that on the whole Christianity has had an enlightenment,  Islam hasn't.
Yeah there are some backward arsed countries like Nigeria that practice an older form of Christianity but on the whole Islamic countries win hands down for being neanderthal and barbaric.
We in the west should be champions of liberalism , free speech and tolerance yet far to often we let liberalism and free speech be a conduit for arseholes to spout hatred.

So Islam ,like Christianity,  grow up!
But Islam in particular if one of your brain washed devotees want to live like a savage then at least we should not let them in the civilised western nations.
One should not be called a phobic for hating an intolerant religion. One should  not be called racist for saying that they don't want bigots living amongst us.

I've said this before but screw citizenship tests. If someone wants to live in the civilised west they need to answer one question 'do you want to live in a liberal and civilised  country and do you swear to abide by a code of modernity and equality'
-and this includes people born in the west like the evil arsehole in Florida- if no then fuck of to One of the many backward arsed countries that prefer to live in the dark ages.

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