Friday, 24 June 2016

It's leave.

So there we have it, we are leaving the EU.

The EU could have been great, it could have been a beacon of cooperation in the world but sadly it went the way of most things to do with politics- corrupt and ineffective.
Britain now needs to look to the future. Most people who came to the UK from within Europe came for a better life for themselves  and there families. No one can blame them and nor should they, and not one person should make them now feel unwelcome.

If the European union had done just one thing we wouldn't be here today.  They should have built up any new countries economy and infrastructure when they joined before allowing the free movement of their people.
But as is so often the root of politics, it is ran by arrogant people who think they know best.
This isn't a vote for little Englanders, racists and xenophobes it's a vote for ordinary people who are fed up with not being listened to. Christ's sake it's bad enough we have a bunch of elitist out of touch fools in London but at least now we won't have a bunch of elitist out of touch fools in  Brussels as well.
 I've attached three videos . Each of them I disagree with on so much but they have one thing in common, they believe in democracy.Boris Johnson,Nigel Farage and George Galloway Give excellent speeches on what next.

I've spent the last few hours going over what the remains are afraid off and I genuinely don't get it. Many in the environmental movement fear our country will go backwards where  it comes to animal rights and protection of the environment. Yet they forget that the EU has allowed bullfighting and foie gras to be exempt from any cruelty laws. In Britain we have fought and gotten tighter animal welfare yet now we are flooded with meat from other states that have virtually no animal welfare.

When it comes to the environment how can it be good to flood the UK with people. They need somewhere to live-you can't have millions more houses and expect the environment to not be affected.

House prices could drop.....great. I want our youth to be able to buy a home.

There could be lots of unskilled jobs not filled when we stop the free movement of people. Again great, when you have more people than jobs, wages go down. When  you have more jobs than people wages go up. I don't understand why the youth vote wasn't a resounding leave.
People are mixing the two forms of immigration up. We need highly trained Dr's and nurses for instance but they have to apply to come here where as any unskilled person can come here from Europe and work in MacDonald's.  This ends up keeping the wages low for the poorest people in society.
The youth vote should have been a resounding leave.I'm genuinely lost at this mindset and this denial of the facts.

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