Saturday, 18 June 2016

Far left arrogance, far right superiority

Less than a week to go until the British people have the chance to vote on the future of the UK.
I hope we leave , I really do. I will be amazed if it happens though. But what has struck me is the absolute stunning arrogance of so many at the far end of the spectrum of politics- left and right wing equally.

So many on the left are so arrogant with the way they look down their noses at anyone who puts immigration as a reason for voting leave. Its so gratifying when someone who isn't white expresses the same concerns.
 The far left don't know what to make of this. After all if your an immigrant or the child of an immigrant surely you must want open borders ? The left don't seem able to understand that people are not concerned about immigration they are concerned with mass immigration and they don't seem to comprehend that there is a difference between the two.  So they do what the far left does best; arrogantly look down their noses on anyone -white- who does wish to leave.

Whilst on the far right they are all about race and history. Most people don't give a damn about that , and if they voice this they are obviously a traitor or not patriotic. Both ends of the spectrum are so wrapped up in themselves and their own causes they can't understand that most people don't operate like either of them.

This referendum will be won by real people with real concerns and the far ends of the political spectrum can sneer as much as they like but most won't be voting because of some screwed  up ideology

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