Monday, 30 May 2016

Capitalism doesn't work

I've just read yet another article stating  again -that if it wasn't for immigration our country would grind to a  a halt.
These so called experts are constantly telling us that we need more working age people to pay for and look after the ever growing number of elderly.
In other words because the birth rate in Europe is dropping fast there are fewer people paying taxes to fill the coffers for social care the NHS and pensions. This is why we need such huge numbers of immigrants-they tell us ?
Angela Merkel never invited the huge mass of refugees to Germany just out of humanitarianism, no, she needs a larger workforce !

This argument for mass  immigration is ridiculous. So we need more young people to pay for the old ?
Okay what happens when these new arrivals then get old and need cared for by the state,,,,,,more mass immigration.

Christ's sake can these so called experts not understand this lunatic way of thinking.
This is why capitalism doesn't work. It has the basic tenet of continual growth. Continual produce and consume.  Something has to give.
If we have to many consumers production won't be able to keep up and when I say production I mean necessary production- food, water, infastructure and housing.

Sadly though capitalism isn't going any where. This country has been turned into one of the greediest in the world And it's only going to get worse.
People can't see that they are being used as pawns in a game that only benefits the rich. Sure they let you think that because you are getting a new car or a bigger house that you too can be like them but dream on, you will never be like them and they don't want you to be.
Mass immigration drives down wages and job security.  It puts stress on public services and it ,along with the lunacy of multiculturalism, is destroying our communities.

This is not about immigration. Immigration is good. People moving around the planet is good. It mixes up the human race. Breaks down barriers. discourages racism and xenophobia. But not in its present form.
Mass immigration along with multiculturalism is bad for the country and society. And the political system that drives it is capitalism.

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