Sunday, 5 January 2014

The European elections are more important than our parliamentary elections.

In May the British people go to the polls to elect or re-elect our M.E.Ps. If voting patterns continue as they have been it will be a low turnout.
It was a low turnout that was partially responsible for Nick Griffin getting elected in 2009 and no doubt he will be hoping for the same low turnout this year.
This low voter turnout tends to be beneficial to the fringe parties. That is to say, the fringe parties that can mobilise their voters.
Since he got elected in 2009 Griffin and his small band of acolytes one and only overriding concern was to mobilise their ever decreasing band of voters for the next European election. What he and the BNP could do for the British was never the main concern. Riding the Brussels gravy train was [and lets be honest hes not alone in that].

We all know the BNP are all but finished. Nick Griffins 2009 question time appearance was the beginning of the end for them.
Voters saw what he was, and what his real thoughts were. Many party members saw that despite his denials and excuses he wasn't an alternative for disenfranchised voters, he was nothing more than a backward looking racist and these party members walked away in disgust.

Other party members began an internal war to remove him. They wanted the man removed but, not the ideology behind him [some actually wanted the party to go more radical]. 
Many just wanted the same retarded nationalism, but a new figure head. They needed someone who could [again] con the public into voting for them.
This never happened; the nationalist talent pool ‘thankfully’ is extremely small!

So here we are again, 2014 elections and the same fool trying to retain his seat.
Personally I don’t think he has a shot, even though they have desperately being trying to sign postal voters up since 2009.

Why postal voters?
Because a hell of a lot of disenfranchised voters can’t be bothered to walk to the polling station to vote. Griffin believes that if they could get these people to vote they would all vote BNP. 
However’ if they had been successful in this venture we would have seen BNP candidates getting a more healthy percentage of the vote in at least some elections. This just hasn't happened.
Their voter base has all but disappeared. 
They may get a bounce off the ‘perceived’ threat of large numbers of Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants ‘swamping’ the UK.
Even Ed Miliband is [at last] admitting that cheap imported labour keeps wages down. As I've said in many previous posts- immigration is good for the country, uncontrolled unrestricted mass immigration is not.
Its mass immigration that worries people, and they shouldn't be treat like bigots or racists for saying so.

When Labour opened the doors to eastern European’s, Britain was one of only a few to do so. This time its different they have all the country’s in the European Union to move to.
Even if it does happen and we see a fresh wave of immigration the BNP will not reap many rewards from it.
UKIP will reap the benefits of this fresh feeling of dissatisfaction from the British voter.
There are also rumours that one of Griffins previous acolytes will be running in the North West for a rival party [I’m not going to waste my time explaining who they are. Suffice to say they left Griffin because they wanted to be top dog. Just more nationalist nutters].
If they do enter the race these fools will get minuscule votes, but that’s even fewer votes for Griffin.

Just a minor diversion in this article. The media is making a huge noise about Nick Griffin being declared bankrupt.
Shocking? No, not really.
I was privy to conversations about the fact that Griffin has nothing in his name just in case the debtors ever came calling, or one of his many stupid remarks ended up with him being sued.
He may be a nationalist fool but he’s no fool with his own money.

So back to it’ here we are again. The ‘pointless’ European elections are looming.
But they aren't pointless! 
We hear constantly how all our laws are made in Strasbourg. We are told that the British government is losing power every week to unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. And we are constantly told that everything that is wrong with Britain stems from the European parliament.
To be honest, I don’t know what is correct. We hear nothing but negative.
It’s very rare that we hear any positive news coming from Brussels. But’ just because our media don’t report it, does it means it isn't so?
Even our own politicians don’t defend the EU.
Perhaps they just like to have a scapegoat for their own incompetence? After all how convenient is it for them to have someone else to blame for their screw ups?

But’ the EU is here and its cost us all billions. Do you really think it’s going to just disappear?
It will just shut down and all member countries will just go back to the way they were before?
Not a chance in hell, it would be catastrophic.

Undoubtedly' globalisation is largely responsible for the state of the world. Our natural world has been decimated by greed. A banker living in one country can utterly destroy another country. Their greed knows no borders [they aren't just content with destroying our country]
So is this going to end ?
No of course it isn't.

The world is overpopulated. It’s suffering major social problems. The gap between the rich and poor is increasing. 
The biggest problem facing human beings is not immigrants from Europe, Muslims or a spoiled Korean man child who likes to feed his uncle [alive] to a pack of dogs’. Climate change is the real danger. 
Our raping of the natural world for our own greed and vanity and our unsustainable population growth is the main thing every inhabitant of this tiny planet should be worried about.
Idiotic nationalists like the BNP believe global warming is a Marxist plot to take over the world!
UKIP also believe that global warming is a hoax? I mean how stupid can you be to think that the vast majority of scientists are liars.
Any person who has actually read a scientific study [and not their own cherry picked data from some obscure internet source] cannot deny this is real and is happening now.

This is the biggest threat to our country; to every country.
It surpasses local and national politics. These very real problems need dealt with at international levels. I think we have seen just how inefficient governments are in talking to each other. The change that is done globally, this way is unbelievably slow. The world needs better government. Government that ignores invisible boundaries.
A European government is a natural part of social evolution.

So am I a supporter of ‘the’ European Union. No not at all. At least, not in its present form. 
Do I believe that we need a European Union?
Yes-absolutely. In fact I can’t emphasise enough how much I believe we need a European union.

Would the world have been better if globalisation had never happened?
Perhaps, but we spend too much time looking backwards and trying to answer that question.  In fact we spend too much time looking backwards on to many things.
The past has gone mistakes have been made but we need to look to the future.
The problems that we are facing are unprecedented in human history. The government of a small island in the Atlantic can do very little to combat these. A body that works together across borders should be far more efficient.
No doubt nationalists will call me a Marxist puppet or a fool for allowing myslef to be taken in by their secret plan but, I think it’s time to integrate more.

If we had the same wages, same benefit’s, same union rules, same employment rules right across Europe it would stabilise many of our concerns. Immigration 'for example'would not be as much of an issue.
We need to start looking at Europe as one entity. Make it work. Stop our naval gazing and saying ‘what could have been’

A note to die-hard nationalists.
Okay let’s say you get your dream, your utopia.
No more immigrants at all and the repatriation of many who are here now.
Do you honestly believe that this tiny Island can survive in a world of continuing upheaval and unrest caused by a disintegrating eco-system and all the trouble that comes with it.
If so, you’re not just deluded your suffering from severe mental problems!

We need to stop sending Europhobes to speak for us in Brussels. We  also need to stop sending sycophants, yes men and multinational puppets; but people who want Europe to work for the right reasons!

This is why the European elections are so important.

If we as voters spent more time voting for the system we want rather than voting against the system we don’t want things would greatly improve.

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