Monday, 27 January 2014

The politics of Islamic identity.

This blog was started to help expose nationalism, mainly the BNP. Anyone who has read any of my previous posts will know that it is getting very hard to find something to write about this certain bunch of regressive and backward looking morons. They’re all but finished and good riddance.

However though, just because nationalism has had its day [it’s arguable if it ever really got started] that doesn't mean to say that backward thinking has gone away. There is another and I would argue just as bad if not worse movement coming from Islam.

Nationalism and the likes of the BNP wants ‘white Britain’s’ to see themselves as first and foremost- white Britain’s.
They want white Britain’s to cut them-selves of from non- whites, to separate ourselves so as there is no mixing of colour or ethnicity.
They prefer the term race in an attempt to prove that Africans or Europeans' for example, are worlds apart. Whereas sensible people know that the differences between every person on this planet is miniscule.
Everyone knows what white nationalism is, how backward it is and how corrosive it could become if it got root in our society.

But’ what about Islam or rather political and fundamentalist Islam. There is a real move by many radical Muslims to get Muslims to see themselves as first and foremost-Muslim. I fail to see the difference between this ideology and that of the BNP.
Okay the BNP is all about colour and Islam isn't [well it does have its fair share of racism as well]
Firebrand idiots like Anjem Choudry would love to get all Muslims to group together and live by sharia law.
Closet radicals like Mohammed Shafiq and his Ramadan foundation would prefer to get all Muslims to group together politically.
You only have to look at their website to see they have an agenda

They want Muslims to vote as a block, all voting for an Islamic agenda. To do either of these though, Fundamentalist or political, they first have to get much more support than they currently enjoy. Although’ it has been done already in Bradford by another closet radical George Galloway [mind you I think his motives are just power. If there were no Muslims he would find another group to pretend to be their champion. He’s just a power mad megalomaniac].
But’ he did successfully utilise the Muslim vote to get elected. He encouraged them to see themselves as different and that he was the only person who could deliver what they wanted.
This is dangerous. For any group of people to vote because of colour or religion is just asking for trouble. When any group of humans sees themselves as unique, better or more worthy than another; well just light blue touch paper and run like hell.

Look at Palestine. What the state of Israel is doing to the Palestinians is an abomination. I care about it, many people care about it. We care because these are fellow human beings being forced to live in the largest prison on earth, with few rights and suffering great hardship.
But the radicals use it for another reason. To strengthen the them and us mentality.  Of course all Muslims should care about what’s happening in Palestine, not because they are Muslim, but because they are people.
It may not be about race but it certainly is about identifying with a group –them and us. These radicals use this mentality to drive victim status further into the psyche of many Muslims.
After all when was the last time you heard a so called Muslim cleric shouting about the atrocities carried out against the people of Tibet?
Can you hear them shouting about tribes in Brazil losing their land to greedy government and multinational businesses. What about tribal wars [of which there has been a few] in Africa when one side suffers greatly at the hands of another for simply been a member of another tribe.
And do these Muslim scholars ever shout about the injustices of the Indian caste system. Not a word on any of these issues. Why?
Because they don’t want Muslims to see themselves as part of humanity - just as Muslims!

The BNP and other backward political party’s like Jobbick from Hungary or Golden dawn from Greece are constantly exposed by the media for what they are and quite right so.
It’s a pity that political/radical Islam does get as many column inches. Yeah the media goes after cretins like Anjem Choudry, Omar Bakri and Abu Quatada and sometimes even the blinkered and one sided anti-fascist/racists will write a quite derogatory article about one of them. But that’s as far as it goes.

Griffin and his white supremacist ideology is exposed and destroyed, no complaints there. But on the whole they leave political and radical Islam well alone. Can they not see though that many Muslim scholars are pushing more or less the same agenda as griffin? Supremacy, separation, segregation then????

Muslims come from all walks of life. All continents, countries, cultures and colours. They’re as different to each other as the rest of us. If we allow these fools like Choudry, Shaffiq and George Galloway to get Muslims to see themselves only as Muslim then we are heading for a world of hurt and that will be literally all over the world.

Nationalism is dead. Separation, supremacy and collective consciousness’ isn’t.

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