Friday, 8 November 2013

How to stop Nick Griffin getting re-elected

I’ve just spent 10 minutes watching the cringe worthy ‘national treasurer’ Clive Jefferson and his crony sidekick Adam Walker on the BNP website. The short video is from the BNPs latest local fundraiser. This time they are raising money for Griffins deposit to fight next year’s euro elections.
There’s a lot at stake. If Griffin loses his seat they all lose their jobs. Believe me when I say that this is the big issue to them. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts the whole reason for getting European funding was to get on the Brussels gravy train. They will of all done very nicely out of it!

In this latest ‘comedic’ offering the lumbering imbecile that is Jefferson is trying to raise even more money by auctioning of Adam Walker. I mention this for one reason only as it hasn’t really got anything to do with this post. In the video a few in the audience ask what will Walker do for the person who wins him?  One member of the audience asks "does Walker come with a digger"- as in JCB presumably. Walker quick as a flash and with razor wire wit [I jest] "says did that word have a D or an N in it"
This is how moronic the BNP hierarchy are. Even when there’s a camera on them they can’t rein in their racist ‘wit!!
Can you imagine if any of these fools ever got any real power? It wouldn’t just be racist jibes [they call it non PC] this kind of mentality would become the norm, does anybody actually want that?

So anyway' the offshoot of this video is that Griffin has his deposit for next year’s election. I may have only been working for him briefly, but it was long enough to see what they were working on. Since 2009 the major and pressing concern for Griffin and his team was the next election. How to run it and how to win his seat. Re-lection is everything. A second term in office comes with large financial security.

I know I’ve written in the past that the BNP is virtually finished, and I still stand by that but’ the European elections are a very low turnout. This means that MEPs get elected with relatively few votes.
Griffins’ team may be socially inadequate, semi-literate buffoons, but they have been spending the last few years gathering details of their voters. The establishment dismisses these voters as racist.
Some will be, but many will be disenfranchised people who feel like no one is speaking for them. The very kind Griffin likes to groom into Ethno-nationalists.

Of course UKIP will take many potential votes of the BNP because they are addressing many of the same concerns. If anyone finishes the BNP in Europe it will be UKIP.
Griffin barely got enough votes to scrape through last time, and I honestly don’t think he will do it this time but, do we want to take the chance?

This coming election the main priority for the BNP is the postal voters. The one thing that held the BNP back pre-2009 was that they didn’t utilise postal votes.
The previous election guru or [as he liked to be known] was Eddie Butler. He refused to put any time into postal votes. He didn’t agree with the postal voting system and therefore would not encourage activists to sign people up.
If the BNP had encouraged more postal voters, I think they would have had more Cllrs pre-2009. 
Don’t think I’m saying the BNP would still be as big now. The BNP was massively destroyed by Griffins disastrous question time appearance and the power struggle that followed when all the little fish wanted to be in charge.

I have canvassed full estates and the support was amazing. Well over 50%. But it never swapped over to that amount of votes. Why? Partly because people don’t vote. Even the angry and let down won’t get of their backsides and go vote. So’ how do you get their vote counted? Postal votes.

This is why West Cumbria has bucked the trend. When the BNP vote was disappearing nationally, West Cumbria has stayed quite static. This is largely down to postal voting.
Also, it has to be said that the BNP canvasses more homes than the main parties. Labour, Tories and the Lib Dems have years of voting figures to draw on.
They have years of elections to know who, and where their voters are.
I’ve seen them on estates; while the BNP is knocking on every door because of the lack of voter information the 3 main parties only do the houses that they know where their voters live. 
If the BNP had pushed postal votes pre 2009 and activists had made sure that people signed up when they were canvased; I believe they would have had more Cllrs.
Good job it’s taken them a while to cotton eh?

So this is how they are going to fight it. Postal votes and canvass more than the other parties [assuming they can get the, manpower], but mostly relying on postal votes,they may already have signed up enough,but I doubt it.
So if the other parties want to stop them; here’s how to do it. It’s quite radical this mind.

Get off your backsides and canvass all the voters, not just your supporters. The BNP relies on the sad fact that many people have never seen a representative of any of the major parties for years. This very fact makes people feel un-represented and more open to Griffins message.
More importantly; do your job, represent all the people and listen to them. You are supposed to work for your constituents; all of them. Listen to their concerns and worries, and stop dismissing people as racists for having real concerns.

Told you it was radical![okay it was obvious-so why don't they do it?]

Also learn a lesson from Griffins disastrous question time appearance. Put him and his pals on the spot. Ask them the right questions. Show the public that these backward looking morons cant be trusted with any kind of public office. Don't just leave Griffin to put out his propaganda unchallenged.
The antifascists [who I admit Im no fan off] leaflets definately take votes of him,  but Griffin and Co need torn apart on policies as well. After all any popular policies that they have are just smoke screens for the real agenda.
Its all about colour!

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