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Maajid Nawaz, Mohamed Shafiq and the wrongly named liberal democrats

No doubt most people have heard about the on-going disgusting episode concerning Maajid Nawaz from the Quilliam foundation. If you haven’t let me fill you in.
Maajid is one of the good guys. He’s a guy who has learned from personal life experiences. Got pulled into radical Islam in Hizb ut-tahrir. Learned the error of his ways and has been working hard to build up the counter extremist think tank: Quilliam. An organisation that tries to stop young men going down the same route that he did.
Many so called moderate Muslim orgs in UK don’t like Quilliam and rubbish them at every opportunity they can.
Why? Because as I’ve already said Maajid Nawaz is one of the good guys, and many of these so called moderate orgs are about as liberal and moderate as the BNP.
They may want to turn people away from strapping a bomb to themselves and blowing innocents up, but moderate-are they hell.
Whereas Quilliam genuinely want to make changes in any radical psyche at grass roots level.
So ‘they already had it in for Maajid and his colleges.

Then a few months ago Quilliam had the guts and courage to broker a piece and withdrawal for Tommy Robinson from the EDL and as a result helped to destroy this very counterproductive movement.
Again’ Quilliam got loads of flak for doing this. Not just from Muslim orgs but from antifascists. These so called moderate and antifascists are so wrapped up in their inner politics that they didn't even want to give Quilliam a chance to see if it could work.

Now most recently Maajid has made the [to so called Moderates] unforgivable sin of tweeting a link to a cartoon of Jesus and Mohamed. Wow ‘heavy stuff eh. A cartoon. Let’s say that again a cartoon. People have died because of cartoons like this, or second rate movies. I mean come on what’s going on. IT’S A BLOODY CARTOON. Grow up.
Prime mover in this debacle had been one Mohammed Shafiq of the Ramadan foundation. To watch him on the politics show with Andrew Neil and Kenan Malik was fantastic.
Well fantastic for people like me who love to see ignorance exposed and stupidy highlighted. Kenan Malik as always was a breath of fresh air; even Andrew Neil was showing very visible impatience for Shafiq's bigotry and closeted radicalism.  

Now I don’t pretend to know loads about Islam. I don’t want to know loads about Islam. Why should I. I’m an atheist. I don’t buy into this BS that says we should respect religion. 
If religion gives you comfort and hope [genuinely] I can respect that and I will respect that. But religious people who try to impose their own will on society  and push their narrow minded bigotry on believers and non-believers alike ,well they can kiss my disbelieving arse. I will even tattoo god or Allah on there just for them. So pucker up.
I thought I would write this as an atheist and mostly as a fellow human being.I have no doubt that this is how the good people at Quilliam see me. As for these many so called 'moderates' I'm just a kufar an infidel. A title I wear with pride [well when it comes to people like this]

As for the deafening silence from Mr ‘spineless’ Nick Clegg or any other senior members of the wrongly named Liberal Democrats you should be ashamed of yourselves.
The same Liberal Democrats who several months ago sided with one of their members [yes he was a Muslim] who made threats against the very intelligent, thoughtful and thoroughly decent human being - Nahla Mahmoud..
What was her heinous crime?
She was an ex-Muslim. Yep that’s all it takes with these fools. She left Islam and had the courage to admit it on TV.  Pressure was put on the Lib Dems to stand tall and support freedom of speech.
What happened? You guessed it they sided with their Muslim member.
Liberal they are not. In fact just for them here’s the definition of liberal. It appears they have forgotten the meaning.
Not limited to/by established, traditional, orthodox, authoritarian attitudes, views, or dogmas; free from bigotry?

Mind you the liberal democrats desperately need a new voter base since they lost the student vote by prostituting themselves to sit at the big boys table with Cameron and Osborne.

Hmm maybe the Muslim vote will do quite nicely

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  1. Great article! I too am saddened by what Maajid has had to endure. How as a society are we allowing this to happen? I also loved Andrew Neil's response to Shafiq and Malik's intelligent strong stance. Thank you for posting this.