Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Immigration the truth –BBC

I've just watched this programme and have to say ’thank god we appear to be growing up!
As I've mentioned many times in previous posts it was the fact that I could not even discuss immigration that drove me to the BNP.

A few years ago I did try and voice my concerns with the representatives of the three main parties. Two of them dismissed my concerns and one actually suggested I held racist views.
So when I got invited to a BNP meeting I thought ‘what the hell, why not’ no one else is listening.

I've always held this basic fact to be true.
Nick Griffin does not get people to join the BNP- Mainstream politicians do!

Thankfully for Britain the BNP is all but finished. Britain is not full of racists. In fact quite the opposite, we are very accommodating. However’ years of ignoring peoples very real concerns allowed nationalism to take root and to flourish.
The BNP is mostly just a vehicle for disenfranchised voters Of course there are the hard liners in there; the core hierarchy. They tend to be the lifelong nationalists. Many started in the National Front and ended up in the BNP, simply because they thought it was a better vehicle for their backward views.
But apart from the obvious racists that the party attracts it has a very high turnover of ordinary members; that is to say that most people do not remain members long. They join out of anger or desperation but then abandon the racist and nationalist message within a year or two. 

In the programme it was stated that one of the reasons that immigration has not been allowed to be discussed was because of Enoch Powell’s –Rivers of blood speech.
This I completely agree with. Who is to say that if it wasn't for people like Nick Griffin using very real concerns about immigration to further his own retarded ethno-politics maybe it would have been easier to discuss it.
If it wasn't for Griffin shouting about the grooming gangs [who comprised mainly of Muslim men] maybe the blindfolds would have came of the relevant authorities eyes earlier.
That is in no way excusing the police and social workers total neglect off vulnerable children, after all other people like Ann Cryer were also demanding action but perhaps Griffin did muddy the waters? But' just because a racist fool says something is so doesn't mean we should ignore it.

I think 'eventually' this last decade or so will be celebrated in history for the way it changed the UK into a truly global country in global village and if that’s what politicians were aiming for they have succeeded.
But what they forgot about and ignored were the people living through it now. These are the people on the front lines.
These are the elderly that are afraid of this level of change. The young who find it hard to get employment in an overcrowded market and the added pressure on local authorities for housing, schools and hospitals.
Our politicians have also been out of touch with the people that immigration most affects- the poor

In this blog I have never said that I left the BNP because my views changed. I didn't have a Damascene conversion and think there were no problems to do with immigration and multiculturalism. I just realised that parties like the BNP are very wrong for modern Britain. 
I've also been very critical of the three main parties for allowing this to happen and the anti-racist organisations for indirectly aiding the growth of the far right.

We have a wonderful opportunity to make this [some would say’ social experiment] work and we have to make it work. After all what are the choices. More disharmony between communities. More distrust. More segregation between people of different religions

Is Britain better or worse because of mass immigration?
It’s happened. Shall we all navel gaze and throw accusations around for the next decade and discuss the pros and cons?
It wasn't the mass immigration and the people of different culture or religion; it was the blindfolds on the policy makers that caused the real problems.

Oh and one more thing . Well done the BBC for keeping Griffin and the BNP out of the debate.

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