Friday, 24 January 2014

Culture equals nostalgia through rose coloured glasses

Too many people in Britain are obsessed with culture.
The definition of culture is -the ideas, customs, and social behavior of a particular people or society.

Why are we so preoccupied with it? What is it that we are so dearly trying to hang onto?
I've said this before but I actually don’t think there is a British culture anymore, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.
I mean what exactly is the big difference between [for example] us, the Germans or the Dutch?

Of course there are subtle differences -but very few.’
Very rarely do you hear an argument though to preserve these different cultures’ [well except for the usual arguments from white pride ethno nationalists].We all hear how they are desperately trying to save the endangered [in their eyes] white culture. To hear these people talk the differences are huge and need preserved.
But why? What exactly is so special about the cultural fabric of these countries that separates them and that needs preserved and nurtured at all costs.  

Right’ that example was a safe one.
Now what if I ask the same question about’ Pakistan, Nigeria and Romania?  What is so special about these cultures?
Hmm, different ground. Now I’m in danger of upsetting the multiculturalists.
“He must be a racist to raise this question”

Let’s be very honest here as well, the more underdeveloped a country is the more culture plays a part in its people lives.
Also’ to many times culture is just another word for religion or belief system and for some reason it’s the cultures from the developing countries that people in the west are drawn to.
The hippies who make dream catchers to the politically correct ‘right on’ lefties who embrace any culture; as long as it comes from a country or peoples who are not their own.
We all know the types; funny little hats, crystals, course hair smocks made by some artisan on the slopes of the Himalayas [more often than not mass produced in China] playing the didgeridoo and saying Namaste instead of goodbye.
The words pretentious and precocious spring to mind!

Why do other cultures appeal so much to some people? Many even going as far as converting to that religion or belief system is there something so missing in their lives and they are trying to fill the void?
Is it so bad that we in Britain no longer have a distinct culture?

Monoculturalists or nationalists seem to think that Britain had this unique biological make up. That the people on this tiny island have a culture that is distinctive and individual in this world. Britain is best blah  blah, England football team, the royal family, the pub.  
Okay maybe I’m being a bit simplistic there. Obviously there’s more to the idiosyncrasies of the British psyche than that but hopefully you get my meaning.

Just as bad are the multiculturalists. They think that all cultures can co-exist with no problems.
Absolute madness!  Seeing as how religion makes up such a large part of culture, history is not exactly full of wonderful stories of opposing religions living side by side in harmony.
I mean come on not even religions who are supposed to believe in the same god can live in peace. They all find some minor detail to separate themselves from their brothers and sisters which so many times leads to bloodshed.

Far to many times this ‘tag’ of culture brings so much pain and suffering.
Take the Spanish, they have so many cruel rituals involving animals and we have to allow it because ‘it’s their culture’.
The French have recently got an exemption from the EU on producing foie gras, because it’s part of ‘their culture’.
At this very moment the Danes are carrying out the annual  barbaric slaughter of Dolphins. Its supposed to be a cultural rite of passage. Absolutely shameful and disgusting.
Worse of all, in the UK we have never once prosecuted anyone for FGM and our authorities turn a blind eye to forced marriage because ‘its someone’s culture and we must tread carefully and be respectful’.

At the moment we have 7 billion people on the planet. Far too many of them are confined by their culture. They have to do live the way their parents and their parents before them did.
Me personally I would rather live in a world with 7 billion individuals where the only difference between them is their personality, the essence of what makes them unique.
To move forward as one race we need to lose this nostalgic love of culture.

Just because we have always done things a certain way doesn't mean it should be preserved. 

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