Monday, 30 May 2016

It's not about patriotism or nationalism

As the in or out referendum gathers pace the rhetoric is getting more and more ludicrous.
Mind you it has to be said that most of the BS is coming from the 'in' camp. I'm so glad to hear or to be more precise not to hear a damned thing about Agincourt, St George,  rule Britannia and other such assorted patriotic bullshit.
It appears that the ' out' camp are on the whole sticking to what concerns most people - jobs , house prices etc.

As I've stated in previous posts a United Europe would have been a good thing.
Pull the plaster of at the beginning. A federal Europe,  United armed forces, and a uniform and standardised health service, benefits system and standard of living right across the continent.
When a new country joined it had to raise its standards to those of the existing members states.
Until they did that they could not have free movement of people.  Once they reached the standardised model of Europe members they could then enjoy free movement.

For me this is a no brainer and it makes total common sense. Instead they have employed an army of semi useless bureaucrats who have tinkered and meddled and basically screwed everything up.

Of course people are going to come here on mass if we have higher wages and better social care than there home countries.
People want a better life and who can blame them . But the EU should have put the effort into building their countries first before allowing the mass movement of people.
After all how many people would actually leave Poland and their family and friends if they could enjoy the same quality of life where they are at.

For me this is the  proof that the EU is ran by fools and we need to leave. Sod patriotism, nationalism, St George and other assorted bullshit. For me it's about now and tomorrow. We need to leave

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