Wednesday, 18 May 2016

An integrated EU 'WAS' the only way forward

So we are nearly at the vote for a brexit from the EU.
I hope we leave, in fact all the signs point to it that we will indeed leave.
But sadly, not to go down the conspiracy theory route, even if it is a leave vote I can't see it happening.
The powers that be have to much to loose and as much I applaud democracy we sadly do not live in a very democratic society.

We saw that again at the last election when UKIP -whom I have little time-and the greens- for whom I have loads of time, but sadly am a realist and realise that they will never obtain any real power as long as they are seen as a party of social workers-would have had dozens of MPS between them, if we had proportional representation.
Yes, yes I know that the vote in the last election was a totally different thing but the system does not want us plebs to have real democracy. In fact it terrifies them that if we all actually woke up and put as much time into fighting for our rights or futures instead of millions watching pointless crap like football , xfactor,celebrity dancing on ice or the mother of all hells-the great British bake off- we might actually organise some change.

I think we have lost a golden opportunity for a what could have been a great political way forward. The EU should have been integrated fully from the start.
Full integration with everything. Wages, health care and education  being uniform right throughout the EU.
 If a plumber -for instance- got paid the same in Poland or Britain they would have no reason to come here. If there had been a European health service there would be no health tourism from within the EU.
In short if living standards etc had been made uniform thought out the continent why would the masses up sticks and move to another country. We could have actually had the free movement of people that would not empty one place and put huge pressure on another. Come on let's be honest what is so great about Britain that attracts all these people? I think we are fast becoming one of the greediest uncaring countries in the world, why the hell do so many want to come here?

But we didn't integrate from the start. They lied to us and tried to pretend that this wasn't the aim. So they screwed it up . They tinkered around the edges and made a complete balls up. How the hell can you have so many countries with differing standards of living, economies, workers rights, housing prices and Christ the list is endless-how can you have a union with so many variables and not expect it break down and fall apart.
This is why I'm voting to leave. These fools have proven that they can not run a party in a brewery or an orgy in a brothel, so why vote to stay ?

I do think a European union and in fact a world union is one day inevitable but I hope we get intelligent leaders putting these political systems together and not the likes of the imbeciles that get into politics now.

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