Tuesday, 24 May 2016

An inconvenient truth

One of the main problems with nationalism is that at its very heart it cares only about a certain people.
It cares only if a person is a certain colour , ethnicity or with the same historical background. That's to say modern historical background mind. They gloss over the part that that we all share the same history if you go back far enough.

To listen to the likes of Nick Griffin -when he calls us aboriginals- you would think we are a distinct species all together. 
Who cares what colour or ethnicity we are. We are all the same. The only thing that divides us is man made, usually archaic cultures and belief systems.
I don't care if human kind ends up looking the same. What does it matter ? 
I do care about loosing one single species of which we share this planet with.
The reason people  ( a certain people) matters to nationalists is because they are bascially just the same as everyone else. 
We have this arrogant belief that we as humans are special. And Christ there are some special people indeed. There have been people who distinguish themselves in a species that , let's be honest , are not that impressive. Genuine giants of our species have walked this earth throughout history and there many giants now. But most , vastly most would not be missed.  They offer nothing to the magic of life. They only take and live in the moment of existence. 

True , the modern world has nurtured this moronic outlook....buy, consume, impress (or try to) and ignore that world that you are a part of. A world that you need to survive. 
You can ignore it but you need it!

Human kind as a whole cares only about itself. The rich care only for themselves. The policitcians care only about the rich, because they usually end up joining them.

When you meet a new person whats the usual question "what do you do for a living"in other words where are you on the scale of status and greed. 
We get taught constantly to admire people with more money than us. Greed is seen as a worthy attribute and deserves our admiration.

The left care about anyone who they deem has had a raw deal. Or in many times they are jealous of other peoples wealth and would rather they could have some of it. A perfect example is the labour party and their fat cat union bosses.
The left are no better than the right. 
The right care about money and will see the planet destroyed for wealth. The left are just so obsesed with so called humanity that they will have an unnatural and moronic attitude to the inner goodness of people and still watch the planet destroyed for it. I think this stems from religion,  and even though most lefties don't do religion they still have an inbuilt admiration for the basic bs tenets of it. All men are equal etc. 
Well that's what people think Religon says. People who have ever actually read a ridiculous book like the bible or the quran Will see that some men are more equal than others.

So nationalists are just the same as everyone else only they take it to the next level. 
Instead of this blinked love of human beings they have a blinked view of human beings who come only from a certain area of this once beautiful planet. 

It's not just nationalists who have this arrogant view. 
So many people move around this planet and then they spend so much of their time shouting for the very people they moved to get away from. 

We are indeed an arrogant race because so much of our thought process is mired in a self assured belief in ourselves as a species , race, ethnicity, religion or even geographical location. 

Myself, I ask this-why is a human life more important than that of a fellow species. 
Why is our habitat of greater importance than say a forest or a coral reef. 
We keep churning out children because we believe that it's our right to. 
The planet is bursting at the seems with people and still they come. In nature when a species starts to have a negative impact on its surroundings we sometimes get a virus or natural disaster to redress the balance. To keep the equilibrium.

Nature has tried to stop us spreading out like locusts but our ingenuity and resourcefulness,  usually at the cost of the planet keeps us on top.

A hundred years ago there was less than 2 billion people on this planet now there is 7 billion and climbing exponentially. We need less people and we need to look at the problem and deal with it. It's better to stop the new people being born than watch them suffer when it's to late and they are allready in this world. 

Nationalism is just the selfish belief in some human beings over the wider selfish belief in all human beings.

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