Friday, 1 November 2013

We need a colour blind anti-racist organisation.

When Tommy Robinson turned his back on the EDL the so called anti-racist orgs were stunned. They were also at a loss as to what to do. The ridiculous named ‘unite against fascism’ remained silent. Searchlight voiced a word of caution, but at least stayed open minded as to how it would play out. Stating that the news was good but time would tell but tell if he had really renounced the ideals of the EDL'

The most shocked and by far the most vocal was Hope not hate. They didn't know what to do. One of their main reasons to exist had just thrown and enormous spanner in the works.
Regular readers of this blog will know that I have very little time for these groups. UAF are just violent appeasers of radical Islam and Searchlight and Hope not hate exist to solely go after ‘WHITE’ fascists, bigots and racists.

Hope not hate targets Anjem Choudry because he’s a safe target. He has very few followers so they aren't going to rock their own tiny little Utopian world view that the only bad guys are them nasty whites.
So’ when Tommy Robinson renounced the EDL you would have thought that these orgs would have being elated?
Not so though. They were shocked this has happened.  Robinson was being humanised in the media and this shook them to their foundations. Even worse was the fact that Quilliam had been instrumental in this process.
Hope not Hate in particular found it very hard to figure out where to stand on this. They need racists to exist, hell sometimes if there isn't any they will just invent some! But only white ones!

They wrote a very long winded cautious expose on Quilliam. They couldn't outright call Quilliam [after all their founders and main people are brown skinned-damn what to do] Also Quilliam ‘sadly ‘do not get as much support in the Muslim community as they ought to, and Hope not Hate need to prostitute themselves to where the biggest support is no matter if it’s right or wrong.

Unlike Hope not Hate Quilliam is forward thinking and not afraid to tread on toes. They are fully aware of the problems within Islam whereas Hope not hate ‘looking through its rose coloured glasses’ sees no problem at all with the misogyny, sexism, racism, bigotry, homophobia and cruelty laced within the Quran’; and before I get called an Islamophobe the bible is worse!

Hope not Hate are too busy worshiping at the altar of unreasonable multiculturalism. and their child like image of the world that everyone is good and difference never causes problems.
Tell that to the poor American student in tower hamlets last week who was brutally beaten up by a gang of Asians because ‘he didn't look local’ if that’s not racism then I must have a misunderstanding of what that word means.
Not one mention of this incident on any of the Anti-racist sites.

Likewise whenever a drunken ‘WHITE’ person is videoed on a train [sadly there’s been a few] racially abusing a non-white person Hope not Hate and searchlight are all over it.
Yet strangely the black guy that was videoed several months ago insulting another black woman because she had a mixed race baby never got a mention on their sites.
When Usain Bolt was getting slammed in Jamaica because he had a white girlfriend- not a mention. 
The video of an immigrant taxi driver being assaulted in Saudi Arabia [because he was not Arab] or the one of the servant been abused [again in Saudi] - not a bloody word from them. That’s just a few examples.

When I left the BNP and eventually started speaking out. One of the first people I spoke to was Quilliam. I worked on the article [mentioned several post previous]. I wanted to help crush the BNP so I sent it to the national newspapers to see if anyone wanted to run it. They all got back to me but they were not interested in reasons why normal rational people could drift toward fringe parties such as these. They all said the same thing.
They wanted the dirt on Griffin and Co. Pictures of Griffin and his henchmen running round the office in white robes with burning crosses.
I wasn't trying to finish the BNP by making stuff up. I was trying to finish them by showing the establishment that the BNP gets support because the political elite are ignoring a large section of society.
I have huge faith that the British people are not racist but as a society we need to face up to problems, real problems.

I did email hope not hate and spoke briefly to their 'token' reformed extremist Mathew Collins but that went nowhere. He took the hump because I had been willing to speak to anyone who would listen. But unlike Mathew Collins I wasn't trying to make cash of it. I offered information to anyone free of charge; in fact money was never ever mentioned. Also I couldn't turn round to them and say “I was a vile racist who has had an epiphany and I’m a changed person”
I was never a racist so how could I change?

Unlike the Hope not Hate evangelical ex-BNP/NF member who then went onto write a book and profit from his years of beating black people up, I decided to put mine on a blog! Free to anyone who could use it.
A few publishers did contact me wanting to know what I had, and if it was worth publishing. But I quickly came to realise that what I had was not sensationalist enough, it was just about one guy. Me; If I’ as a liberal minded non racist could gravitate towards the BNP anyone could. I really wanted to show how dangerous it is to ignore people’s fears and anxieties.  Plus at the time I wasn't too sure about the legalities of putting things on a blog-still aren't to be honest, that’s why I don’t mention names many times in this blog.

So here I am .writing for anyone who may be interested. Whether it makes the slightest bit of difference I have absolutely no idea. But one thing I’m trying to stay true to is the principle of fairness, A racist/fascist arsehole is a racist/fascist  arsehole no matter if he’s black white or brown, and I wish we had a colour blind antifascist/racist organisation that I could support.

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