Thursday, 7 November 2013

Accusations of being black ops!!!

I receive quite a few emails accusing me of being 'black ops'. 
For anyone who doesn't know this term, nationalist parties love to throw it around and label any dissenters as such. 
If I slag of the BNP, I’m either working for a rival nationalist party –or the state. If I slag of the English Democrats, I’m obviously covertly working for the BNP-or the state. If I slag of the left, I’m obviously still BNP or a racist or a fascist –and working for the state.
The far left just like the far right also have a love for conspiracy theories!
I even get accused of trying to get people to vote for one of the three main parties.

One thing you have to realise about nationalist parties [and their equals and opposites in the far left] is this. They all think that the state is this massive ‘clever’ entity that has whole departments concentrating solely on attacking and bringing them down. Whereas people who live in the real world know the truth?
The state, civil servants and their political masters are just idiots. 
These ‘many times’ self-appointed buffoons couldn't run a small tea room in Cumbria let alone run a country. But we seem to blindly think that these people are obviously the best for the job. We just disagree about which megalomaniac we want to screw things up next.  

So nationalist’s do you really think that the whole government is really set up to monitor you and bring you down. Do you genuinely believe that you are really that important? Or that they are purposefully trying to destroy this country.
To paraphrase 'Occam’s razor', the most obvious and simple answer is usually the right one.Is it not more likely that these self-opinionated, self-serving, money grabbing cretins with over inflated egos couldn't organise a drunken orgy in a brewery owned by prostitutes?

So just in case anyone thinks I’m Black ops [excuse me while I wipe away tears of laughter] let me set my stall out on what I think politically.

The Conservatives; a party ran by privately educated, nescient ,boobosie,sciolistic [I googled a few posh word for-idiot; just so if any of them read this they can put their expensive private education to good use] toffee nosed, socially detached hooray Henrys. 

There’s a massive clue in the name.

Conservative: Favouring traditional views and values; tending to oppose change traditional or restrained in styleThese fools care only about the people who already have the money. Such as their friends in the banks.
Mind you if someone like David Davis was in charge I think they would be a better party.

Labour: The pretend socialists! The only people these fools care about are the thousands and thousands that they have employed in the public sector. New Labour created a million more public sector jobs. Neither wonder we are snowed under with political correctness, health and safety and red tape. 
Thousands and thousands of unqualified paper pushers have to create work otherwise their jobs would become non-existent.
I’m not talking about front line staff I’m referring to the armies of middle class nobodies that are working behind the scenes and destroying the country even faster than their moronic political masters can.
All aided and abetted by their sleeping partners in the unions. 

I’m a strong believer in unions. I strongly believe in the working class fight for rights and better pay. But when was the last time we saw any union man fighting for the thousands of taxi drivers, builders, plumbers etc. 
When their political concubines’ that are new Labour’ opened the flood gates and let Britain be flooded with cheap Labour, where were the unions. Were they attacking British industry for favoring cheap migrant labor over home grown ? 
The unions then aided Labour in their witch hunt against anyone who complained about the mass immigration. Hes a racist-get him!
Its basic economics. The more freely available something is the cheaper it becomes; in this case casual labour.
Also Labour and their corrupt bed mates; the unions are the main backers behind the so called antiracist/fascist industry that exists mainly [not solely] to keep working class voters away from parties who rely on angry working class votes.

Lib Dems: Believe it or not I’m a liberal. I have liberal values, I've usually voted Liberal. I joined the BNP because I saw what was happening to our country and none of the three parties wanted to do anything about it; the Lib Dems included. So I thought I would join an outside party to shake things up a bit [yes I know; stupid!]

Who knows anymore what the Lib Dems stand for? They got into bed with the Tories.
But I can’t go too hard on the Lib Dems they have no track record of government to criticise or praise. They are in bed with the Tories and who knows what they are responsible for, good or bad. 
If you’re in a three legged race with a moron can you really be blamed when you go round in circles and keep falling over?

The BNP: I’m not going to bother boring you even more than I have. There’s dozens of previous posts about these kings of lunacy.

The English Democrats: Again’ I've covered these as well. In fact to be honest I’m not even sure if they are still a functioning party. I think they have gone the same way as Lord Such and the 'monster raving loony party'.

The Greens: I've always been a huge environmentalist. One of the reasons I attended a BNP meeting was because of my environmental worries. 
My main concerns were this. Millions of more people in the country means more homes, bigger cities, more cars, less greens spaces; in essence-the destruction of the British countryside.
As I've stated many times in previous posts neither myself nor millions of others have a problem with immigration- its mass immigration that worries us.

I agree with so much the Greens say but I believe they need to also tackle over population.
I was once privy to a conversation where a BNP candidate asked a Green candidate a simple question.
“The more people that come in the country means more homes, more cities, more concrete. You as a green where do you stand on mass immigration, more people or more concrete ?”. 
The green candidate [perhaps all too aware of the witch hunt that would be set against him if he answered wrongly] said “more concrete”.
I know of one green party member who left the greens because of that statement. But I still have more of an affinity with green policies than any other party

The SWP: I really won’t waste any time on these loons. Suffice to say that if idiots like this ever got power people who thought like me would be sent to re-education centres!!!  
Everyone must be familiar with the analogy of the political horseshoe. The BNP are at one end. The SWP [Stop The Cuts Coalition or any of the other tiny little groups that are connected to] are at the other. But it’s a horseshoe so the two ends of the shoe are very close to each other as are the ideologies.

UKIP: I did consider UKIP on my journey back from nationalism
But then common sense prevailed. 
I don’t mean common sense in the way that I woke up the fact that they are dangerous or racist. Even though left wing political anti-racist orgs would have you believe this.
But because I believe that society has to evolve. Britain used to have many kings. Each one in charge of his own piece of land. Over time these lands got consolidated [sadly usually after bloodshed] Time marched on and eventually the regions then countries came under one rule. We became Great Britain; the UK. 
I’m no historian [ I know enough to take a pub quiz ]and I know fine well that we are here now because of backstabbing and bloodshed that usually comes with the thirst for power. But we can’t turn the clock back. We are where we are-simple.

I think for the human race to evolve and prosper and above all stop blowing the s*** out of each other we need to integrate more. We need to modernise. The European Union is part of this evolution. It’s a shame that’s it’s ran by the same class of socially inept useless power hungry morons that run our own country.

I spend as much time as possible in the Scottish highlands and everywhere you go there are signs. ‘This new road was paid for by the EU’. ‘This environmental project was sponsored by the EU’.
There doesn't appear to be anything like that in England. Could it be that Scottish MEPs are busy fighting and debating to get what’s best for their country? Whereas England has too many UKIP MEPs. All sitting with their arms folded heads down and petulantly going “we don’t want to be here, so we are not going to join in”???

I can’t remember who said it but if voters concentrated more on making their political masters work for them rather than just voting for ‘the other party’ maybe we would get a better political system.
Me personally I would rather see 650 independents sitting in parliament with no party allegiances. But that isn't going to happen and where I live it has been Tory for ever and nothing will change- so I will keep on spoiling my ballot.

But I’m just a cynic and as the late great George Carling said “a cynic is just a disillusioned idealist”
SO that’s my political allegiances; none.


  1. Another good one Ali, makes some great points

  2. Good post, but I have to admit, the Russell Brand thing has made me wonder about spoiling ballots or simply not voting. I was a passionate Labour supporter until the Iraq war. I heaved a sigh of relief when they finally brought the Tory reign to an end and brought in the national minimum wage, but waging a war simply to appease Americans (my opinion) was never in their manifesto. I've become disillusioned with mainstream politics and feel the smaller single issue/extremist parties are idiots and a waste of any vote. So what to do? Maybe we should vote. Politics exists because the alternative is war. Perhaps we should take back the political parties from the professional self interested politicians and make them for the people again. Just a crazy thought I've been entertaining of late.

    1. I agree completely that we should vote. But in the rural area where I live its been tory for ever.The choice is usually Tory or Labour? Occasionally we get an independent but they get nowhere. I think its very hard for an independent to break through in some area. In my nearest city a very hard working local guy got on the local and then the county council. He deserved it, but' it was easier for him as the constituency he represents is basically one housing estate. He is thought of very highly by his constituents but his fellow cllrs treat him like a pariah simply because hes not with a major party. We need more independents coming forward