Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Nationalists and their obsession with homosexuality.

Just watched Stephen Fry’s “out there”

For anyone who’s not familiar with it, this new series sees Mr Fry travelling the world trying to understand why so many people are threatened by two people of the same sex being together. In the programme he addresses the question. ‘Why are so many people obsessed about the biology of homosexual love making?’
They seem to take it as a personal affront. Two people engaging in a sexual act that does not comply with their own view of sex.

We've all heard and met the odd homophobic nutter, but it was only in the BNP that I saw it on a regular basis.
Griffin, Jefferson, in fact-all of the hierarchy. They’re obsessed with it. Too hear them talk it’s as if two guys had come up to them raped them or made them watch. Some of them with even the mention of homosexuality would spin out of control and start emitting such sounds of disgust; it really has to be seen to be believed.

There was one openly gay guy in the BNP. The leadership just used this guy as a token “look were not homophobic we have a one in our ranks” but behind his back it was ‘puff this’ or ‘faggot that’.
And’ as usual the BNP have a conspiracy for everything; even homosexuality.
They don’t just say we don’t agree with homosexuals. There has to be a far darker reason why they deplore them so much.
 ….”The Marxists are behind it. They are trying to destroy the family by turning everyone gay”.
 “They are purposely putting chemicals in our food to turn us all into raving queens”.
And the best one.
‘They are doing this only to white people in an effort to stop us 'whities' breeding and therefore die out!. Even David Icke doesn't think his lizard men are that bad !
To these idiots-Civil-partnerships, gay marriage, adoption by a gay couples, gay pride. All of these are used to neuter the white male and let them damned dark skinned people out number us. Then when they do 'god help us' they will be coming for us!
You really couldn't make this shit up

To nationalists ‘as usual’ the biggest culprits are the teachers. They are promoting homosexuality to help this pre-fertilisation genocide of ‘our race’. I kid you not.

They can’t see that no one is promoting same sex. Teachers are just promoting tolerance. There not telling kids ‘hey. be gay, it’s great’ they are just telling kids there’s nothing wrong with being gay. 
Huge difference.

Russia, Uganda, most Muslim countries and nationalists are all terrified of homosexuals.
I agree with the theory that when a man exhibits such fierce homo phobic vitriol it’s because he’s so damned scared of his own feelings and thoughts he has to be the one who shouts the loudest in condemnation. 

It’s embarrassing how thousands of men get so angry about this subject. What are they afraid of?  This same theory argues that these very same men may join such sub-cultures as football or motorcycle gangs, indulge in violence and lots and lots [far too much] of male bonding?
Perhaps most would be happier to just come out.

A very senior official [before he joined the party] was known to have enjoyed [how shall we say] adult parties. At these parties it was [again, how do I put this] ……acceptable practice to grab hold of the next person to you [male or female] and ………….enjoy yourself!
Apparently this is common knowledge in the area where he lives.

This very same official constantly talks about gays ‘a lot’ and says such things as “I don’t give a shit what gays do but they should keep it to themselves, it’s not bloody natural”
Well as far as I know, they do keep it to themselves…unless of course you buy the DVDs Mr official.
And hey, if parties like that float your boat good luck to you, enjoy yourself; but don’t be a hypocrite.

So Griffin, Putin and all the other homophobic politicians, Muslim leaders and African Christians; come out of the closet and enjoy life.
My apologies to the gay community. You maybe don’t want these sexually inadequate men anyways.

As usual regular readers of this blog will know that I’m no fan of so called antifascist organisations either. Where are they when homophobic Imams and ‘dark’ skinned world leaders are espousing irrational hatred against homosexuals?  

Ahh well there’s the rub.
They only ever attack white bigots; white Christian bigots.
As usual they are terrified [on the whole] to attack the large homophobic bigots that Islam is absolutely full of. Or the many African leaders who are trying to take their countries backwards.
But then again we can’t expect any more from this bunch of post-modern cultural apologist cowards that call themselves anti-fascists or anti-racists!

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